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Superintendent receives “highly effective” rating

by Judy Reed

When Scott Smith was hired last summer to be the new Superintendent of Cedar Springs Public Schools, he had his work cut out for him. He walked into a district where the former superintendent had been asked to resign, and board members were being recalled. Would Smith, together with the board, be able to guide the district toward a path of unity and healing?

Superintendent Scott Smith

The Board of Education completed a comprehensive evaluation of Smith’s first year as Superintendent on Monday, June 24, and announced that he earned a rating of “highly effective.” The vote was unanimous, 7-0.

Board members used an evaluation system provided by the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) to rate Smith’s effectiveness on 57 indicators. The seven members of the Board reviewed nearly 400 pages of artifacts representing Smith’s body of work for the 2018-19 school year.

Members of the Board cited several strengths in Smith’s work throughout the year, noting his student focus, his use of effective systems, his capacity to develop others, his transparency, leadership style and details in the required artifacts for evaluation. 

While the District is in the process of developing a three-year strategic plan, Smith cites improving student achievement as his top priority for the foreseeable future.

The Post asked Board President Heidi Reed if Smith’s leadership helped bring unity at a difficult time. “We did experience tension, which was the result of conflicting visions for what was best for the students, families, and staff who call Cedar Springs home,” she acknowledged, referring to what took place last year. “We have used this year to develop a unified vision for our District. Our new strategic plan, developed with input from over 2,000 Red Hawks, will be ready to guide our work in August.” 

According to a press release from the Board, the District Wide Strategic Plan, complete with data input from stakeholders will be presented to the BOE in the July meeting. “Progress made on the District strategic plan as well as on the District’s facility plan are both essential to Mr. Smith’s success in year two,” it said.

While it’s common business practice at the time of the superintendent evaluation to review the superintendent contract, Smith recommended that the BOE leave the contract as it currently stands. 

The Post asked Smith what his biggest challenge has been this year. “The biggest challenge for our team in my first year as the superintendent was finding the ‘right prioritization and pace’ for our work,” he said. “We strive to meet each student where she/he is and help them get the most out of each minute of each school day. We realize in some cases, we don’t have the systems or programs in place yet to accomplish that lofty goal for each one of our students. We invested a great deal of time this year listening to our students, parents, staff, and community members to develop the strategic plan that will guide the work of the District for the next three years. Over 2,000 people who call Cedar Springs Public Schools home contributed to the development of our plan. At times, we found ourselves ‘going slow’ this year to help us ‘go fast’ in the future. Our strategic plan, once approved by of Board of Education, will provide our team with a prioritized set focal points in the areas of Academic and Student Services, Engagement, and Operations. This plan will clarify our priorities and the pace of our work for the next three years.”

Has anything surprised Smith about Cedar Springs? “I knew the staff, parents, and community of Cedar Springs Public Schools loved their students. [But] it quickly became apparent the staff, parents, and community of Cedar Springs LOVEour students,” he remarked. “True love means putting the needs of others before self. Webster’s dictionary defines love as ‘unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another.’ The committed partnership between Cedar Springs Public Schools, our parents, and our community will result in transformational growth for our students. I am both grateful and excited to be a part of this work.”

One thing Smith has really enjoyed this year is reading to students. “The favorite part of my year was easily sharing a good book with our students. I quickly realized that my library of children’s books was limited. I received a healthy assortment of new storybooks for Christmas and my birthday from my family. I am ready for next fall!” he said. 

The Post asked Smith if there was anything he’d like to say to the community. “Thank you! Thank you for entrusting Cedar Springs Public Schools with the responsibility of educating the children of our community. Thank you for partnering with us as we engage in this complex work. Thank you for sharing your ideas and concerns with us when you experience something that isn’t working. Our feet hit the floor each morning, knowing that we have to be better than we were the day before. We aspire to get better at what we do each day for each student. Together, the investment we make in our students will result in a brighter future for the entire community of Cedar Springs,” he said.

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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Spring Art Show

Thursday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m.

High School Cafeteria

Come see the students display their work in the annual Spring Art Show.

Light refreshments will be available to enjoy.

Cedar Springs High School Graduation Ceremony

May 30, 2019     7:00 p.m.

Red Hawk Stadium (weather permitting)

New Beginnings High School Graduation Ceremony

May 22, 2019    7:00 p.m.

Cedar Springs High School Auditorium

Reception immediately following in the cafeteria

Class of 2019 Red Hawk Parade

Class of 2019 graduating seniors are invited to parade through the Cedar Springs campus on May 28 at 2:00 p.m. 

Students and staff from Cedar Trails, Beach, Cedar View and Red Hawk will line the parade route congratulating the graduates.

2019—2020 School Year Schools of Choice IS NOW OPEN

If you would like additional information please contact the registrar, Krissi Brott at Kristina.Brott@csredhawks.org or (616) 696-1204 x1919. 

Forms available at www.csredhawks.org 

MASB Presents Awards of Merit

MASB (Michigan Association of School Boards)was pleased to present awards to board members across the county for professional board development courses completed during the past year.  

Congratulations to CSPS Board President Heidi Reed for earning the MASB Award of Merit. 

From the Superintendent

The provision of constructive feedback is critical to improving performance.  Plants grow faster and stronger when provided with the right fertilizers, in the proper amounts, and following the prescribed schedule.  Similarly, school districts grow faster and stronger when they use feedback as fertilizer. Cedar Springs Public Schools is in the middle of what is playing out to be a very exciting season of gathering feedback from multiple fronts.  We are thankful for the investment of our stakeholders; including students, parents, community members, and staff are making in our work.

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

Our feedback season started strong in January with the launch of our community based, three-year strategic planning cycle. Nearly 2,000 people with a direct connection to our district participated in a focus group, a community forum, or submitted an online survey to help develop a strategic plan that will guide the work of Cedar Springs Public Schools for the next three years.  

Since early April, students at each grade level have been putting their best effort forward on a variety of assessments including the SAT, PSAT, M-Step, iReady, and local assessments. Teachers will use the results from these assessments to drive instruction for the rest of this year as well as make adjustments for the 2019/20 school year. The district is currently collecting feedback on our facilities as we look to develop a facility plan that will set us up for success through the 2030/31 school year.  Lastly, we will be providing staff with performance feedback in May to help us grow in our professional practice for next year.

Cedar Springs Public Schools is getting stronger each day as a result of the willingness of our students, parents, community members, and staff to put their ideas on the table for consideration.  Our stakeholders are providing us with a rich collection of feedback that is making a difference in our work throughout the district. You are sharing your perspectives, and we are listening.

With respect and appreciation,

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

Cedar Springs Public Schools Facilities Vision Questionnaire

In 2016, CSPS conducted an assessment of our existing facilities. The report identified a number of areas in need of our attention including safety and security upgrades, roofing, paving, mechanical systems, flooring, playgrounds, and electrical system upgrades throughout the district. In addition to areas of need associated with our current schools, we are in need of additional learning spaces to accommodate student growth. 

 CSPS has utilized its building and site sinking fund and grants to address some of these capital improvements.  District leaders placed an emphasis on projects which enhanced safety and security on our campus. The Board of Education is now considering several options to provide the necessary spaces for our growing student population and address our remaining infrastructure needs. 

 Your thoughts are important to the Board members as we work to clarify the direction for our district’s facility plan.  We are asking parents and residents of our community to complete a short questionnaire in order to help us clarify the district’s next steps regarding our facilities. 

Please share your thoughts through the questionnaire by May 13th. Be assured that your answers will remain completely anonymous.  Responses are only reported in aggregate.

 Please visit www.csredhawks.org and locate the CSPS Facilities Vision Questionnaire link on the homepage.

 Thank you again,

 Scott Smith, Superintendent

Heidi Reed, Board of Education President

2019 Campus Kids Summer Camp

We are currently gearing up for our Summer Camp session. Campus Kids Summer Camp will be held at Cedar Trails. The children are divided by age group – 4 to 7 year olds and 8 to 12 year olds. This way we can plan age appropriate activities and outings. 

Summer Camp starts on June 17, 2019 and runs through August 28, 2019. We are closed the week of the 4th of July. There is a $20 registration fee for one child and a $40 registration fee for a family. If you register for the Summer Camp, your registration fee covers the next school year. Cost for Summer Camp is $30 a day or $140 for 5 days a week. Families can sign up for as many or as few days as needed. A sibling discount is available. Tuition payments are due a month in advance and payment is expected for the number of days registered. No refunds are issued for missed days. Field trip costs are extra. Drop-In rates are available but your child needs to be registered.  Please call in advance to check availability.

Programming for Summer Camp includes many field trips to various fun and educational spots around the area. 

Registration packets are available at Cedar Trails or online at csredhawks.org and Campus Kids is under the Parents tab. Or, you can call Campus Kids at (616) 696-1716 or e-mail questions to campus.kids@csredhawks.org. Please register for Summer Camp by May 25, 2019.

2019 – 2020 school calendar is available at www.csredhawks.org

2019—2020 Kindergarten Class Enrollment OPEN NOW

Your child must be 5 years old by September 1, 2019 to register for Kindergarten.   Visit www.csredhawks.org and select K-12 Enrollment.  Contact the Registrar at 616.696.7317 with any questions.

Hearing and Vision Screening

Kindergarten entrants will need documentation of Hearing and Vision Screening through the Kent County Health Department (KCHD). The KCHD will be at Cedar Trails Elementary on the following date: 

June 4, 2019 & August 27, 2019

Please call Cedar Trails Elementary at 616.696.9884 to schedule an appointment.  

Additional appointment times can be scheduled by calling the KCHD at 616.632.7047.

Preschool Open Enrollment OPEN NOW

Classes will be forming for students who are 3 or 4 years old by September 1, 2019.  Information is available for families that are interested in tuition assistance for preschool.  

Contact Cedar Trails Elementary main office 616.696.9884.

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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Important School Calendar Update

Dear Cedar Springs Parents and Families,

Cedar Springs Public Schools will be in session for a full day on the five days currently listed in our calendar as early release days.  Students will follow their regular daily schedule on the following five days:

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

March 8 and 22

April 12 and 26

May 10

We are making this change to recoup a portion of the nearly 100 hours of instructional time lost due to the 14 weather-related closings we have had so far this year.  This change will allow our students and teachers to recapture over 10 hours of instructional time before the upcoming State and Advanced Placement testing cycles begin in April and May.

While adding these ten hours of instruction does not impact the number of school days we need to make up at the end of the year; it is in our student’s best interest to make the adjustment.  We are making this change to provide our students and teachers with five additional “normal” days of school in a winter that has been very abnormal.  It is clear when talking to students and staff from each grade level that they desperately want to be back in class.

As you know, Cedar Springs Public Schools is required by law to have at least 172 days of instruction for the 2018/19 school year.  As weather conditions can impact our ability to transport students safely, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) allows districts to close school up to six (6) times per year for conditions affecting student safety.  As of today, we have canceled school fourteen (14) times due to weather-related conditions.  

We have now exceeded our allotted number of closings by eight (8) days.  The State allows districts to apply for a waiver for an additional three (3) closings.  We applied for the waiver in February.  We learned earlier this week that our waiver application was denied.  As of today, we will be adding eight (8) days to our calendar.

Please note Cedar Springs Public Schools will be in session on:

May 24, June 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

Additional days will be identified beyond June 14 if we have further cancellations this year.

There is talk of legislative action in Lansing which may further impact our calendar.  Please know if any upcoming changes to the law affect our District, I will notify you immediately.

With respect and appreciation,

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent of Schools, From the School Operations Desk

School Facility Update

Subzero temperature and wind chills with driving snow are enough to keep the Cedar Springs School’s maintenance and grounds crew busy on a regular day.  Add in ice and a major power outage and the story gets interesting.  What a weekend we had in February.

As the Director of Operations I cannot say thank you enough to my team for the time and effort they put into making sure our schools held up during that time.  From Thursday after the power failed until Sunday night they worked many, many hours to protect our facilities and to make sure school was ready to open on Monday.  It was a group effort that I will never forget. WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!  

Our team was expanded to include Northwest Kent Mechanical and Hillard Electric.  Temporary building generators and frozen pipe repairs that required contractor’s attention were completed by these to great partners.  They worked side by side with Cedar Springs staff to keep our schools from sustaining even more damages.  Thank you to both.

Over the winter break the maintenance team installed new LED lighting in the high school gym and wrestling room.  This not only brightened up the areas but will bring savings to our electric bills.   We are continuing with our Michigan State Police safety grant work to be completed by Sept 1, 2019.  This includes new exterior doors on Cedar View, district wide installation of a Blue Point Alert System, new intercoms, and added electronic card reader locks.  We have just applied for another Michigan State Police Safety grant to expand on the Blue Point Alert System.  

Ken Simon, Director of Operations

2019-20 School Year Schools of Choice

Cedar Springs Public Schools participates in both the Kent Intermediate School District Schools of Choice Plan and the Section 105c State plan. All students residing within the Kent Intermediate School District may apply for enrollment in any Kent ISD school that has available openings during the advertised timeframe (usually open during the spring). Students who reside in a district that is within a different ISD that borders the Kent ISD, may also apply under the Section 105c plan depending on available openings. Students who have been suspended or expelled may be excluded. Applications are available at our administration building.

Schools of Choice will open in April.  If you would like to be placed on the list to receive a 2019-2020 Schools of Choice application for your child, please contact the registrar, Krissi Brott at Kristina.Brott@csredhawks.org or (616) 696-1204 x1919.  

Kindergarten Information Night

The Cedar Springs Kindergarten Team welcomes the parents and guardians of the 2019-2020 Kindergarten Class for an Information night.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 | 6:00 – 7:00 pm | Cedar Trails Elementary

​Parents and guardians will meet in the multi-purpose room where our kindergarten teaching staff will present an outline of the typical day, share curriculum expectations and give some helpful tips on selecting a backpack and other frequently used items. In August, after teacher assignments have been finalized, we will welcome the students to Cedar Trails’ Open House to visit their classroom and meet their teacher.

Spring Break – No School

March 29 – April 5; students return to school on April 8

2019 Board of Education Meetings

March 11, 25*

April 22

May 13

June 10, 24

*work session

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School seeks input on strategic plan

By Scott Smith, Superintendent, Cedar Springs Public Schools

Cedar Springs Public Schools is excited to share that we are preparing to launch a community-driven strategic planning process. Our ambitious goal is to present the Board of Education with a draft of a comprehensive three-year strategic plan for their review in July. A final version of the plan would then be presented to the Board for their approval in August. We need your help to make this happen.

To create a community-driven strategic plan, we must first identify and engage with the people who call Cedar Springs Public Schools home. For us, community starts with our students and families. It is also essential that we reach out to District staff, community and business leaders, and residents in this process. The Board of Education is committed to listening to the ideas of our community to clarify the focus of our efforts over the next three years.

The gathering of community input will first come in the form of five focus group conversations. These meetings are scheduled to take place in late January. We will have one focus group for students, one for staff, two groups for parents, and one group for community members and business leaders. The focus groups will include 25-30 representatives from each category. In some cases, individuals will be invited to participate in a focus group. In other cases, we will randomly select participants from a pool of individuals who have expressed interest in helping us with this process. The discussion at these meetings will center on two primary topics:

*What do you like the most about Cedar Springs Public Schools?

 *What can Cedar Springs Public Schools do to improve?

The feedback gathered from the focus group conversations will then be used to generate questions for a comprehensive survey that will be sent out in late February. Each student in grades 6-12, all parents of students grades PK-12, and all District staff will receive a survey via email. Community/business leaders and residents of Cedar Springs will be able to submit a survey electronically through a link on our website.

Post photo by J. Reed.

The next step in our process will be to review the District’s current strategic plan relative to the feedback collected from our community. A team of students, parents, staff, and community/business leaders will work together to create a draft of our three-year strategic plan in June. This draft will be presented to our Board of Education for discussion at their meeting in July. Our goal is to present a final version of our strategic plan to the Board for approval in August.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Cedar Springs Public Schools. We look forward to learning from the ideas you share during these essential steps in our strategic planning process. Together, we will make clear our District’s priorities for the next three years.

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School board needs to fill short-term vacancy

By Judy Reed

Do you want to be on the Cedar Springs Board of Education? Now that certified election results are back, they have an open seat to fill for a term of only 21 days. 

They will be accepting applications for the vacancy until noon on December 10. If it’s decided they need to do interviews, you will be contacted no later than 4 p.m. that day, and the interviews would take place that evening at 6:45 p.m. For more info please click here.

So why is there an opening for only 21 days—December 10 through December 31?

According to Superintendent Scott Smith, it’s because of the way the law is written regarding appointed and elected positions. 

Two seats were up for election this year: seat #5 and seat #6. The people who won those seats will start their terms in January. Mistie Bowser and Jeff Rivard won those four-year terms.

The other two seats voted on were #2 and #7. Those were appointed seats, where someone left this year but their term was not up at the end of this year and the person appointed had to run for the seat again in November. The people who won those seats (Tracie Slager and Trent Gilmore) will start serving immediately since the term was not up.

Traci Slager was appointed in early 2018 to seat #2 to replace Ted Sabinas, and after winning seat #2 in the November election, she will serve out the remaining four years. She will take office immediately since the term was not up.

Mistie Bowser was elected to seat #5. Matt McConnon has been serving in that seat. He was appointed to fill that seat when Patricia Eary resigned. The term was up at the end of this year. McConnon did not run for it because he wanted to run for Courtland Township Supervisor. Mistie Bowser ran for the position and she will serve a four-year term starting in January.

Here is where it gets tricky. Jeff Rivard and Trent Gilmore did not run for the seats they were serving in. They ran for each other’s seats. One was an appointed seat where the term was not up, and the other was one due for election this year.

Jeff Rivard was appointed earlier this year to seat #7 to replace Tim Bauer, who had been appointed to replace Michelle Bayink, whose term was not up until 2020. When Rivard ran for election, however, he ran for seat #6, because the term on that seat was up. He will start serving a four-year term in that seat in January. 

Trent Gilmore was appointed this summer to seat #6 to replace Brook Nichols. Her term was to be over Dec. 31. When Gilmore ran for election, he actually ran for seat #7, the one currently held by Rivard, which is an appointed seat. So, Gilmore will take office immediately, and serve the final two years of the term for seat #7. Which means seat #6, won by Rivard, will be open because Rivard won’t begin to serve until January.

The remaining board members’ seats won’t be up for election until 2020 (Matthew Shoffner and Shannon Vanderhyde) and 2022 (Heidi Reed).

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From the Superintendent’s Office

Superintendent Scott Smith

As we are now in the month of October, it is safe to say that we have successfully reached the point in the journey where we can remove the “new” label when referring to the 2018/19 school year for Cedar Springs Public Schools.  It is no longer necessary to say the “new school year” in our conversations.

The successful establishment of routines, at home, on the bus, at lunch, at recess, and in the classroom, has made this possible.  The incredible efforts of our students, families, and staff have contributed to the establishment of new norms around attending school.  These norms will create the foundation for our success moving forward. Routines at home and school help contribute to stability for students, families, and staff.  

For some, getting up in the morning may not be as easy as it was in previous weeks as the “newness” of the school year wears off.  It is important to recognize the impact that regular school attendance has on the academic growth of students regardless of their age.  Cedar Springs is thankful for the opportunity to partner with other schools in Kent County in our efforts to improve school attendance for our students.  

The initiative, called “Strive for Less than 5”, encourages students to do their best to miss less than five days in any given school year.  Chronic absenteeism is often a factor when students fall behind their peers academically.

Families in Cedar Springs can help support this initiative through the establishment of regular routines at home.  Routines that involve sleep, eating, play, reading, and other homework are essential for our students to be at their very best each day.  Another way families can support students is to help build excitement at home around the things their students are doing at school. Each of our buildings uses multiple channels to communicate with families around what is happening at school.  To continuously improve in the area of communication with families, if we are not meeting your needs as a family in this area, please let us know so we can take steps to assist you in your efforts as you do your best to support our amazing students.

With respect and appreciation,
Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

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Cedar Springs Education Foundation 

The Cedar Springs Education Foundation was established in 1986, and has provided over $2 million to support the quality education and learning in our Cedar Springs Public Schools. The board members are volunteers and have a passion for our public schools and the education of our young people. The Foundation has 501(c)(3) non-profit status, therefore all donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to the Foundation at 204 E Muskegon or given to any board member. Please consider a donation as a way to honor a teacher, staff member or community member. A note will be sent to the honoree informing them of your donation.   Tax deductible donations can be mailed to: Cedar Springs Education Foundation 204 E Muskegon Street Cedar Springs, MI 49319

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Summer fun in school

Cedar Springs Public Schools hosted Summer School for grades K-5 from June 11 through 28.  Highlights of this year’s programming included educational field trips to our community’s new Cedar Springs Public Library and Cedar Springs Museum.  Daily learning activities in both math and reading featured direct instruction and use of interactive technology, along with fun brain breaks and muscle activities.  

Students enjoyed a new addition to our programming this year, and each receiving brand new “free” reading books.  These books supported our District’s focus on early literacy and were paid for by grant funding as part of the “Kids Read Now” programming.  Summer School also included snack breaks, lunch and transportation to and from school.  It all added up to Summer Fun in School!!!

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Superintendent profile posted

By Judy Reed

After compiling the feedback from citizen surveys and working with board members to narrow down the results, Gary Rider, Regional President of the Michigan Leadership Institute, finalized the candidate profile for what Cedar Springs wants in a new Superintendent last Friday, May 4, and attached it to the job posting.

According to Rider, he received over 300 responses to the online survey, which was posted on the Cedar Springs Public Schools website. It closed on April 28.

He then sent the data to the board, and once they had digested the information, he asked each board member to give him their top 10 items for what they think is needed in the next Superintendent. 

“From those 70 responses I then try to group common themes and compose a first draft of the profile,” explained Rider. “It usually ends up consisting of between 16-20 proposed points. I then ask the Board to tell me what modifications they may want me to make, what changes in wording they may prefer, and if they think I am close to what they want in a candidate profile. I also ask them to rank order the profile points so that the final draft in some way shows the most critical needs toward the top of the list.”

The profile consists of 16 points.

  • An excellent communicator skilled at listening, speaking, and writing who will engage all stakeholders and clearly explain rationale for decisions.
  • Someone whose first priority is the needs of our students. 
  • A collaborator and team builder with the ability to empower others who will ensure the voices of staff, students and the community are heard.
  • Someone who has a track record of successful experience in the classroom, as an administrator, and as either a Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.
  • A fair, honest, honorable, wise, accountable and humble leader who demonstrates the highest standards of integrity.
  • Someone who will clearly demonstrate their commitment to and engagement in, both the school district and community.
  • Someone who can build trust, heal relationships, and unite our students, staff and community.
  • An impartial decision maker and problem solver.
  • An advocate for both academic and extra-curricular excellence who is committed to best practice.
  • Someone fiscally responsible who will transparently and accurately communicate the financial status of the district to students, staff, the community and the board.
  • Someone with outstanding interpersonal skills who is approachable and friendly.
  • A strong leader in both the school district and community who will continue to build on the effective programs already in place.
  • Someone who can develop a shared vision and strategic plan that engages all stakeholders and can skillfully execute and follow through with plans of action.
  • Someone who is both compassionate and caring that will value all people and points of view.
  • Someone who will join the board in a pledge to commit to the appropriate roles and responsibilities of governance team practice.
  • Someone with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in an education related field who will demonstrate compliance with the requirements of state Superintendent certification within appropriate time lines. 

The application deadline is May 16, and the board will screen candidate applications in a special meeting on May 18. The time has yet to be determined.

First interviews will take place in special meetings on June 7 and 8, with second interviews June 26 and 27. The board can then either make their decision after the second interview, or conduct site visitations on July 10 and 11, with a final vote on July 12.

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Board of Education appoints new trustee

Jeff Rivard was appointed to the Cedar Springs Board of Education Tuesday evening, May 1.

By Judy Reed

The Cedar Springs Board of Education held a special meeting Tuesday evening, May 1, to interview candidates for the seat vacated by former trustee Tim Bauer.

Four candidates interviewed for the position. Six were scheduled to interview, but two dropped out. The four that were interviewed were Jeff Rivard, Pastor Craig Owens, Mistie Bowser, and Jeff Tolar.

The candidates answered six questions, which they were all given ahead of time to prepare. After the interviews, the board voted to select Jeff Rivard to fill the open seat. The vote was 6-0.

Several board members noted they liked his fiscal background. He also spoke about the importance of the board members listening to every group—the administration, the staff, and the community—and being open-minded. 

In his biography on the school website he said: “I am a dad, father and businessman who lives in the city of Cedar Springs. My wife’s name is Jennifer and we have 2 daughters; Ryllie and Cassandra. We have lived in Cedar Springs for 10 years.

 “I wanted to join the School Board because I have the desire to help our community using my work and life experiences.

“My hobbies include golfing, fishing, biking and exercise.  I am happy to be part of the Cedar Springs Public Schools School Board.”

Rivard will serve until the end of 2018. If wants to retain the seat, he will need to run for election in November.

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