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Cheer team places fifth at state

The Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer team placed fifth in the state in Division 2 at the Delta Plex last weekend. Courtesy photo.

The Cedar Springs Varsity Competitive Cheer team made history last week by earning 5th place at the Division 2 State Finals held at the Delta Plex on March 2. 

The Lady Red Hawks, led by seniors Gabby Endres, Melody Hugues, Elayna Male and Emily Pierson showed everyone that Cedar Springs Cheer is a force to be reckoned with. They earned a combined round three score of 771.94, just .7 of a point behind the 3rd place team and beating rival DeWitt, who had bested them in both the Districts and Regional Finals. Filling out the team’s roster is Sarah Adkinson, Zoe Castor, Sophia Dault, Olivia Endres, Olivia Esquivel, Harlow Hovarter, Rylee Kinzinger, Alexis Lee, Paige Pierson, Abbey Salisbury, Cory Shaffer, Nicole Skogster, Morgan Symon, Kira Vander Koii and Jasmine Zimmer.

Coach Anne Olszewski shared her reflections on this season: “It’s hard to explain how much hard work and dedication it takes to be good in competitive cheer. It’s even harder to comprehend how much time and effort it takes to be excellent at it. This team embraced all the goals we set at the beginning of the season and we went for it. I am just so glad we took this team to state finals! A new goal was to compete at the elite level, not just show up and be happy we had advanced that far. The girls worked hard, took instruction and fought through sore muscles, tired bodies and frazzled nerves to finish 5th. Top 5 in the state! I am thrilled, beyond measure, and so excited for the seniors who will be heading off to college in the fall. They finished what they started, and they led a great group of young women along with them. I love competitive cheer and I love this program. I enjoy watching young women set goals and smash them and support one another along the way. They quiet their critics and ignore the naysayers and keep reaching to be the best program they can be. What coach cannot feel lucky to have that? Thank you to the Cedar Springs community, the administration, family and friends for the support at State! This is a day we will never forget!” 

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Both cheer and boys bowling headed to state finals

Boys bowling team won their first ever regional championship. L to R:  Andrew Fliearman, Alex Steil, Jonah Drake, Dane Conely,Josh Beebe, Ethan Plummer, Cody Marshall, Coach Tim Jackson. Courtesy photo.

By Judy Reed

History was made last weekend as the Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer locked in a bid to travel to state finals for the first time in nine years, and the boys bowling team won its first regional championship, enabling the team to travel to the state finals. Two individual bowlers—one from the boys team and one from the girls team—will also travel to the state finals. Turn to page 9 for all the info.

The Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer team will now head to state finals after placing third at regionals. Courtesy photo.

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Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer to compete at State Finals

At the beginning of the season, the Lady Red Hawks Varsity Competitive Cheer team set one lofty goal: to earn a place on the mat at the State Finals on March 2. Since November, these ladies have been working hard and for the first time in 9 years, Cedar Springs High School will compete at the Michigan Division 2 State Finals. 

The Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer team will now head to state finals after placing third at regionals. Courtesy photo.

Advancing to the state finals was not an easy task. The Lady Red Hawks had to face 12 of the best teams in the area at the regional finals at Kenowa Hills on February 23 and had to place in the top 4 to advance to State. 

With heightened nerves, the team took the mat and performed strongly and entered Round 3 in 4th place. Determined to defend their position, the girls stepped onto the mat, pushed their nerves aside and performed one of their best Round 3 performances of the season. As the final scores were being announced, all the teams were huddled on the mat hoping to hear their school announced as one of the top 4 teams.  

The Lady Red Hawks jumped to their feet in excitement when their name was announced as finishing in 3rd place. “This team is passionate and performed their rounds with so much excitement and they executed!” said a proud and enthusiastic Coach Anne Olszewski. “Our Round 3 is one of the most difficult and they performed it to an appreciative crowd. Having parents and alumni in the stands makes a huge difference. I am just so glad to be sending four seniors that have been in our program since Rocket cheerleading! I am just so excited myself…I feel like we broke a barrier…it’s amazing! Everyone is going to know who the Red Hawks of Cedar Springs are after next Saturday.” 

The State Finals begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 2, at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids and will showcase the top 8 teams in the state of Michigan. These teams represent the best that Division 2 High School Competitive Cheer offers in our state. Congratulations and good luck Lady Red Hawks! One dream…one mission…the road to state. #EARNIT!

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Cheer sweeps OK White Conference

The Cedar Springs Varsity Cheer team won the OK White Conference Championship for the third year in a row. Courtesy photo.

The Cedar Springs High School Competitive Cheer team dominated the mat at the OK White Conference Finals at Northview High School on February 6. The Junior Varsity team had three very strong rounds and finished with a combined three round score of 630.56, outscoring the second-place team by 162.24 points. The Varsity Lady Red Hawks jumped to their feet in excitement as their team was announced as OK White Conference Champions, for the third straight year, by earning a combined three round score of 755.26. 

The Cedar Springs JV Cheer team had a great season, with at least 6 first place finishes this year. Courtesy photo.

On Monday, February 11, 2019, the Lady Red Hawks competed in Caledonia. The JV team captured first place in their division by scoring a combined three round score of 601.78. The Varsity competed in a bracket with Division 1 and 2 schools and finished third with a combined round three score of 758.62, just points behind two of the top Division 1 schools in West Michigan. 

The JV girls finished their season with an impressive record, earning first place at all three OK White Conference meets; three first place finishes at Division 2 invites; three second place finishes at Division 2 invites; one third place finish in a Division 2 meet and one fourth place finish with Division 1 and 2 teams pooled together. 

“This season has been challenging due our low numbers at the JV level, but these girls really stepped up this season,” said JV Coach Katy Hradsky. “Through injury, illness, and uncommitted teammates, the remaining 10 girls have totally shocked me! They scored just below teams over double their size and set score goals that they understood and crushed! These girls have truly made a name for themselves and take a big piece of my heart.”

These accomplishments are the direct result of the hard work and dedication of the athletes and coaching staff of the program. 

The next stop on the Road to State is February 16 as the Lady Red Hawks compete for the District Title at Mount Pleasant High School. Good luck girls! #EARNIT!

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Varsity cheer takes first in their division at West Ottawa

Varsity cheer took finished first in their division and third overall at West Ottawa.

On December 15, all three levels of the Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer team traveled to Holland and competed in the West Ottawa Invitational. 

The Varsity team placed first in their division, with a combined score of 709.26, but several critical errors were made in Round Three that resulted in the squad falling from first place overall to finishing third. Coach Anne Olszewski offered this comment: “This was an incredible learning experience for the teams. The Varsity took first and took home a trophy, but it was not our best performance. This experience will prepare us for future competitions when the margins are tighter, and a greater level of concentration is necessary.”

JV cheer finished third at West Ottawa.

The JV team finished third within a large field of Division 1 schools. Coach Katy Hradsky is facing challenges with minor injuries and eligibility issues and is using the strengths of her athletes to maximize scoring for each round. Coach Olszewski said about the team, “I am so proud of the girls and am very lucky to have Coach Katy as part of the coaching staff.”

The Middle School team earned the highest scores of their season and finished 2nd place overall against a pool of 26 teams! “They are one of the few teams that throw back-handsprings in round 2. That’s a testimony to Coach Abby Olszewski. She has a team of primarily 7th graders and they are still scoring as high as the 8th grade teams,” reported Anne Olszewski.

The team will be competing at the Jenison Invitational on December 19, which will be the last competition for 2018. The road to state will continue in 2019…#EARNIT!

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Cheer teams continue to finish in top spots

The Cedar Springs Varsity Competitive Cheer team at West Catholic High School.

The Cedar Springs Varsity Competitive Cheer team at West Catholic High School.

The Cedar Springs JV Competitive Cheer team at Comstock Park.

The Cedar Springs JV Competitive Cheer team at Comstock Park.

On Monday, January 16, the Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer teams traveled to Comstock Park for another Comstock Park Invitational.

Two teams competed at the JV level. With an unexpected absence from the team, coach Katy Hradsky had to quickly change and rework all three rounds.

In round 1, Cedar Springs JV took the mat and earned a score of 188.6. After round 2 they scored an additional 157.2, bringing their subtotal to 345.8. Round 3 gained them an additional 229.2, giving them a final score of 575 and a second place finish.

Four teams competed at the Varsity level.

After round 1 was complete, Cedar Springs Varsity received a score of 221.2. Round 2 gained them an additional 216.58, brining their subtotal to 437.78. Round 3 gained them 285.2, giving them a final score of 722.98 and another first place finish.

On, Friday, January 20, Cedar Springs JV & Varsity traveled to West Catholic High School for the WCHS Competitive Cheer Invitational. There were 16 high school teams competing, three at the JV level, and four D2 teams competing with our Varsity girls.

Cedar Springs JV took the lead in round 1 with a score of 184.90. Round 2 gained them another 158.72. After a 10-point deduction, they had a subtotal score of 333.62 and a 30 point lead going into round 3. The completion of round 3 gained an additional 234.2 points and secured their first place finish with a final score of 567.82 Cedar Springs Varsity ended round 1 with a score of 217.6 and third place at the start of competition, with only a three-point difference between 1st and 3rd place.

Round 2 gained them 213.86 points and brought them to a subtotal score of 431.46, which moved them to second place with more than a 20-point lead.

The completion of round 3 gained an additional 274.6 and a final score of 706.06 and a second place finish.

Wednesday Cedar Springs will host the next Conference meet. Conference meets are what helps move the girls beyond the regular season and on to districts, regionals, and state competition.

On Saturday January 28, Cedar Springs JV and Varsity will travel to East Kentwood High School for the LMCOAA Competition.

Come out and support these ladies and show your Red Hawk pride, as they work hard to represent their coaches and school.

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