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Youth wrestlers bring home medals

S-Wrestling-youthMost developmental youth wrestling tournaments host an average of 400-500 wrestlers, ages 4 to 15, competing for custom medals awarded to the top four finishers in each class. On Sunday, January 18, a record setting number of wrestlers, over 730, participated in the Byron Center tournament hosted at Byron Center high school.

Competition was fierce as Cedar Springs youth wrestlers secured a total of 14 placers, some of whom had up to 15 wrestlers in their weight class.

Placers in the 4-6 year age division were Eli Gunderson 3rd at 37lb, Bryson Streeter 4th at 37lb, Veronica Tapia 1st at 40lb, Tucker Crystal 4th at 40lb, and Tyler Parmeter 2nd at 55lb.

Placers in the 7/8 year age division were Cora Gonzales 1st at 55lb, Keaton Klaasen 4th at 55lb and Pistachio Gonzales 3rd at 61lb.

Placers in the 9/10 year age division were Tacho Gonzales 4th at 71lb and Carter Falan 3rd at 85lb.

Placers in the 11/12 year age division were Trevor Marsman 3rd at 71lb and Kamden Klaasen 3rd at 90lb.

Rounding out the results were Austin Emmorey 1st at 100 lb and Reese Gonzales 2nd at 107lb in the 13-15 year age division.

Coaches Bryan Goike, George Gonzales Sr. and Jake Marsman are all very impressed with the hard work and progress the kids have been making.

Coach George said, “The kids’ dedication to working hard, even at this young age, shows when the kids show up to a tournament of this size and still place top four. Even the kids who did not medal wrestled with all their hearts. That’s what makes them winners.”


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Wrestlers bring home medals

Blake Peasley in action.

Blake Peasley in action.

West Michigan Pursuit brought twenty-five grapplers to compete at the Byron Center Tournament last weekend and 14 placed in the top four.  Sixteen of our competitors are Novice wrestlers which mean they have two years wrestling experience or less. Pursuit had a total of 84 battles and 48 of them ended in victory.

“I love working with these young kids; sharing my passion and coaching the skill of wrestling is what it is all about,” said owner and head coach Dave Andrus. “Watching these kids apply that knowledge on the mat is why I do what I do.”

This week’s placements are as follows:

4th Place Medalists include Nathan Elliston in the 9/10 Open age group in the 80 lb wt class and Daniel Vaughn in the 9/10 Novice age group in the 75 lb wt class.

3rd Place Medalists include Nathan Male in the 11/12 Open age group in the 80 lb wt class and Austin Ortowski in the 7/8 Open age group in the 97 lb wt class.

2nd Place Medalist include Brocke Fisher in the 11/12 Open age group in the 65 lb wt lb class, Lucus Pienton in the 13/14 Novice age group in the 130/138 lb wt class, Jay Smith in the 11/12 Novice age group in the 95 lb wt class, Jayden Marcano-Cruz in the 4/5/6 Novice age group in the 43 lb wt class, and Maston Wood in the 9/10 Open age group in the 100 lb wt class.

Champions are Luke Egan in the 4/5/6 Novice age group in the 49 lb wt class, Cameron Fess in the 11/12 Open age group in the 85 lb wt class, Blake Peasley in the 4/5/6 Open age group in the 58 lb wt class, Zak Schmid in 11/12 Novice age group in the 112/119 lb wt class and Ty Whalen in the 11/12 Open age group in the 65 lb wt class. Special recognition goes to Blake Peasley who remains undefeated. Congratulations to all of you grapplers for stepping out on the mat and working as hard as you do. You truly are The Pursuit of Champions!

If you are interested in learning more about wrestling, feel free to check out West Michigan Pursuit. We are located in the Cedar Springs Sports Plex and practices are on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m.



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