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Cedar Springs Parent Night – October 21, 2014

Internationally known speaker Jeff Veley, presented to parents and staff members on how to Effectively Equip Youth to End Bullying

Internationally known speaker Jeff Veley, presented to parents and staff members on how to Effectively Equip Youth to End Bullying

Internationally known speaker Jeff Veley, presented to parents and staff members on how to Effectively Equip Youth to End Bullying.  Mr. Veley identified eight forms of bullying.  He explored reasons why most anti-bullying programs fail and discussed how to teach youth the social skills to stop bullying behavior, empowering them to be their best advocate.  After teaching the audience these skills, he called upon a youth in attendance, John Wever, to role play.  Two scenarios were played out:  John was the bully in both scenes. During the first scene,

Jeff called on John Wever, to role play

Jeff called upon a youth in the audience, John Wever, to role play

Jeff (the victim) responded to the bullying by defending himself and arguing back.  The arguing escalated and continued.  During the second scenario, Jeff demonstrated the skills he had taught the audience and John clearly had a more difficult time continuing to act like a bully.  John stated “you were being all nice, and it was hard to keep being mean”.  Post evaluations indicate this was a very successful parent night and attendees would love to see Jeff Veley present to our students.  We are on it!

Don’t miss out on our next KSSN Parent Education Speaker Series on November 18th, 6:30-8:00pm in the High School Media Center. Nic Bottomley from 17th Circuit Court, Family Division, will present on Online Safety for Youth.   See You There!

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Rachel’s Challenge

CSPS-RachelChallengeThis powerful and life-changing presentation demonstrates how deliberately reaching out in word and action can start “a chain reaction of kindness and compassion” and will ultimately decrease acts of bullying within any setting.


OCTOBER 29 @ 7:00PM

Free presentation for the entire community

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Taking the next step

Students show support for anti-bullying campaign

Cedar Springs Middle School students had a “white out” last Friday, May 12, and was one of several schools that participated in a helicopter flyover as part of the be nice. campaign (against bullying). Photo by Joe Corriveau.

By Autumn Fish


Students at Cedar Springs Middle School wore white last Friday to signal solidarity against bullying and participate in a helicopter flyover.

For the past couple of weeks, students at Cedar Springs Middle School have been learning about bullying and working out ways to get rid of it completely. A group of GVSU students and the West Michigan Mental Health Foundation visited CSMS last week as a part of the be nice. campaign, which encourages kindness and civility among all students.

To take the campaign to the next step, the Mental Health Foundation teamed up with Amway and Fox 17 News to fly a helicopter over participating schools. Students from middle schools and high schools across west Michigan were involved in this campaign. At CSMS, students gathered in the field on the west side of the school to form the words “be nice.” The helicopter then flew over the students to take aerial pictures of the words they created. Other schools involved included Grandville Middle School, Grandville High School, Grandview Elementary School, Century Park Learning Center, Forest Hills Central Middle School, West Catholic High School and Timberland Charter Academy in Muskegon Township.

Students also came together by having a school-wide white out in which all students and staff wore white in order to discourage bullying.

Following the flyover, teachers were able to bring their students to an assembly in the large group room of the middle school. Students from Cedar Springs High School directed the assembly. They presented a few skits and talked to students about bullying and other difficulties they may face as they enter high school. The skits exhibited troubles faced in high school such as bullying, drinking, smoking, depression, peer pressure, suicide, and more. CSHS students stressed the importance of keeping an open mind when students are in high school; to realize that they will eventually have to make choices that will change their lives. CSMS students were able to hear first hand about things that really do happen in high school by students that are currently going through those situations. Over 350 students and staff members attended the assembly put on by the high school students.

CSHS students can only hope that their presentation helped students of the middle school prepare for high school, to help them understand what to expect. What middle school teachers have been telling their students all along is true: They really are going to go through these troubles in high school.

To learn more about the be nice. campaign, visit www.themhf.org/index.php/education/be_nice1/

Autumn Fish is a junior at Cedar Springs High School.

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