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Bus Information


Letters will be sent home to families August 22 with pick-up/drop-off times.  Please remember if you have any changes in your transportation status to contact the transportation department @ 616-696-1450.

School Bus Stops – School buses are like traffic signals

When overhead lights are flashing yellow – PREPARE TO STOP

When overhead lights are flashing red – STOP

When the hazard warning lights are flashing – PROCEED WITH CAUTION


Food Service Information

2013 – 2014 Food Service Pricing

Breakfast – $1.25

Elementary Lunch – $2.25

Secondary Lunch – $2.75

Milk – $.40

Online deposits are available through www.sendmoneytoschool.com where you will have the convenience of checking meal account balances, making deposits into those accounts and eventually depositing money into other department accounts.

We also offer the convenience of applying for the USDA Meal Program at www.lunchapp.com.  Forms are also available in the building offices.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Webster @ 616-696-0372 or e-mail jane.webster@csredhawks.org.


Building Start/Dismissal Times**

Building/Program Start Dismissal

New Beginnings 8:35 2:18

High School 7:25 2:16

Middle School 7:20 2:28

Red Hawk 7:20 2:18

Cedar View 8:40 3:31

Beach 8:40 3:31

Cedar Trails 8:40 3:31

Great Start Readiness 8:40 3:31

Tuition Preschool – AM 9:00 11:30

Tuition Preschool – Full Day 9:00 3:20

ECSE AM 8:40 11:25

ECSE PM 12:43 3:31

Option B –

H/C Preschool (M/W) 8:30 11:00

R1TS 7:25 2:16

**any adjustment to start and dismissal times will be

communicated at the building open house

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