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2020 Brush Pickup Sept. 8-21

If you live in the City of Cedar Springs and have brush that needs to be picked up after last weekend’s storm, it will happen soon if it hasn’t already.

According to City Manager Mike Womack, the DPW is began with emergency storm pickups this week (8-31-2020), focusing on clearing roadways and parks. This is being done at DPW’s discretion and is not general pickup.

The City is also accepting brush dropoffs from City residents only, in the parking lot of Morley/Skinner Park by the orange traffic cones. If you cannot wait for general pickup, this is the way to do it.

General brush pickup will start the week of September 8 and will continue until September 21. Any brush put out for pickup after September 21 will not be picked up.

All brush must meet the City’s requirements for pickup:

Must be neatly stacked as close to the curb as possible with all branches in one direction. Brush half inch to six inches in diameter will be picked up. Brush cannot exceed 12 feet in length.

Vines, rubbish, or other yard waste will not be picked up.

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