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Break-in at Cedar Café


N-Break-in1By Judy Reed

The Kent County Sheriff Department is investigating a break-in at the Cedar Café, 40 N. Main St, in Cedar Springs.

The break-in occurred on Saturday, March 4. According to owner Lisa Cisler, she had closed up at 3 p.m. and went home. She then got a call from her alarm company at 4:28 p.m. telling her the alarm went off and police were on their way.

According to police, the suspect(s) attempted to enter the building through a window at the rear of the building. Nothing was reported missing.

Cisler said she thinks the alarm may have scared them off. “I had a break-in 10 years ago. That’s what prompted me to get the security system,” she said.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Kent County Sheriff Department at (616) 632-6100 or Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345.

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Break-in at Cedar Chest


The Kent County Sheriff Department is currently investigating a breaking and entering complaint that occured at The Cedar Chest, 61 N Main Street, Cedar Springs.

According to Sgt. Jason Kelley, the incident was reported on January 3. The business was closed and locked, and the suspect(s) forced open a locked door. He said a small amount of items were taken from inside.

The Kent County Sheriff Department Scientific Support Unit processed the scene for physical evidence. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Kent County Sheriff Department at (616) 632-6100 or Silent Observer at (616) 774-2345.

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Year in Review: Veteran’s memorial stolen and then recovered

The Kent County  Sheriff Department found the stolen monument and arrested suspects in the crime within days of its disappearance. Photo courtesy of the Kent County Sheriff Department.

The Kent County Sheriff Department found the stolen monument and arrested suspects in the crime within days of its disappearance. Photo courtesy of the Kent County Sheriff Department.

By Judy Reed

The monument dedicated to the memory of fallen hero SPC. Timothy Brown was stolen in October from Veterans Park, and suspects in the case were arrested within days by the Kent County Sheriff Department.

The Brown family discovered the monument was missing Saturday, October 22, and called police. Thieves broke the statue, taking the helmet, rifle, and dog tags. Only the boots were left on the memorial stone. The family appealed to the public to have the suspects return the statue, no questions asked, but it did not appear.

The monument dedicated to SPC. Timothy Brown has been repaired and restored to its rightful place in Veterans Park. Post photo by J. Reed.

The monument dedicated to SPC. Timothy Brown has been repaired and restored to its rightful place in Veterans Park. Post photo by J. Reed.

Police suspected the same culprits took the statue as broke into concessions at Skinner Field just a day prior. They posted surveillance footage of the break-in, featuring three young males, and asked media to share the photos. Within days, suspects in the thefts were arrested.

Police found the statue in a shed on the property of Tracy Lyn Coleman, 45, in the 100 block of E. Muskegon, along with several items in the home from the Skinner Field break-in.

Police arrested David Edgar Sommerville, 17, Austin Lee Coleman, 20, and Justin Lynn Rossman, 27, all of Cedar Springs, on Thursday, October 27. All three were charged in the Skinner Field break-in, and Sommerville and Rossman were charged with the monument theft. The older Coleman was arrested the next day on receiving and concealing stolen property. He reportedly admitted to police that he knew the rifle and helmet were stored in his shed, and that he had told one of the defendants to get it out of there. Rossman reportedly told police that Sommerville stole the rifle and helmet and hid them in the storage shed.

“We are proud of the work of our investigators as they worked tirelessly to bring SPC Brown’s Monument back into safe hands,” said the Kent County Sheriff Department in an announcement on their Facebook page.

Once the statue was recovered, DPW Director Tom Stressman had it repaired by a business in Minnesota that specializes in bronze monuments and memorials honoring law enforcement, fire/rescue, and the military.

City Manager Mike Womack said it would cost the city about $500 to have the $10,000 monument repaired, and they would probably seek to recover that cost as part of restitution on the part of the suspects.

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Crystal man arrested in break in


Branden Miller

Branden Miller

A Montcalm County man was arrested on Thursday, December 31, and remains behind bars, for breaking into a family member’s home and damaging property.

According to the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office, the call came in to Montcalm Central Distpatch at 9:34 p.m., December 31 (New Year’s eve). The caller, a 67-year-old Crystal woman, said that a family member, later identified as Branden Miller, 26, of Crystal, had broken into her home, in the 8000 block of East Sidney Road, in Crystal Township.

Police said the investigation showed that Miller was intoxicated and tried to find the woman’s car keys. When she tried to stop him, Miller shoved her to the floor, causing her to suffer some minor injuries. Police said that Miller took a bottle of alcohol from the home when he left, and went to a nearby home where he was apprehended without further incident.

Miller has been charged with First Degree Home Invasion and Malicious Destruction of Property Less than $200.00. He remains behind bars on a $5500.00 cash/surety bond.

Montcalm County Sheriff’s Deputies were assisted in the arrest by Carson City Police and the Michigan State Police.

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Teen arrested in break-in

Jheramyah Fridline

Jheramyah Fridline

A Pierson teen has been arrested and charges are being sought against another for the break-in at the Pierson Trading Post on August 13.

According to the Montcalm County Sheriff Office, investigators worked with the Michigan State Police and followed up on tips that came in from the community. On Monday, August 26, they arrested Jheramyah Harold Fridline, 17, of Pierson.

He was arraigned the following day on charges of breaking and entering, alcohol possession, and tobacco possession. At press time, Fridline was in custody and held on a $1,000.00 bond.

The second suspect is a 15-year-old Pierson youth. Reports are being forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges for the youth through Probate Court.

Investigators found a small amount of property and evidence tying the two teens to the crime. The case remains under investigation.

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Teens arrested for break-in

Anthony Russell

The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office arrested an 18-year-old Howard City man on June 11, and a sixteen year old Howard City youth will be cited into Juvenile Court, in connection with a break-in that occurred on Kendaville Road, in Pierson Township, over the Memorial Weekend.

Anthony Thomas Russell was charged and arraigned on two felony charges—breaking and entering, and larceny from a building. The 16-year-old is facing the same charges in juvenile court. Police said the main focus of the theft seemed to be tools, with some of the stolen items being recovered.

The case remains under investigation and the Sheriff’s Office continues to pursue others involved in this case.

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Out of the Attic

Solon Township family held up


It’s the kind of story you expect to hear about today: one man, down on his luck, the other a gun-wielding parolee, break into a home, tie people up, flee, then grab a hostage and have a standoff at another home. It happened on April 18 but it wasn’t this week; it happened 85 years ago.

A story in the February issue of the Golden Times, put out by the Cedar Springs Historical Society, recounted the tale, as told in several articles in the Cedar Springs Clipper.

On April 21, 1927, the Clipper headline read: “Dan Reichelt, wife and brother tied and abused.” About 4 p.m. in the afternoon on Monday, April 18, two men drove to the Reichelt farm, 6-1/2 miles northwest of Cedar Springs (in Solon Township). They went into the barn where Dan Reichelt and his brother were unloading hay. One of the men drew a gun and held them up, while the other tied them. They then went to the house and tied up Mrs. Reichelt. They tore the telephone from the wall, then went to the cellar and got potatoes and canned fruit and put them in the car.

Just before dusk, Albert Reichelt, another brother, drove to Dan’s to see why he had not returned for another load of hay. When he drove into the barnyard, one of the men held a gun on him until 9 p.m. In the meantime, Mrs. Reichelt had freed herself and ran ¾ of a mile to the home of Frank Seigel and called the Sheriff and Deputy Arthur Woodhull, in Cedar Springs. She was quite badly bruised about the face, neck and arms.

About 10 p.m., when Deputy Woodhull and several men deputized by Justice Totten arrived at the Reichelt farm, they met a posse of citizens who had joined the hunt. Here they captured Wm. Boynton, who denied he had anything to do with the incident. Dan Reichelt shot at the other man and thought he wounded him, but he escaped.

Questioning Boynton, they found where he lived and the identity of the other man. They drove to Boynton’s house and found his wife, seriously ill, with six children, ages 5 months to 9 years, and nothing to eat in the house.

They learned that the other man was Joe Golliver, alias Joe Williams, and was a paroled convict from Marquette. The next morning, Tuesday, the sheriff and deputies searched the Reichelt neighborhood but found no trace of him.

Tuesday afternoon the suspect was discovered hiding in the barn on the Fitz farm, two miles west of Solon Center. Seventeen-year-old Floyd Koehnle, who lived on the farm, went to the barn to do evening chores. He was faced with a revolver in the  hands of Golliver and told to go about his chores. Ed Koehnle drove in from the field and was also confronted by Golliver. The father was tied to a post in the potato cellar and Golliver took the boy to the house to get something to eat. The father freed himself and left the barn through a small window and ran through the fields to the Frank Peterson home. They drove to the Dines farm, and the three men were met with the posse on the way back to the Koehnle farm.

About 5:30 p.m., Golliver, in the house with the boy, discovered that a posse was surrounding the house. He told Floyd that they had him, but he would get some of them before they got him. Golliver left the house through the rear, taking Floyd with him. As he started to run through the barnyard, he left the boy behind. Golliver knew he was cornered, so he turned and began shooting. The only shot he fired went into a board fence. The posse closed in from all directions and as Golliver again shot at the posse, he was shot in the head. According to Floyd Gibson, editor of the Clipper and on the scene, Golliver would have killed one member of the posse and possibly more if he had not been shot down when he was.

On Thursday, April 21, hundreds of people gathered in Cedar Springs to be present at the inquest of Joseph Golliver, who was shot to death by a member of a posse of Solon Township farmers. The jury brought in a verdict that Golliver came to death on the farm of Edward Koehnle, in Solon Township, Tuesday night, resisting arrest, and the fatal bullet that ended his life was shot by some unknown person, a member of the posse. The jury commended the officers and farmers.

Joseph Golliver Williams, 31, had spent 18 years of his life in prison and was on parole from Marquette after serving only part of a 15-year sentence for robbery. A series of similar crimes in Kent and Ottawa County were also blamed on him. His brothers-in-law told police they had been asked to join him in “jobs.” Several of his family members had served time for various crimes also. His own family refused to accept his body, and it was sent to the medical school at the University of Michigan for use by medical classes.

Special thanks to the Cedar Springs Historical Society for allowing us to use this story.


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Man arrested for storage break-in

Mark McGinnis

A 33-year-old man was arrested this week for breaking into storage units at a nearby business.

The Kent County Sheriff Department received a tip Monday, March 26, that a break-in was going to take place at Storage Pros, 12505 Northland Drive, a business that has had numerous theft complaints in the last month and a half. According to the tip, the suspect would arrive in a U-haul truck and steal a large amount of property.

Deputies set up surveillance, and saw the suspect arrive at the complex about 4:20 a.m., March 27. The suspect broke into two storage units and stole property. When the suspect left the facility, officers conducted a traffic stop and recovered the property.

During an interview, the suspect admitted to breaking into numerous storage units, and said the property was taken to an address north of Greenville. Deputies conducted a search at the address (with consent) and found enough property to fill a pick-up truck, property van, and a car. The property was taken back to the department so it could be given back to its rightful owners.

Police are seeking charges against the suspect, Mark Jay McGinnis, of breaking and entering a building with intent, and possession of a firearm by a felon.


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Break-in at Tinney Automotive

Seven new vehicles were broken into early Wednesday morning, October 19, at Tinney Automotive, 11249 West Carson City Road (M-57) in Greenville.
According to the Montcalm County Sheriff Department, suspects broke the rear down window of the vehicles to gain entry and disassembled the dashboard to steal the factory-installed radios and navigation systems. A Sheriffs Deputy Crime Technician responded to the scene to collect and process evidence. They estimate the damage at several thousand dollars.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Montcalm County Sheriff’s tip line at 989-831-7593.

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Police investigate break-in

The car wash on S. Main in Cedar Springs was broken into early Tuesday morning.

Cedar Springs Police are investigating an early morning breaking and entering at the Car Lovers Car Wash, 399 S. Main Street.

According to Cedar Springs Police Chief Roger Parent, on on-duty patrol officer discovered the door to the office pried open early Tuesday morning, June 28. They didn’t have a nighttime contact, so they waited until an employee arrived early this morning to investigate the crime scene.

The intruders cut power lines and removed the electrical box on the south side of the business. An interior wall clock stopped at 12:50 a.m., reflecting the time the power was cut off.

After gaining entry to the office area attempts were made to pry open the cover to the money/change machine.  No money was taken, but there are keys missing from the office.

Anyone with information about this break-in can call the Cedar Springs Police Department at 696-1311 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345 or toll free 866-774-2345. You can also text Silent Observer a tip. Text “Tip138” plus your message to CRIMES (274637). The keyword TIP138 must appear on the first line of your text message in order to reach Silent Observer.

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