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Kids clamor to see author

Johnathan Rand was a big hit at Bay Leaf Books Tuesday.

Johnathan Rand, author of the tremendously popular Michigan Chillers, American Chillers and Freddy Fernortner series of children’s books, had kids waiting in line to see him Tuesday night at Bay Leaf Used Books, in Sand Lake, Tuesday. The line was out the door and down the sidewalk, as kids waited to buy books and get them signed.
Rand’s Chiller series has a massive fan base across the country, but he is especially popular in his home state of Michigan. Rand is on tour to promote the importance of reading for kids, who find titles like Gruesome Ghouls of Grand Rapids and Mackinaw City Mummies hard to resist.
“Teachers love Johnathan Rand as well,” said Gabe Konrad, of Bay Leaf Used Books. “He’s ended up on several reading lists because he’s a writer that appeals to both boys and girls; a little scary, a little adventuresome, and all fun.”

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Local author to speak at library

Author Dean Cumings

By Judy Reed

What was life like when our ancestors first settled here, some 15 years before the Civil War? How would one take a covered wagon through heavily forested and/or swampy areas? Those are just a couple of the questions local author Dean Cumings, of Kent City, will address when he speaks at the Cedar Springs Public Library tonight, June 30, at 7 p.m. as part of the “Novel Destinations” summer reading program, for adults.
Cumings wrote Ellie—a pioneer girl’s journey west 1845, after reading a journal of a distant relative who made the trip from New York to Sparta in the 1840s with his family. He decided to drop his granddaughter, Ellie, into the middle of the story, and tell it from a young girl’s perspective. Using historically accurate language, tools, environment, food, travel and activities, the 10-year-old Ellie shows her boundless curiosity and independent spirit in two years of preparation and travel in her family’s move.
“It follows very closely the attitudes and philosophies of both the political and religious lives of people during that time period,” said Cumings.
Cumings said he did a lot of research, including working with two historical journals from relatives, and using a Noah Webster 1828 dictionary, to make sure that certain words and phrases were in use at the time.
Dennis Allen, Book Review Editor, for The Historical Society of Michigan, wrote:
“Ellie may be a fictional account of a young girl’s journey west, but it’s historically accurate to the place and times of rural Michigan in the antebellum (pre-Civil War) period…Ellie sees the world through the eyes of a young girl, and Cumings channels that persona into an interesting mix of historically accurate fact and fiction.”
The first printing was in 2010 and has since went through several printings. He is also working on a sequel, which would take place a few years after the first book ended.
Cumings, a former counselor, will be on staff at the Maranatha Christian Writer’s conference this year, and will also speak at the Rockford Historical Society in October.
Ellie can be purchased by visiting the author’s website at www.deancumings.com, or one of the major bookstores in our area.

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Greenville author writes about home

Author Carol Rottman, of Greenville, will be at Courtland-Oakfield United Methodist Church, 10295 Myers Lake, Rockford, on March 16, at 7 p.m., to talk about her new book, All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place.

The book is a delightful and poignant narrative about a journey that everyone experiences on a daily basis, but may not fully appreciate. Set against the backdrop of Flat Iron Lake in Kent County, Carol’s daily habit of traversing the land became a spiritual pilgrimage through seasonal changes in the natural world.

All Nature Sings: A Spiritual Journey of Place by Carol J. Rottman. Credo House Publishers, a division of Credo Communications. Available at local bookstores. Follow Carol’s Blog at www.carolrottman.com

Carol quickly draws the reader into the natural happenings of the prairieland acreage, which she and her husband, Fritz, have restored and preserved. The events from her yearlong “rain, snow or shine” daily walk from her house to her mailbox and the emotional journey that spans a lifetime are delicately and seamlessly woven together. This beautiful hardcover book, filled with colorful photographs of newly hatched baby killdeer, wildflowers and stunning seasonal scenery -is engrossing, conversational and spiritual.

Throughout the book, Carol shares personal poems and meaningful scripture quotes, along with segments titled Nature Watch, Sightings, Garden Watch and Environmental Notes, which include messages of sustainability, information about invasive species and fascinating accounts of animal behavior.

Carol and her husband share a passion to preserve their tall-grass prairie, encourage native wildflowers and record creation’s bounty with his photographs and her writings. She sees this book as an avenue for others to discover the natural wonders that surround them in their daily lives.

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