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Education Foundation Grants


By Tom Noreen

At their October meeting, the Cedar Springs Education Foundation reviewed 17 grant requests submitted by teachers from all grade levels. These grants are for a wide variety of items from books to classroom accessories and more. The Foundation’s goal in selecting the grants are requests that will impact the most students for the greatest period of time at the same time enhancing the classroom experience. It is a difficult task to pick from so many great ideas. 

Foundation President Audrey Debri thanked requesters, “For all of the innovative, thoughtful, and creative grant proposals that were submitted for the October round of grants!” She encouraged those not selected to submit their request again in the spring, when the foundation will review the next round of proposals. 

Funding used is based on the interest earned by the Foundation’s investment held by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. If you would like to donate to the Foundation, go to our Facebook page at Cedar Springs Education Foundation.

Below are the grant recipients for this round:

  • Eddie Johns, High School, Native Plant Garden, $1,600.00
  • Kim Bolboltz, District Wide OT, Adaptive Seating, $2,244.94
  • Rhonda Bellamy, Cedar Trails, Reading is Retelling, $456.00
  • Jennifer Swift, High School, Printmaking HS Art, $888.95
  • Vicki Burke, Beach, Art Room Equipment, $1,081.95
  • Donna Dolbee, High School, Writing Center Technology, $1,840.00
  • Kelly Workman, Middle School, Talk to Text Accessibility, $418.20

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Fast cash winner


Audrey Debri, of Cedar Springs, correctly identified all the fake stories and the two fake ads in last week’s paper, and was chosen at random out of all the correct entries. She earned a fast $20 in cash!

The fake stories were: Post goes shopper, The Post Travels to Pierson, Bob Tax in Cedar Springs, and Skinny Skyscraper comes to town. The fake display ad was Grand Opening of Off the Hanger, and the classified ad was the Cash Redemption offer.

We had said there were five stories, but one was dropped at the last minute, so we didn’t penalize anyone if they guessed all four stories and ads correctly, plus one more story.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and took time to read the April Fools articles. We enjoy doing it each year!

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April Fools contest winner

N-Fast-CashWe have a winner! Audrey Debri, of Cedar Springs, correctly identified all four fake stories and the two fake ads in last week’s paper, and was chosen at random out of all the correct entries. She earned a fast $20 in cash!

The fake stories were: Vandalism on the water tower, the newspaper lottery, the pothole story, and nobody wins the million dollars. The fake ads were the Let them eat cake ad, and the classified ad for help wanted – long hours, low pay, etc.

Several of you thought the Kent County Sheriff auction was fake. Nope. Someone else guessed a daycare was fake. Nope. That tax time is online at cedarspringspost.com was fake. It really is there. But the biggest stumbling block to most of you was the masthead.

In each April Fools edition, we create a few fake stories, and a fake ad or two. Then we also throw in some “Easter eggs”—little tidbits that are fun to find but don’t have anything to do with the contest, such as page numbers or dates upside down, wrong page numbers, and kooky job titles on the masthead. The masthead in any newspaper or magazine is a listing of the staff; it is not considered an ad (advertisement), so didn’t count for contest purposes. But we are happy you took the time to read it! And now you know for next year!

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