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Exploring Culture Through Art

The masks are nearing completion.

Students in Mr. Cusack‚Äôs 4th and 5th hour Transitions Class have been making masks from around the world. This project came about as a result of being granted an Artist in Residence through the organization, Artists Creating Together Residency Program (ACT). CTA was granted a 10-hour residency with local ACT teaching artist Kathy Keehn.

The project allows exposure to other cultures and artistic mediums that the students may not have had the opportunity to experience. It is a multi-step project taking place over the course of five weeks in February and March. The art activity requires planning and perseverance by the students with an end result in mind. Students have to use a variety of skills during the mask-making process, which include listening, following directions, hand-eye coordination, and spatial organization of their mask development.

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