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CTA Creates Brings Art to the Classroom


CTA Elementary students share their works of art.

CTA Creates took advantage of the great weather to take their lesson outdoors.

CTA Creates took advantage of the great weather to take their lesson outdoors.

For the month of October, the CTA Creates art classes will be studying Henri Matisse, who used cut paper to create amazing works of art. The students will be cutting and designing their very own artwork using a similar method to that which Matisse used. The students also will be working on a collaborative project later in the month which will represent all CTA students.

CTA Creates is a 100 percent volunteer-run program in its third year, which is run by a group of parents who work together to bring art to the students of CTA. They study different artists every month and let the kids try many different art processes and use different mediums. Students, teachers and parent volunteers all love Art Thursdays!

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We can show our thinking

Ally Ladd "Mr. Pumpkin" and Lauren Sherburn "The Puffball Place"

Jacob Wilson "Tiger"

Inspired by the Artprize activities that were taking place in Grand Rapids, Mrs. Gebhardt’s 1st Grade classroom at Cedar Trails Elementary had 90 minutes to construct a piece of art work.
With a limited amount of time and supplies, these students worked extremely hard and used their imaginations and creativity to produce brilliant art pieces. What an amazing job they did!  A few other 1st Grade teachers and Mr. Secor, one of our Principals, helped judge the art pieces. A winner could not be determined because they all were so incredibly made. Great job on your creativity and quick thinking!!

Reegan Glyshaw "Christina"

Kaden MacDonald

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