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The Immigrant Dog Experience


My name is Spencer DeGroot and I just moved in with my new family, who lives in Cedar Springs. I was rescued off the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, as a puppy, by Animals Lebanon.

After I was healthy enough to fly, I began my journey by flying to Paris, France for my six-hour layover. From there I hopped a plane to London, England, and then it was on to my next stop in Detroit, Michigan, where I waited through the customs of my new homeland. A nice lady from Hearts of Hope Rescue picked me up and I was given to a foster family until I could visit a vet and become healthy enough to be adopted.

Finally, my day arrived on October12—the day I met my new family in Cedar Springs! I also learned that I am quite the celebrity in Kent County, since my picture also appeared in the October issue of “Cats and Dogs” magazine. On Halloween, I even dressed up in my army coat and hit the town (trick or treating of course)!

Nowadays I can be seen playing with my new friends Kai and Cocoa at the local dog park in Rockford on weekends!

See you around town!


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