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Amazing Race at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Hundreds of racers will experience the largest and arguably the most scenic adventure race in the United States at the Michigan Adventure Race: Silver Lake Edition on June 1. Registration and details at www.miadventurerace.com.

Like the popular Amazing Race on television, teams (1-4 people) will set out running and biking in and near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes state park to hidden checkpoints pre-marked on a map, finding as many as they can within the time limit. They’ll also encounter two special sections along the way: a short paddleboard on Silver Lake and an adrenaline-inducing plummet down the dunes on a sandboard (like a snowboard but they can sit or stand).

Racers can pick from either the 5-hour or 8-hour race. The courses are the same except the 8-hour race adds more gravel and paved road biking and an extra on-foot orienteering section in a hilly, forested dune area. For those who have never done an adventure race or used a compass, a free compass and navigation clinic will be offered on Saturday, May 18). Online resources are available for those who can’t attend (takes 15-30 minutes to learn to use a compass).

Friends and family are welcome to experience the race, although keeping up with the racers is an adventure itself. They can get copies of the race maps that will direct them to best areas to watch the racers.

The charity partner selected for this edition of the race is Grace Adventures, a year-round Christian organization working to strengthen spiritual, personal, and professional relationships for children, adults, and families through training, retreats, and camps. Proceeds from the race will go towards their scholarship program, which provided over $30,500 to students attending our summer camps in 2018.

For more information about the race and to register, go to www.miadventurerace.com and visit www.facebook.com/miadventurerace to join a growing community of adventure racers.

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