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WMP wrestles at Allendale, Howell, and Waverly

Pictured is Blake Werkema, 58 lb, 7/8 Age Group Champion.

This past weekend, West Michigan Pursuit travelled to Allendale, Howell and Waverly. 66 lb Kellen Weckesser, 9/10 age group travelled to the northeast region in Howell and claimed his first Championship title of the season. 95 lb Blake Peasley travelled to the East Region in Waverly and claimed his second Championship title of the season. 

The remainder of the team entered the west region’s Allendale tournament. 46 lb Jeremiah Bowyer, 4/6 age group finished in 5th place. Finishing in 4th place was 64/67 lb Jaxen Bowyer, 7/8 age group; 58 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group; 80/85 lb Alexander Russo, 11/12 Novice age group and 46 lb Emmett Russo, 4/6 age group. Finishing in 2nd place was 80 lb Harper Cheng, 11/12 age group and 60 lb Kaleb Pautke, 9/10 age group. Allendale Champions are 85 lb Alex Buskirk, 11/12 age group, 72/75 lb Quinten Cassiday, 9/10 age group; 52 lb Brody Compau, 7/8 age group; 54 lb Carter Giles, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Ayden McClurken, 11/12 age group; 85 lb Tyler Parmeter, 9/10 age group; 75 lb Josh Vasquez, 11/12 age group and 58 lb Blake Werkema, 7/8 age group. 

“I am very pleased with the technical growth of my wrestlers. I recently split my sessions and the participation of the advanced working with our more novice has been fantastic. These kids are truly something special,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus.

If you are interested in learning more about this sport or if your wrestler is looking to compete at the next level, check them out. They are located in the Cedar Rock Sports Plex. Practices are Tuesday and Thursdays.

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Allendale Conference Tri and Shelby


By Barbra Chong

Cedar Springs High School Wrestling had a successful evening at Allendale’s Conference Tri Meet last Wednesday, January 27. The Red Hawks went undefeated, starting off against Forest Hills Eastern 57-9, and ending with West Catholic, 60-12.

The team is currently in first place with a 4-0 record in the OK Bronze Conference.

At our Junior Varsity level, 125 lb Aaron Smith and 130 lb Anthony Brew went undefeated. 140 lb Gonzalo Baladia and 171 lb Billy Hammer each scored a victory. On the Varsity level 112 lb Logan Hull, 125 lb Jordan Ringler, 130 lb Jordan Andrus, 135 lb Jesse Empie, 140 lb Jacob Galinis, 145 lb Anthony Topolski, 152/160 lb Nate Patin, 160/171 lb Gage Gardner, 171/189 lb Ryan Ringler and Heavy Weight Patrick Depiazza all went undefeated. 119 lb Patrick Fliearman and 152 lb Xavier Anderson also claimed a victory for the evening.

Saturday, January 30, the Red Hawks traveled to Shelby for their Team Challenge. The Varsity team is still missing a 103 lb wt class, causing a void and 6 point deficit each dual. With an impressive start to the day, the Red Hawks defeated Holt with a victory, 78-0; Grand Rapids Catholic Central gave us more of a challenge but the Red Hawks were on their game and came away with their second victory, 42-34. Keeping the momentum going, Hart was our next opponent and Cedar Springs continued the winning streak, 48-22. Shelby proved to be our toughest competitor but again the Red Hawks had their game faces on and remain undefeated, 36-30. The Championship round concluded our day against Mason County Central and the Red Hawks proved to be the best team performing with a final score, 52-22. Fourteen teams were attracted to the competition and Cedar Springs brought home the coveted Championship Title.

Individual records are as follows: 119/125 lb Jordan Ringler, 171/189 lb Ryan Ringler and Heavy Weight Patrick Depiazza went undefeated. 135/140 lb Jacob Galinis, 145 lb Anthony Topolski, 160 lb Gage Gardner and 171/189 lb Chris Shaffer claimed four wins each. 112 lb Logan Hull, 119/125 lb Patrick Fliearman, 130 lb Jordan Andrus and 135/140 Jesse Empie claimed three wins each.  152 lb Nate Patin  claimed two wins and 130 lb Anthony Brew, 215 lb TJ Brecken and 215 lb Cody McHenry claimed a victory as well. Freshmen, Anthony Brew made his Varsity debut and won his first match by fall. Freshmen, Ryan Ringler is still turning heads with his impressive performance over Senior Spencer Knizacky of Mason County Central, who is currently Division 4’s #1 Ranked Wrestler in the state of Michigan. Ringler won his match by regular decision 13-10.

“Senior Captain Ant Topolski stepped up his leadership game and told the boys, ‘if we can upset Catholic Central and get by these other teams we will be Champions and that would feel pretty good’ and so they did. Each dual twist and turned with unique matchups therefore each player was afforded an opportunity to test their skill. The boys proved they are a team and teamwork makes the dream work,” said Head Coach Nick Emery.

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CSMS Competitive cheer still undefeated

Cedar Springs Red team

Cedar Springs Red team

The next conference meet of the season brought the two teams representing Cedar Springs Middle School Competitive Cheer to Allendale, with seven teams competing for that 1st place Championship. Once again, this week challenged the two coaches to be creative with their routines while dealing with illnesses.

After the completion of Round 2, Cedar Springs White was in sixth place with a score of 91.1. Cedar Springs Red earned a high score of 132.62 to take the lead.

During Round 3, Cedar Springs White scored 244.2, bringing their overall score to 335.3 and ending with a 4th Place overall. This is a 44.46 points increase from last weeks’ overall score.

“I enjoy working with my team, they continue to work hard and are improving each week,” said the White team’s Head Coach Cassandra Chartier. “I am excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.”

Cedar Springs White team

Cedar Springs White team

Cedar Springs Red earned a score of 269.5 after Round 3, bringing their overall score to 402.12. This high score once again secured their undefeated season and placed them 62.04 points above Sparta’s 2nd place overall score of 340.08.

“I’m so proud of all the girls! They are a dedicated group of kids that work extremely hard every week to reach their potential,” said Head Coach Amy Arnold, of the CS Red Team. Congratulations to both teams and their coaches for a fantastic job!

Their next competition will be held at Coopersville Middle School on Tuesday, January 6, at 6 p.m. Come support a competitive group of girls doing what they love. These girls are doing a fantastic job representing their coaches, school and community.


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