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CS Youth wrestlers bring home medals

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers competed at Allendale and Montabella last weekend. Wrestlers are shown here with the medals they brought back. Courtesy photo.

By Jacquie Troupe

Allendale Falcon’s open & novice

Twenty-three CSYWC wrestlers headed to Allendale Sunday December 10 to compete in the Allendale Falcon’s Open and Novice Tournament with 301 other grapplers.

Carter Falan had the most pins in the fastest time for the team and was 3rd over all with 4 in 5:23, Deegan Pike was 11th over all with 3 in 3:53, Gavyn Byxbe was 18th over all with 3 in 6:09, Spencer Shoenborn was 30th with 2 in 1:10 and Brenden Johnson was 50th with 2 in 2:25.

Maston Wood had the fastest Tech for the team and was 9th over all with 1 in 2:33.

Carter Falan had the fastest pin for the team and tied for 6th with 1 in :15, Spencer Shoenborn was 10th with :18, Carter Falan tied for 13th with :20, Deegan Pike tied for 59th with :39 and tied for 85th with :47. Spencer Shoenborn and Carter Falan also tied for 96th with :52.

Gavyn Byxbe was top for the team and 20th overall with 20.0 Team Points, Deegan Pike was 27th with 19.0, Carter Falan tied for 31st with 18.0, Spencer Shoenborn tied for 57th with 15.0, Blake Falan tied for 76th with 13.0 and Maston Wood was also 109th with 9.5.

Maston Wood was 2nd overall with 20 Single Match Points, Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 41st with 14, Logan Troupe and Maston Wood tied for 59th with 13 and Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 70th with 12.

In Total Match Points Maston Wood was 2nd over all with 47, Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 35th with 26 and Logan Troupe tied for 61st with 21.

Placing 4th in the Open Division, 2011-13 40lb class was Brycen Alber and in the 03/04 122lb class was Logan Troupe.

Placing 3rd in the Novice division, 09/10 97lb class was Zachary Vu. In the 07/08 63lb class was Spencer Shoenborn and in the 110lb class was Thomas Prins. In the Open Division 09/10 combined 77/82lb class was Jon Libera and in the 07/08 71lb class was Blake Falan.

Placing 2nd in the Novice Division, 07/08 63lb class was Deegan Pike. In the Open division, 09/10 72lb class was Logan Galinis and in the 03/04 combined 155/170lb class was Maston Wood.

Placing 1st and taking home the Championship trophy in the Novice division, 09/10 combined 67/72lb class was Tanner Wood and in the 07/08 90lb class was Brenden Johnson. In the Open Division, 2011-13 61lb class was Jaxon Fitzgerald, in the combined 64/67 class was Jayce Karafa, in the 07/08 combined 80/85lb class was Gavyn Byxbe and in the 03/04 114lb class was Carter Falan.

Montabella Open Tournament

CSYWC had 4 wrestlers head to Blanchard Sunday December 10th to compete in the Montabella Open Tournament. They joined 26 area teams and 158 other wrestlers for a full day of mat time.

Sierra Streeter had the fastest pin time for the team and tied for 67th over all with 1:15.

Cole Haack had the most single match points for the team and tied for 54th with 9. Sierra & Bryson Streeter tied for 69th with 8.

Sierra Streeter had the highest total match points for the team and tied for 50th with 13. Cole Haack tied for 66th with 11. Ben & Bryson Streeter tied for 81st with 8.

Bryson Streeter had 6.0 team points, Sierra Streeter and Cole Haack each had 4.0.

In the 2011-13 43lb class Sierra Streeter placed 2nd, in the 67lb class Ben Streeter placed 2nd, in the 09/10 combined 46/49lb class Bryson Streeter placed 4th and in the 03/04 114lb class Cole Haack placed 2nd.

“It has been a great start to the season,” said Coach Scott. “We have many kids brand new to wrestling and everyone has been working really hard in the practice room. It showed on Sunday. We could see a marked improvement from the week before. We could not be more proud of them!”

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