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Agrees with apology

I’m writing to echo the apology written by the Rev. Kim DeLong that appeared in Postscripts on March 21. As an observer at the United Methodist Special General Conference held February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, I found myself embarrassed and sad. While a vast majority of delegates who live within the United States favored regional and local decision-making with regard to ordination and marriage, 80% of the delegates from outside the US denied this perogative. As we often say in the United Methodist Church, “context, context, context.” In my opinion, the outcome of the General Conference vote resulted from a combination of an uncompromising interpretation of scripture, and an arrogance that is uncharacteristic of one of the best features of United Methodism – our willingness to “live and let live” in matters non-essential. Most United Methodists agree that there is no uniformity among the seven or so passages of scripture that have been used in the last couple hundred years to de-humanize homosexuals. Rev. DeLong rightly describes United Methodism as a denomination founded on a rich tradition derived from looking at human life through the lens of grace. As a General Conference, we betrayed a history of social justice and holiness and we did indeed limit grace. The Conference elected to place a millstone around the neck of thousands of sisters and brothers created in God’s image who merely desire the experience of full humanity the rest of us enjoy. 

The future of the denomination remains uncertain; what is certain is that where there is death, there is resurrection. This week of all weeks, that is our hope.

Rev. Bill Johnson

Cedar Springs United Methodist Church

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