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WMP wrestlers place in top four

Pictured is Harper Cheng, Champion in the 75 lb, 9/10 age group. Photo by B. Chong.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit entered 16 grapplers to wrestle this weekend and 15 placed in the top 4. 

Blake Werkema, travelled to Chippewa Hills and wrestled in the 52 lb, 7/8 age group. He went undefeated and claimed his first Championship of the season. 

Three grapplers travelled to Vicksburg for the opportunity to claim a Championship ring instead of the typical medal. Aaiden Vasquez, 61 lb 7/8 age group finished 2nd. Drew Moro, 64 lb 7/8 age group and 70 lb Josh Vasquez, 11/12 age group, both claimed Championship titles along with their Championship rings. 

Four grapplers traveled to Oxford for the Northeast Greights tournament. Kellen Weckesser, 59 lb 9/10 age group finished 3rd. Finishing second was Quinten Cassiday, 63 lb 9/10 age group; 67 lb Luke Egan, 9/10 age group; and 85 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group. 

The rest of the team travelled to GVSU. Kamden Witte, 67 lb 9/10 age group finished 4th. Finishing second was 67 lb Evan Andrews, 9/10 age group; 70 lb Xavier Carpentier, 11/12 age group; 67 lb Caden Green, 7/8 Novice age group; and 55 lb Kaleb Pautke, 7/8 age group. Those claiming Championship titles included 52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group and 75 lb Harper Cheng, 9/10 age group. This was Harper’s first Championship of the season. 

“Each week my athletes and their families continue to impress me with their dedication to this sport. Even with the inclement weather and being Super Bowl Sunday, these kids all showed up to compete. We are the Pursuit of Champions,” said Head Coach, Dave Andrus.

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WMP wrestlers place at two events

Tatianna Castillo was champion in the 52lb 7/8 age group at Grandville.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit split up this weekend to compete at the Mat Mahem Duals and Individual event in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Grandville tournament. 

Brody Compau wrestled with Team MYWAY Blue, 8U. Compau claimed a victory and his team finished 8th. Drew Moro wrestled on Team MYWAY Red, 8U. He went undefeated for the day and his team finished 3rd. Moro also entered the 61 and 64 lb individual event and claimed Championship titles in both weight classes. Luke Egan and Tyler Parmeter wrestled with Team MYWAY Blue, 10U. Egan claimed 4 victories for the team and finished 4th in the individual. Parmeter claimed a victory for the team and finished 4th in the individual. Their team finished 12th. Blake Peasley wrestled with Team MYWAY Red, 10U. Peasley claimed 3 victories for the team. He finished 3rd in the individual and his team took 6th. Josh Vasquez wrestled for Team MYWAY Blue, 12U. Vasquez claimed 4 victories for the team and finished 3rd in the individual. His team finished in in 12th. Quinten Cassiday and Kaleb Pautke entered both Mat Mahem and Grandville.  Pautke finished 3rd at Mat Mahem in the 8U, 55 lb wt class and claimed a Championship title at Grandville in the 7/8 age group, 55 lb wt class. Cassiday finished 3rd at Mat Mahem in the 10U, 62 lb wt class and 2nd at Grandville in the 9/10 age group, 63 lb wt class. Kellen Weckesser entered Mat Mahem and finished 5th in the 10U, 58 lb wt class. 

Grandville results are as follows: 80 lb Isaiah Sostenes finished 3rd in the 9/10 age group. 75 lb Harper Cheng, 9/10 age group and 64 lb Aaiden Vasquez, 7/8 age group finished in 2nd Place. Champions of the day are 52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group; 90 lb Isaiah Smith, 9/10 age group and 67 lb Kamden Witte, 9/10 age group. Congratulations to Isaiah Smith, this is his first Championship title! 

“I have been pushing these kids hard this year preparing them for very bright futures. I am very proud of their response. They are competing with some of the best wrestlers in the nation,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus.

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WMP wrestlers head to state finals


These West Michigan Pursuit wrestlers will wrestle in the state finals. Photo by B. Chong.

By B. Chong

West Michigan Pursuit traveled to Northview for the 2016 Western Regionals this past weekend. Twenty-two grapplers placed in the top five out of the 31 entered, and 21 are moving on to the 2016 State Finals. WMP claimed 58 victories out of 67 battles.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Aaiden Vasquez, who battled back for a true second placement with a record of 5-1. Individual placements are as follows:

Fifth Place medalists include 143 lb Jordan Andrus, High School division, and 80 lb Logan Bennett, 9/10 age group.

Fourth Place medalists include 130 lb Isaac Casey, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Brocke Fisher, 13/14 age group; and 138 lb Patrick Fliearman, High School division.

Third Place medalists include 163 lb Xavier Anderson, High School division; 61 lb Logan Galinis, 6 & under age group; 64 lb Tyler Parmeter, 7/8 age group and 145 lb Zak Schmid, 13/14 age group.

Second Place medalists include 55 lb Quinten Cassiday, 7/8 age group; 155 lb Jacob Galinis, High School division; 115 lb Logan Hull, High School division; 148 lb Lucus Pienton, High School division; and 52 lb Aaiden Vasquez, 6 & under age group.

Western Region Champions are 59 lb Michael Cannon, 9/10 age group; 61 lb Chayson Eberspeaker, 6 & under age group; 58 lb Luke Egan, 7/8 age group; 49 lb Jayden Marcano-Cruz, 7/8 age group; 55 lb Drew Moro, 6 & under age group; 72 lb Blake Peasley, 7/8 age group; 64 lb Isaiah Sostenes, 7/8 age group; and 55 lb Josh Vasquez, 9/10 age group.

Special recognition goes out to Luke Egan, Jayden Marcano-Cruz and Blake Peasley for their 2014, 2015 and 2016 West Regional Champion status.

This year’s Finals will be held at the Kellogg Arena the weekend of April 1-3. The time is here and the focus is on for the Pursuit to the Podium.

Each year the number grows of how many WMP grapplers qualify for State,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus. “My first year running WMP, I had seven grapplers qualify with three Regional Champions. Four years later, I have 21 grapplers qualifying with eight Championships. These kids and their parents continue to impress me with their neverending support and dedication. The combined efforts are what make this program such a success.”

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