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Two area school proposals voted down

By Judy Reed

For the second time in six months, voters in the Tri County Area School district voted down a bond proposal that would have created a community campus.

After the voters spoke out against it in November, the 2018 proposal of $40,785,000 was reduced to the new $37,020,000 for the May 2019 (bond proposal), reducing the tax contribution from homeowners by 75 percent and saving $3.7 million. But voters still didn’t bite. In a close race, the proposal was voted down by 167 votes, with 1,456 No votes (53 percent) to 1,289 voters (46.92 per-cent). The only precinct it passed in was Pierson Town- ship.

In Kent County, Sparta Area Schools lost their bid for a sinking fund millage by 151 votes. The vote was 951 no, to 800 yes.

Rockford Public Schools passed their bonding propos-al with 3,498 yes votes, and 2,023 no.

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