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Cedar Springs High School Montage

On Thursday, March 21, Cedar Springs High School held their “Montage” event, which is their annual talent show. I was very impressed with the truly talented students that entertained at this event. There were many excellent singers and musicians that brought down the house. And who knew that a martial arts demonstration set to music could be that much fun to watch! The most unique act was a modern dance that used colored “glow balls” performed in near darkness—simply superb. (I was glad I wasn’t one of the judges because so many deserved to win.) If you missed out this year, watch for it next year and see what the young people of our community have to offer!

Cherri Rose, Sand Lake


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Student needs mementoes of Michigan

Dear Readers,

Good morning! My name is Sirriniti F. I’m a fifth-grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying the history and geography of the United States. I would really appreciate it if you would send me your state rock, map and a souvenir. I am so glad I picked your state, Michigan. I picked Michigan because I don’t know much about it.

My teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would like a car license for a school project if possible. I appreciate your time! Thank you!


Sirriniti F.

Mrs. Newlin’s S.S. Class

Harlan Intermediate School

1401 19th Street

Harlan, IA 51537


So, how about it readers? Can we give this young lady the items she’s asked for and maybe even a few unique to our hometown? If you’d like to send her something, bring it in to the Post over the next week (maybe with a short note), and we’ll mail a box with all the items.

– Judy Reed, Editor

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Post Scripts

Wake up America

It’s 3:00 a.m. the morning after, can’t sleep! Thinking and praying for hurting people in a little town, much like our town, in Connecticut.

Yesterday (December 14, 2012), across our Nation people were weeping in public places, and no doubt asking “Why would a Great Almighty God allow this to happen?” And how would I know? Then my mind turns to millions of babies who never had the fun of even going to kindergarten, and even if they had an opportunity to attend school, the teacher would not be allowed to read God’s Holy Word or pray with them. Why, because we might offend a family who believes in some other god. Our founding father, George Washington, didn’t commit or great Nation to those other so called gods. Our prayer should be “Lord God please don’t let this happen in our little town of Cedar Springs.” Friends, let us not slumber or sleep. Put God first, please take your children to the church of your choice. If you don’t, the next shooter might be already sitting at your dinner table. I’m reasonably certain that the murdered mother, of that son gone insane, could never imagine she was raising a boy so devious.

Wake up America – turn back to God – and He will heal our land.

Bob Truesdale

Cedar Springs

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Public officials’ comments always on record


While I respect Ms. Fahl for taking a thankless job on the city council, I do not sympathize with her that comments she was not expecting to be on the record, and was put on the record in a way she did not like. She vents this without considering she is in a public office. Everything she ever says about the city is on the record.

Mitt Romney was secretly videotaped at a fundraiser. He was in someone’s private home just like Ms. Fahl was. He was operating in a public capacity just as Ms. Fahl was. The video was edited to make a point just like Molly Nixon did.

Both Mitt Romney and Ms. Fahl came out afterwards to correct what they felt was a manipulation of the total context of the message and what they stand for. The difference between them is that Romney came out and told his side to state his side of it and that was it. Ms. Fahl did come out to state her side then slammed Molly.

As far as Ms Fahl’s personal feelings, they do not matter when she is speaking for the City. Going on the record on community issues is the job she signed up for.

Ms Fahl stated: “It is unsettling to me how someone can take bits and pieces of a conversation and twist them to darken another’s creditability. I have learned a very valuable lesson dealing with Mrs. Nixon in a one-on-one situation, while trying to address her questions and concerns.” I would say to her the above statement is directed as darkening Molly’s credibility (so who is name calling now?).

Molly is causing those in the community to look at the issue and form an opinion one way or the other. I do not know if all her facts are straight or not, but she has gotten people involved and considering an issue they otherwise may not have. For as long as I can remember, the main problem in Cedar has been zero civic participation. So I would assert her doing this is a healthy process.

Charles Towns

Hephzibah, GA

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Mayor pro-tem responds

Postscript letter to the Editor:

After the last few months of Mrs. Molly Nixon posting misinformation on the social media website facebook, and then her emotional address to the council in October, I felt compelled to contact her. On October 14, I reached out to her and told her that I was more than willing to provide her with any information she requested and answer any questions she may have. She responded that that would be great and asked for specific information regarding the 2011 Red Flannel Festival bill from the city and the removal cost of the logos. On October 19, I met with Mrs. Nixon in her home at 12:00pm. Little did I realize I was being secretly video recorded during our 1-½-hour meeting.

While I am aware of the law and understand the courts have upheld that it is not illegal, I feel it was morally wrong. Out of common courtesy, trust and creditability, she could have told me what she was doing and I would have not objected. I have nothing to hide. Mrs. Nixon then took the liberty to post a 3-minute-47-second segment of our 1-½-hour meeting on YouTube. She has also taken the liberty to misquote me on facebook. If you secretly record what someone says, then there should be NO ROOM for error when quoting them.

The segment that Mrs. Nixon posted on YouTube resulted from a question she asked about the city’s relationship with Watson Properties. Which, surprise surprise, she did not post on YouTube. I told her I did not know of any Watson Properties and that the only property the city had for sale was 95 N. Main and possibly it had something to do with that. That then led into a conversation about 95. N. Main. (After our meeting I inquired at City Hall about her question regarding Watson Properties and found out they actually own Wendy’s here in town, which has no relation with Mayor Charlie Watson). I believe Mrs. Nixon was on a mission of digging up dirt.

Now that she has been provided all the information she requested regarding RFF and the City, she must realize the information she was distributing was incorrect and is now focusing on 95 N. Main. Nothing I said to Mrs. Nixon concerning 95 N. Main is anything that hasn’t already been discussed during workshops or council meetings (both which are open to the public). Had Mrs. Nixon attended those meetings, she would have been aware of such information.

It is unsettling to me how someone can take bits and pieces of a conversation and twist them to darken another’s creditability. I have learned a very valuable lesson dealing with Mrs. Nixon in a one-on-one situation, while trying to address her questions and concerns.

Christine Fahl

Mayor Pro-tem, City of Cedar Springs

p.s. On Oct. 24, the Kent County Land Bank approved a motion to take title of 95 N. Main. They will oversee the environmental clean-up, redevelopment and resale of this property.


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We need new city council

Dear Citizens of Cedar Springs,

I have been looking though the council minutes all the way back to 2009, and what I have seen is disturbing. Time and again, citizens showed up and voiced their objections to proposed changes in ordinances, and despite that, the council went ahead with no documented public support and changed them. People were being ticketed for parking on their own property. It is my understanding that if I wish to put up a tent in my backyard, I must first secure a permit. Why does the council feel that they have the right to dictate to us what we may or may not do on property that we pay taxes on? Cars parked in public lots have been vandalized. Citizens have told me that when they have spoken out in a way that the city did not like, code enforcement showed up at their door. To say that if they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear is untrue. My next door neighbor parked 23 ft from the side walk and 60 ft from the center of the street. The car was in front of her own garage, and was ticketed. She had to fight it all the way to the doors of court, despite talking to city hall.

Another matter I would like to call to the attention of the public is the city’s purchase of 95 N. Main. *In council member Fahl’s own words: “It’s a mess.” “The city can’t make money off of it.” “We paid like $19,000 for the entire property, it’s actually 3 lots and a building, and the reason we paid that is because that’s what the IRS…was owed on the back taxes. So we picked it up because it was actually a really good deal, at the time.”  She also explains the city can only sell the property for the original purchase price, plus any upkeep. I wonder who was this a good deal for? If the city legally is not allowed to make money off of it, why did we enter the real estate business? According to the council minutes from 3/08/12, “City Manager Christine Burns stated that the buyer for 95 N. Main St. had rescinded his offer and had presented another offer due to the discovery of asbestos contamination during a property inspection. The buyer now only wanted to purchase the two vacant parcels associated with the property.” The council voted to not allow this sale, but rather demolish the building and sell the property as a whole. According to council member Fahl, “There is a fuel tank that’s underneath that building…and that was one of the city’s requests that whoever buys that building remove the fuel tank due to … possible contamination.” She continues that removing just the asbestos from the building was estimated to “cost us close to $80,000.” She states that if the building did not have so many issues “somebody could have made good money off of it.” So, if I understand, the city legally cannot make a profit, and we now own an asbestos contaminated building sitting on top of a fuel tank that could potentially be a source of contamination? We bought it because it was a good deal?

Christine Fahl, Bob Truesdale, and Patty Troost are all on the November ballot for City council. Christine Fahl was the only one of them on the council in 2009 when we bought this poisonous building. I don’t know about the rest of Cedar Springs, but Christine Fahl will not get my vote.

Molly Nixon

City of Cedar Springs

*The quotes from Mayor Pro Tem Christine Fahl were from a private meeting in Ms. Nixon’s home, which Ms. Nixon videotaped, without Ms. Fahl’s knowledge.

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Looking for information on Michigan

Dear Editor,

The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources, and highlights found in each region. The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources, or any information about our great country from each of the 50 states.

We hope that people reading this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state. Our address:

4th Grade at Aviston Elementary

350 South Hull Street

Aviston, Illinois 62216

A sincere thank you to anyone who is able to contribute! We appreciate the excitement you will add to our learning experience.

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Correction to Post Script

I erred in claiming the Red Flannel Festival had their building paid off. My apologies for not getting that fact straight.

Kathy Bremmer

City of Cedar Springs

The letter Kathy is referring to appeared in our paper on September 20.—Editor

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Take back Red Flannel Town, USA

A peaceful demonstration protest march is planned before, during and after the Cedar Springs City Council meeting on Thursday, October 11, at 7 p.m.

Red Flannel Town is not just a logo. It is our history. A symbol recognized for 73 years worldwide. It’s the reason for a wonderful festival to celebrate our community, schools, families, friends and volunteers.

I have much respect for all the folks who work on City Council, Red Flannel, and various other committees. It was sad and shocking to see our city medallion taken down, smashed, and displayed for photos. How can the destruction of public property be justified? Look at our city flag (if it hasn’t been destroyed). It is a symbol for educated, fun loving, reasonable people that enjoy red flannels year-round.

City Council—the Red Flannel Festival isn’t asking for a free ride, just reasonable negotiations about cost. It’s time to fix this mess. Not one more red cent should be spent to cover or destroy public property or develop a new logo.

To our new City Manager: Good luck. I sure hope you can guide City Council back to the citizens of Red Flannel Town, USA.

Thank you Red Flannel Fesival for purchasing and paying to hang up the wooden Red Flannels.

Rose Powell

City of Cedar Springs

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I know who lost!

Go ahead and celebrate, but for me the enjoyment of Red Flannel has waned. And nobody won. Even being in the parade no longer excites me. We residents of Cedar Springs let the clashes of two ladies (who don’t even live within our city limits) spoil it for us.

I understand it was mandated by the Festival that the city destroy everything that even looked like red underwear. They tell me that now I can still wear my Red Flannels, but not on city property. It makes me sad to see pictures of the broken up, expensive logo that once hung in the chambers at City Hall. If Red Flannels are now history to the City of Cedar Springs, why didn’t that logo go to the local museum so that my great-grandchildren can know that there was a day in the history of our city, when people had unity and respect for one another? Thank you Grace (Hamilton) and Nina (Babcock) for your inspiration and the many years of enjoyment.

Amish Bob Truesdale

City of Cedar Springs

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