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Varsity ice hockey schedule


A few weeks ago, we ran the sports schedules for Cedar Springs High Schools. One team was missing from the schedule—the ice hockey team. The team is made up of three schools: Coopersville (C), Cedar Springs (CS), and West Catholic (WC). Below is their team photo and the season schedule.

VARSITY: Front row, left to right: Noah Herzhaft (C), Brendan Hofmann (WC), Joel Kolenda (CS), Avery Matthews (CS), Tyler Messock (C), Lukas Jenkins (C), David Hoving (WC), Max Goodfellow (WC), Nathan Szyszko (C), Conner Julien (C).
Back row, left to right: Coach Jake Ochsner, Coach Mike Davey, Adam Bocian (WC), Danny Ebert (CS), Tyler Hofmann (WC), Isaac Oswald (C), Ian Waldecker (WC), Dawson Homik (C), Colin Jewell (WC), Jaydon Moleski (CS), Corbin Venckus (WC), Coach Alex Ostrowski, Head Coach Mike Maas.


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Chargers Take Charge of the Courts

Senior James Hofstra shoots a 3-point.

Team captain, Brin Calkins runs the ball down the court to run the next play.

This year’s Chargers are led by Senior Captains James Hofstra and Dawson Armstrong, and Junior Captain Charles Wortz. The Chargers opened up the season with a 10-point victory over Algoma Christian and a thrilling 1 point loss to Wellspring Prep. The Chargers play 17 more games this season.

The Lady Chargers are focusing on fundamentals and what it means to play as a team. There is so much potential on the team that it will be exciting to watch the growth throughout the season. The team unanimously picked junior Brin Calkins and senior Autumn Watson as team captains, and they will be a positive influence on the team with their skill sets both on and off the court.

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CS Youth wrestlers place at Rockford

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers that won at the Rockford Open and Novice tournament last weekend.

By Jacquie Troupe

CSYWC had 39 wrestlers head to Rockford to compete in the RYWC Open & Novice tournament Sunday, December 17th joining 72 teams from all over the state. There were 528 wrestlers looking for the top spots in their weight classes.

“We had lots of wrestlers out today and we saw a lot of great matches. We had a handful of wrestlers step on the mat to compete for the very first time and they wrestled very well. We went 68-63 today but had 26 medal. I can’t wait to see how everyone progresses throughout the season,” said Coach Jake Marsman.

Taking home the 4th place medals for the team were Brycen Alber, Taylor Crystal, Cameron Ellison, Zach Vu, Gavyn Byxbe, Urijah Bates, Deegan Pike and Wyatt Cooper.

The 3rd place finishers were Logan Galinis, Jaxon Fitzgerald, Tucker Crystal, Dakota Winchell, Brenden Johnson and Rory Shoenborn.

The 2nd place grapplers were Jonathan Libera, Jayce Karafa, Hudson Crystal, Blake Falan, Thomas Prins and Conner Dines.

This Sunday’s CSYWC Champions were Ben Streeter, Tucker Dines, Nolan Myers, Carter Falan, Logan Troupe and Maston Wood. Congratulations, wrestlers!

Deegan Pike had the most pins for the team and was 25th over all with 3 pins in 4:30. Conner Dines was 32nd with 3 in 5:41. Cameron Ellison was 57th with 2 in 1:44. Carter Falan was 100th with 2 in 3:54. Maston Wood was 18th in fastest Technical Fall (wrestling’s version of the mercy rule) winning 17-2 in 2:41. Hudson Crystal tied for 41st winning 16-0 in 4:30. Conner Dines had the fastest pin for the team and tied for 15th with :18, Alex Hanes tied for 60th with :32, Ben Streeter tied for 68th with :35 and Cameron Ellison tied for 98th with :44. Carter Falan and Logan Troupe tied at 21st over all with the most team points for the day with 22.0, Tucker Dines tied for 40th with 20.0, Deegan Pike and Blake Falan tied for 64th with 18.0 and Conner Dines tied for 80th with 17.0. Conner Dines and Alex Hanes tied for 13th with 18 single match points. Maston Wood tied for 22nd with 17, Hudson Crystal tied for 39th with 16, Gavyn Byxbe and Taylor Crystal tied for 82nd with 14. Rory Shoenborn tied for 15th in total match points with 38, Conner Dines tied for 20th with 37, Tucker Dines tied for 24th with 35, Deegan Pike tied for 49th with 30, Henry Galinis tied for 57th with 29, Brycen Alber, Alex Hanes and Maston Wood tied for 64th with 28, Hudson Crystal tied for 73rd with 27, Taylor Crystal, Cameron Ellison and Zach Vu tied for 90th with 25.

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WMP wrestlers place in three events

West Michigan Pursuit wrestler Isaiah Sostenes, was champion in the 80 lb, 9/10 age group at Rockford.

West Michigan Pursuit split up this weekend to participate in the Christmas Sparty Individuals/Duals and Rockford. We had seven enter the Saturday individual event, five enter the Sunday Duals and ten enter the Rockford Tournament. 

Sparty Individual Results are as follows: 75 lb Tyler Parmeter, 10U and 58 lb Kellen Weckesser, 10U finished in 6th Place. 70 lb Luke Egan, 10U finished in 5th Place. 85 lb Blake Peasley, 10U finished in 3rd. 68 lb Josh Vasquez, 12U finished in 2nd. 61 lb Drew Moro claimed the Championship title in the 8U. 

Sparty Duals results are as follows: 43 lb Brody Compau wrestled on Team MYWAY in the 8U. Compau went 5-1 for the day, earning All American status. His team finished in 5th Place. 80 lb Tyler Parmeter wrestled up on Team Bro Black in the 10U and claimed a victory. His team finished in 3rd Place. Luke Egan wrestled for Team Bro in their 10U 70 lb and 12U 72 lb. Egan went 3-2 for the day earning All State status. His team finished in 3rd. 64 lb Drew Moro wrestled on Great Lakes White, 8U. Moro went 7-0 for the day, pinning every opponent with a total time of 3:45. He also earned All American status and Team MVP for putting up 42 team points. His team finished in 3rd Place. 68 lb Josh Vasquez wrestled on New Generation Red Team in the 12U. Vasquez went 4-2 for the day earning All American status. 

Rockford results are as follows: 90 lb Blake Hammer, 13/15 age group finished in 5th Place. 67 lb Evan Andrews, 9/10 age group; 58 lb Kaleb Pautke, 7/8 age group and 85 lb Isaiah Smith, 9/10 age group all finished in 4th Place. 52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group finished in 2nd Place. Champions of the day are 63 lb Quinten Cassiday, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group and 80 lb Isaiah Sostenes, 9/10 age group. 

“Each week, these kids exceed my expectations. Their performance on and off the matt is what motivates me to continue what I do,” said Head Coach and Owner, Dave Andrus.

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WMP wrestlers claim titles

Brody Compau was a champion in the 40/46 lb 7/8 age group. Courtesy photo.

By Barbra Chong

West Michigan Pursuit traveled to Lakewood and Montabella this past weekend. Fourteen grapplers placed in the top four out of the fifteen entered. WMP claimed 8 championship titles and 31 victories out of 44 matches. 

64 lb Caden Green, 7/8 Novice age group finished in 4th Place. 

Finishing in 3rd place was 75 lb Harper Cheng, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Blake Hammer, 13/15 age group; and 67 lb Kamden Witte, 9/10 age group. 

67 lb Quinten Cassiday, 9/10 age group and 61/64 lb Aaiden Vasquez finished in 2nd Place. 

Champions of the day are 49/52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group; 40/46 lb Brody Compau, 7/8 age group; 71 lb Luke Egan, 9/10 age group; 61/64 Drew Moro, 7/8 age group; 75 lb Tyler Parmeter, 9/10 age group; 90/95 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group and 70 lb Josh Vasquez, 11/12 age group. 59 lb Kellen Weckesser, 9/10 age group also claimed a Championship Title at the Montabella tournament. 

“We have an amazing parent and wrestler support system. I can’t thank them enough for trusting me with their kids and their futures. The level of sportsmanship displayed on and off the mat continues to impress me,” said Head Coach and Owner, Dave Andrus.

If you are interested in learning more about this sport or if your wrestler is looking to compete at the next level, come check us out. We are located in the Cedar Springs Sports Plex. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

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CS Youth wrestlers bring home medals

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestlers competed at Allendale and Montabella last weekend. Wrestlers are shown here with the medals they brought back. Courtesy photo.

By Jacquie Troupe

Allendale Falcon’s open & novice

Twenty-three CSYWC wrestlers headed to Allendale Sunday December 10 to compete in the Allendale Falcon’s Open and Novice Tournament with 301 other grapplers.

Carter Falan had the most pins in the fastest time for the team and was 3rd over all with 4 in 5:23, Deegan Pike was 11th over all with 3 in 3:53, Gavyn Byxbe was 18th over all with 3 in 6:09, Spencer Shoenborn was 30th with 2 in 1:10 and Brenden Johnson was 50th with 2 in 2:25.

Maston Wood had the fastest Tech for the team and was 9th over all with 1 in 2:33.

Carter Falan had the fastest pin for the team and tied for 6th with 1 in :15, Spencer Shoenborn was 10th with :18, Carter Falan tied for 13th with :20, Deegan Pike tied for 59th with :39 and tied for 85th with :47. Spencer Shoenborn and Carter Falan also tied for 96th with :52.

Gavyn Byxbe was top for the team and 20th overall with 20.0 Team Points, Deegan Pike was 27th with 19.0, Carter Falan tied for 31st with 18.0, Spencer Shoenborn tied for 57th with 15.0, Blake Falan tied for 76th with 13.0 and Maston Wood was also 109th with 9.5.

Maston Wood was 2nd overall with 20 Single Match Points, Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 41st with 14, Logan Troupe and Maston Wood tied for 59th with 13 and Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 70th with 12.

In Total Match Points Maston Wood was 2nd over all with 47, Jaxon Fitzgerald tied for 35th with 26 and Logan Troupe tied for 61st with 21.

Placing 4th in the Open Division, 2011-13 40lb class was Brycen Alber and in the 03/04 122lb class was Logan Troupe.

Placing 3rd in the Novice division, 09/10 97lb class was Zachary Vu. In the 07/08 63lb class was Spencer Shoenborn and in the 110lb class was Thomas Prins. In the Open Division 09/10 combined 77/82lb class was Jon Libera and in the 07/08 71lb class was Blake Falan.

Placing 2nd in the Novice Division, 07/08 63lb class was Deegan Pike. In the Open division, 09/10 72lb class was Logan Galinis and in the 03/04 combined 155/170lb class was Maston Wood.

Placing 1st and taking home the Championship trophy in the Novice division, 09/10 combined 67/72lb class was Tanner Wood and in the 07/08 90lb class was Brenden Johnson. In the Open Division, 2011-13 61lb class was Jaxon Fitzgerald, in the combined 64/67 class was Jayce Karafa, in the 07/08 combined 80/85lb class was Gavyn Byxbe and in the 03/04 114lb class was Carter Falan.

Montabella Open Tournament

CSYWC had 4 wrestlers head to Blanchard Sunday December 10th to compete in the Montabella Open Tournament. They joined 26 area teams and 158 other wrestlers for a full day of mat time.

Sierra Streeter had the fastest pin time for the team and tied for 67th over all with 1:15.

Cole Haack had the most single match points for the team and tied for 54th with 9. Sierra & Bryson Streeter tied for 69th with 8.

Sierra Streeter had the highest total match points for the team and tied for 50th with 13. Cole Haack tied for 66th with 11. Ben & Bryson Streeter tied for 81st with 8.

Bryson Streeter had 6.0 team points, Sierra Streeter and Cole Haack each had 4.0.

In the 2011-13 43lb class Sierra Streeter placed 2nd, in the 67lb class Ben Streeter placed 2nd, in the 09/10 combined 46/49lb class Bryson Streeter placed 4th and in the 03/04 114lb class Cole Haack placed 2nd.

“It has been a great start to the season,” said Coach Scott. “We have many kids brand new to wrestling and everyone has been working really hard in the practice room. It showed on Sunday. We could see a marked improvement from the week before. We could not be more proud of them!”

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Red Hawk bowlers defeat Lowell


The Cedar Springs Red Hawks bowling teams had their first conference match last week against Lowell. The Lowell boy’s team was last year’s conference champs, so the Red Hawk boys team was excited to walk away with a win over them 21-9.

Josh Hamilton bowled a 237 and a 221, making that a 229 average to lead the conference. 

The Red Hawk girls also won with a score of 23-7. Sophomore Katelyn Paige bowled her high school career high of 258 to contribute to the win.

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Battle of the Fans to recognize top high school cheering section



The Michigan High School Athletic Association’s Student Advisory Council will host its seventh “Battle of the Fans” contest this winter to award the top high school student cheering section in Michigan, and will choose the winner based on an expanded format built to allow for more schools to remain in the running longer and with more opportunities to show how they support their teams in a fun, positive way. 

Frankenmuth was named last year’s champion and presented with a banner during the MHSAA Boys Basketball Finals at Michigan State University’s Breslin Center. Sections from Boyne City, Charlotte, Petoskey and Traverse City West also were finalists. 

Schools are invited to submit a short video, via YouTube, of their cheering sections in action. Video submissions should be between 90 seconds and three minutes long and explain how that section meets the following contest criteria: positive sportsmanship, student body participation,school spirit, originality of cheers, organization of the group, student section leadership and fun.

The deadline for student-submitted video applications is noon Jan. 13. Nine semifinalists then will be chosen – three each from Class A, Class B and Class C/D – to partake in a two-week challenge where each will be required to complete 10 tasks further showing why they should be chosen as Michigan’s best student section. From those nine, three finalists then will be selected by the Student Advisory Council and visited on a home game night by MHSAA staff and Advisory Council representatives. The MHSAA will produce a video of that finalist after each visit, with the champion being selected by the Student Advisory Council based in part on activity on the MHSAA’s social media sites.

This year’s winner will be announced Feb. 23 and recognized March 23 at the Breslin Center.

“Battle of the Fans has enjoyed a great run these first six years and provided plenty of examples that help us teach students statewide how to celebrate school spirit,” said Andy Frushour, MHSAA director of brand management and advisor to the Student Advisory Council. “By putting a fresh spin on the contest this winter, we’ll be able to have more schools involved in the competition for a longer period of time, and we’re looking forward to the creativity of our students as they complete these challenges – which will allow us to showcase more of the great work so many are doing to support their classmates not just on one night, but all school year long.”

Rules, directions for submitting videos, plus links to coverage of finalists from the first six years of the contest can be found on the MHSAA Website at www.mhsaa.com/BOTF. This year’s finalist videos, plus the announcement of the 2017-18 winner, will be published on the MHSAA Second Half site at SecondHalf.MHSAA.com.

The Student Advisory Council is made up of eight seniors and eight juniors, who each serve two-year terms. The Council acts as the voice of Michigan’s student-athletes; it serves as a student sounding board for the MHSAA’s Representative Council, assists in planning Sportsmanship Summits, Captains Clinics and other student leadership events; participates in a yearly focus group about the state of high school sports for Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports and assists with medal ceremonies at MHSAA championship events.

The MHSAA is a private, not-for-profit corporation of voluntary membership by more than 1,500 public and private senior high schools and junior high/middle schools which exists to develop common rules for athletic eligibility and competition. No government funds or tax dollars support the MHSAA, which was the first such association nationally to not accept membership dues or tournament entry fees from schools. Member schools which enforce these rules are permitted to participate in MHSAA tournaments, which attract more than 1.4 million spectators each year. 

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Red Hawk Bowling

Omani Morales was in the top 10 girl bowlers.

Front row (L to R): Ethan Plumber, Dane Conely,Jared Kaniff. 
Back Row (L to R): Assistant Trevor Ruark, Josh Beebe, Jonah Drake, Kaleb Fisk, Josh Hamilton and Coach Tim Jackson.

Cedar Springs competed in the Wyoming invitational on Saturday, December 2. 

The boys team took 2nd place. The girls team was eliminated in the first round, losing to Rockford by only 2 pins. 

Omani Morales made the top 10 girl bowlers with a two-game score of 349.

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WMP wrestler claims national title

Drew Moro claimed the 2017 Hawkeye National Title last weekend. Courtesy photo.

Other wrestlers place at Kentwood

By Barbra Chong

The first tournament of the 2017-2018 MYWA Western Region was hosted by Kentwood wrestling. West Michigan Pursuit brought 16 grapplers to compete with one entering Novice and the rest entering the Open division. One grappler—Drew Moro—traveled to Iowa to compete at the Hawkeye Nationals in Iowa. 

On Saturday, December 2, Drew Moro bumped up an age group and entered the 3rd/4th grade division in the 66 lb wt class, finishing in 2nd Place. On Sunday, he entered his own age group, 1st/2nd grade division in the 65 lb wt class. After two days of tough competition, Moro battled hard and claimed the 2017 Hawkeye Nationals Championship Title. 

At the Kentwood tournament, West Michigan Pursuit placed 15 young competitors in the top three. Out of 60 battles, WMP claimed 43 victories. 52 lb Tatianna Castillo, 7/8 age group; 64 lb Caden Green, 7/8 age group and 90 lb Blake Hammer all finished in 3rd Place. 55 lb Kaleb Pautke, 7/8 age group; 75 lb Tyler Parmeter, 9/10 age group and 85 lb Isaiah Smith, 9/10 age group all finished in 2nd Place. Both Pautke and Parmeter battled back and went 4-1 claiming their True Second. Champions of the day are 67 lb Quinten Cassiday, 9/10 age group; 40/46 lb Brody Compau, 7/8 age group; 71 lb Luke Egan, 9/10 age group; 90 lb Blake Peasley, 9/10 age group; 80 lb Isaiah Sostenes, 9/10 age group; 64 lb Aaiden Vasquez, 7/8 age group and 65/70 lb Josh Vasquez, 11/12 age group. 

“Each year I have returning champions, more who are training to gain that status and those looking to be a part of the continued success here at WMP.  Looking at the team I have right now, I am very impressed and excited to see what the 2017 season brings,” said Owner and Head Coach Dave Andrus. 

If you are interested in learning more about this sport or if your wrestler is looking to compete at the next level, come check us out.  We are located in the Cedar Springs Sports Plex. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.


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