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2014-2015 Parent Education Speaker Series


February 24 –  Languages of Love

Anne King, Teacher & Motivation Consultant


Learn to identify your family’s language of love and how to best relate to your child.

Cedar Springs High School Media Center

6:30 – 8:00pm

Open to parents, students and community members.

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Paper Gator collection sites

CSPS-Paper-GatorWe are collecting:

Newsprint, Catalogs, Magazines, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Office/School paper, Hard and Soft Cover books.

Bin Locations:

CS High School, CS Middle School,

Cedar Trails/Cedar View Elementary

Red Hawk/Beach Elementary

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Spring 2015 Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

Thurs, 02/26: Middle School 4:00 – 7:00

Mon, 03/09: Cedar Trails 3:45 – 6:45

Beach3:45 – 6:45

Cedar View3:45 – 6:45

New Beginnings5:00 – 6:30

Tues, 03/10: New Beginnings 2:30 – 4:00

Wed, 03/11: Beach 3:45 – 6:45

Cedar View3:45 – 6:45

Thurs, 03/12: Cedar Trails 3:45 – 6:45

Mon, 03/23: Red Hawk 4:00 – 7:15

Tues, 03/24: High School 5:00 – 7:30

Wed, 03/25: Red Hawk 3:00 – 6:15

High School3:00 – 5:30

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Walk the halls


Red Hawk Elementary will open their doors to all community members who would like to walk the halls from 4:00-8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday when school is in session.  If Cedar Springs Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather, holiday or no school scheduled, walking is cancelled that day.

Scheduled days closed

●  Mid-Winter Break, February 16 & 17

●  Parent Teacher Conferences, March 23 & 25

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Open Enrollment for Preschool


Open Enrollment for the Tuition Based Preschool begins Monday, February 23, 2015.

Families that are interested in tuition assistance for your child who will be 3 years old as of October 1, 2015:

• complete an application at www.firststepskent.org

• select Great Start Early Childhood Scholarships and then select the link to the 2015-2016 Childcare Scholarship Application.

Questions can be directed to the office of Great Start Collaborative/First Steps at 616-742-8903.

If your child will be 4 as of October 1, 2015 and you are interested in information about a tuition free preschool opportunity, contact the Great Start Readiness Program 616-447-2409.

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Attention parents of 2015-2016 Kindergarten Class


The Cedar Springs Kindergarten Team welcomes the parents/guardians only of the 2015-2016 Kindergarten Class.

Wednesday, March 18 

6:00pm to 7:00pm 

Cedar Trails Elementary

Parents/guardians will move in small groups from classroom to classroom getting a glimpse at the typical kindergarten day and curriculum expectations.   There will be five stations in all.

We are hoping to answer questions and get EVERYONE ready for an exciting start to the school year.

In August after teacher assignments have been finalized, we will welcome the students to Cedar Trails’ Open House to visit their classroom and meet their teacher.

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CSPS Calendar


Mid-Winter Break

No School February 13 – February 17.  Students return to school on February 18.

Friday, February 27 – Student Early Release Day

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Open Enrollment

Creative Technologies Academy

350 Pine Street | Cedar Springs, MI  49319

Open Enrollment Period for the 2015-16 School Year

January 15, 2015 – February 15, 2015

You may register students for grades K-12 

by calling Mrs. Atkins or Mr. Oldebekking at (616) 696-4905

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CTA Calendar



January 30 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm


January 30 Basketball @ Grattan Academy; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 3 Basketball @ WMAES Tourney; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 4,5, or 6 Basketball @ WMAES Tourney Consolation or Championship; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 9 Basketball @ Big Rapids Middle School (BR Home School); Girls – 7:00, Boys – 7:00


February 12 Basketball @ Ellington Academy; Boys – 6:00


February 13 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12 Dismissal at 1:06 pm


February 16 Basketball @ WMAA; Girls – 4:30, Boys – 6:00


February 17 Basketball @ WMAES; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 16-17 No School for Students and Staff – Mid-Winter Break


February 20 Senior/Parent Night – Basketball @ Grace Bible College v. Grattan Academy; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 24 Basketball @ Grand Valley Armory v. WMLHS; Girls – 5:30, Boys – 7:00


February 27 Student Early Release – (2 hours early)

K-5 Dismissal at 12:55 pm

6-12  Dismissal at 1:06 pm


February 27 End of 2nd Trimester


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Make for Change


This past December, the CTA elementary and middle schools participated in a “Make For Change” campaign in which the students brought in coin change from home. We mixed things up this year by allowing the winning class to choose the charity that would receive the funds. In order to win, one class needed to have the most positive or least amount of negative points; pennies were worth 1 point, nickels were worth negative 5 points, dimes were worth negative 10 points, quarters were worth negative 25 points, and dollars were worth negative 100 points. Each morning, students were given the opportunity to put silver coins in other grades’ jars, and then put their copper coins in their own class’ jars. During a period of nine days, the students of CTA came together and raised $920!

Each morning it was such a pleasure to see students walking up and down the hall with their bags of coins. The teachers did a fantastic job of hyping-up the contest; for example, teachers would pretend to get angry when students would bring in coins to add to their classroom’s jars. Yes, students and staff got caught up in the competition of the contest, but we also knew the underlying reason for the contest: to raise money for a specific charity.

The seventh grade came up with the win! Their class raised a positive $50; every other class end up in the negative. Nice job, seventh grade! As a result of their win, the seventh grade class had to make the hard decision of where to donate the funds. With a lot of deliberation, the students decided to donate the money to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital’s Child Life! Child Life is an area of the hospital that helps the patients and their parents/families feel as much at home as possible; they provide arts and crafts, books, and games for everyone involved!

We are happy to have had another successful “Make for Change” campaign! Great work showing others what Chargers look like, CTA elementary and middle schools!


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