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The Third Annual CTA Spelling Bee 2018


CTA Spelling Bee: Brenna Jibson, Middle School English Teacher Jenny Bangma and Jesse Benson

In January, 28 students in grades third through eighth competed in the third annual CTA School Spelling Bee! For several weeks prior to the Bee, participants practiced, practiced, and practiced lists of spelling words in preparation for the School Bee. These same participants also attended the weekly CTA Chargers Spelling Club hosted by sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Jenny Bangma; it was here that participants gained strategies for spelling words, remembering letter patterns, and the etiquette for participating in the actual Bee. Lots of hard work was put in by our Charger Spellers over the last few months in preparation for this event!

The CTA School Spelling Bee went thirteen rounds, resulting in a Champion and a Runner-up. The Bee Champion is eighth grade student, Jesse Benson; the Runner-up is seventh grade student, Brenna Jibson. The winners will head to the Regional Spelling Bee competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday, Feb. 27th. Our entire school community is so proud and excited for our Chargers!

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Chargers Making a Difference

Lightning Bugs: Middle School students Anna Grdjan, Jayda Schreiber, Ana VanHarten and Morgan Vogler.

On Feb. 10, four representatives from CTA’s Lightning Bugs (formally Girl Talk, currently in its fourth year), volunteered at Solon Township Hall for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner. The girls: Ana VanHarten (6 th Grade), Jayda Schreiber (6 th Grade), Morgan Vogler (6 th Grade), and Anna Grdjan (7 th Grade), along with teacher leader, Ms. Liscombe, helped set up for the event, serve food, pass out baked goods for the dessert auction, and clean up afterward. “The girls had a great time serving the community and cannot wait to help out again next year,” shared Liscombe. All money raised goes towards the development of Velzy Park.

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2017-2018 CTA Honor Roll


Semester 1

Middle School

Grade Student Name GPA

06 Atwood, Shadrach 3.1

08 August, Elizabeth 3.5

07 Beiter, Landon 3.8

08 Benson, Jesse 3.4

08 Besmer, Evan 4.0

06 Besmer, Trinity 3.2

06 Brinley, Nadelynn 3.8

08 Brown, Jordan 3.1

06 Christie, Gabrielle 3.6

07 Covell, Remington 3.3

06 Creveling, Jaxson 3.8

07 Davenport, Haydn 4.0

06 Dillon, Jacob 3.5

08 Fisk, Alison 4.0

08 Fisk, Austin 4.0

08 Fisk, Nathaniel 3.2

08 Fleet, Raven 3.0

06 Fulkerson, Jack 3.6

07 Grdjan, Anna 4.0

06 Holmes, Abigail 3.6

06 Hoops, Thomas 4.0

06 Jaggers, Jacob 3.5

07 Jibson, Brenna 4.0

08 Knowlton, Elizabeth 4.0

08 Marek, Sawyer 3.6

08 Mason, Cheyenne 3.3

06 McSorley, Caden 3.1

08 McSorley, Kendallyn 3.5

06 Montambo, Saige 3.8

06 Piskun, Danielle 3.0

06 Rypma, Ryan 3.1

06 Schreiber, Jayda 3.5

08 Shelagowski, Alyssa 3.6

07 Slock, Ethan 4.0

07 Slock, Kaden 3.8

08 Stevens, Zachary 3.0

06 Sullivan, Mason 3.5

06 VanHarten, Analiese 3.9

06 Vogler, Morgan 3.0

07 Walker, Malikia 3.8

06 Warner, Conner 3.2

06 Willis, Sierra 3.2

07 Winn, Emily 3.6

08 Winters, Ivan 4.0

06 Winters, Kaden 4.0

08 Wortz, Molly 4.0

High School

09 Alverson, McKenzie 4.0

12 Armstrong, Dawson 3.6

12 Aspinall, Cortney 3.9

11 August, Danielle 4.0

09 Buchanan, Anthony 3.3

11 Calkins, Brianne 3.5

09 Calkins, Calvin 3.1

11 Davison, Matthew 4.0

11 Dillon, Joshua 3.0

10 Fahling, Gabriela 3.2

12 Gibbs, Hannah 3.9

11 Hawley, Hailey 3.6

10 Hirsch, Travis 3.6

10 Hofstra, Hannah 3.9

12 Hofstra, James 3.7

09 Hoogerhyde, Grayce 3.1

12 Howard, Austin 4.0

12 Imhoff, Elise 4.0

11 Jahns, Elizabeth 3.4

11 Lovett, Nathan 3.2

09 McSorley, Carson 3.6

12 Miner, Leslie 3.7

12 Nguyen, Dat 3.3

12 Nguyen, Khanh 3.5

10 Puttakerd, Premyuda 3.4

12 Ryder, Jamie 4.1

10 Shelagowski, Ashley 3.9

12 Sidlauskas, Violet 3.3

09 Sidlauskas, Willow 4.0

12 Thebo, Tayler 3.8

11 Tran, Hien 3.2

09 VanDyke, Audrey 3.0

12 Watson, Autumn 3.9

10 Watson, Faith 3.0

09 Wierda, Tori 3.4

11 Winters, Logan 3.9

11 Wortz, Charles 3.1

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16 Early Release Day (Students and Staff)

19-20 Mid-Winter Break (No School)

23 Basketball Game vs. WM Aviation 5:30/7:00 p.m.

24 Enchanted Snow Ball (Daddy Daughter Dance)


8 MS/HS Choir Concert – 7 p.m.

9 Early Release Day (Students and Staff)

19 Town Hall Meeting

19-22 Student-Led Conferences

23 Early Release Day

29 Early Release Day (Students and Staff)

30-April 6 Spring Break

* Early Release Dismissal Schedule

• K-5 Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

• 6-12 Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.

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Substitute Positions Available


Teachers and Classroom Aides

Creative Technologies Academy, Cedar Springs, MI

$90-110/day – Temporary Teachers

Creative Technologies Academy is seeking interested individuals that could work as substitute teachers for the Academy. We have daily substitute teaching opportunities for this school year. To qualify to substitute teach in our school, applicants must have a transcript indicating completion of 90 credit hours from a four year college or university with a minimum 2.0 GPA or hold a valid or expired Michigan Teaching Certificate. All interested individuals should contact Dan George, Superintendent/School Leader at dgeorge@ctachargers.org.

$10.00/hour – Temporary Classroom Aides

For additional information regarding classroom aide requirements and position details, contact dgeorge@ctachargers.org.

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Helping People And Changing Lives

Third grade students show their Compliment Collage’s they made to instill confidence through compliments.

Staff and students with one of the fleece tie blankets they made during the day of service projects.

This year CTA students have been able to work with an AmeriCorp Vista representative through the Heart of West Michigan United Way. Our high school students crafted tie blankets for Degage Ministries plus tie hats that they gifted to others. Some of the organizations that received the hats were Degage Ministries, North Kent Connect, and The Bridge. Elementary students read books with our high school students, and talked about the power of compliments.

Elementary students also decorated lunch bags for Kids Food Basket. We all enjoyed being able to give back to our community to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

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Leading On and Off the Court

Dan George poses with Allen Durham who was one of his former basketball players with the Grace Bible College Tigers Men’s Basketball team.

Earlier this month, CTA was excited to welcome Allen Durham of the Philippine’s Meralco Bolts professional basketball team to their campus. Allen was named MVP of the PBL (Phillipines Professional Basketball League) in 2016 and 2017. Allen spoke with the high school students about his career and how self-discipline, respect, and humility helped lead him to success.

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Chargers Up Their Game In 2018

chargers basketball: Front (L to R): Tony Buchanan, Avery Bishop, Casen Armstrong, Jordan Brown, Ivan Winters, Landon Winters. Back (L to R): Assistant Coach Kyle Knarr, Tobius Potter, Luke Hubbard, James Hofstra, Dawson Armstrong, Charles Wortz, John Wortz, Collin Bishop, Head Coach Todd Bowmar

Lady Chargers: Front (L to R): Haven Nguyen, Hannah Hofstra Middle (L to R): Gam Puttakerd, Elizabeth Jahns, Ruby Tompkins Back (L to R): Head Coach Lisa Perry, Tori Wierda, Brin Calkins, Autumn Watson, Faith Watson, Molly Wortz, Assistant Coach Kyle Knarr

The Chargers have entered 2018 on a tear, winning all eight games they have played, including a nail-biter against Big Rapids Home School. The Chargers are paced on offense by Seniors James Hofstra and Dawson Armstrong, while Junior Charles Wortz commands the defense from the middle. Sophomores Luke Hubbard and Collin Bishop have provided the team with a balanced scoring attack. With five regular season games left, the Chargers are in a great position to finish the season off strong with a strong showing in a post-season tournament in Lansing the weekend of March 3rd.

With two weeks left in the regular season, the Lady Chargers have come a long way. They had a big win over the Big Rapids Homeschool team. The girls have been working hard on finishing shots and have increased their team shooting percentage. The Lady Chargers have also caused a lot of turnovers for opponents on a scrappy defense. As the season draws to a close, seniors Autumn Watson and Haven Nguyen look to finish strong. Both seniors have contributed a great deal to the team and will be missed next year. The Lady Chargers hope to add a few more wins to their record in these last two weeks of the season and finish strong.

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Incoming freshmen orientation


The class of 2022 will step into the world of high school and experience freshmen orientation next Thursday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m., at Cedar Springs High School.

Incoming Freshmen Orientation is the only corporate opportunity for students and their parents to learn about the Michigan Merit Curriculum and receive the CSHS Course Curriculum Guide, walk through the PowerSchool enrollment process, and get general questions about high school answered. 

This meeting is designed to provide parents with information they will need to ensure their child’s success in high school and beyond. 

Highlights include:

  • Review Graduation Requirements 
  • Gain an understanding of course offerings/sequence/credit requirements 
  • Develop a 4-Year Course Plan 
  • Outline PowerSchool Enrollment Process 
  • Discuss World Language Requirement 
  • Advanced Placement Course Information 
  • Dual Enrollment Requirements 
  • Tech 21 Academy Opportunity 
  • Kent Career Technical Center (KCTC) & Kent Transition Center (KTC) 
  • College Board Information 
  • Highlight Athletic Requirements and Sports offered 
  • Identify Student Organizations and Clubs 

The event will take place in the Cedar Springs High School auditorium, 204 E. Muskegon, at 7 p.m.

Questions? Call 616-696-1200 or email: rebecca.kooi@csredhawks.org (Student Last Name A-K) orshelley.pero@csredhawks.org (Student Last Name L-Z). 

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Elementary Students Entertained at the Winter Concert

Kindergarten and 1st grade students dressed in a snow theme for the performance.

The Elementary concert was titled The Big Chill (Hoping For A Snow Day) , which depicted the kindergarten and first grade students as “snowmen” and “snowflakes”; the second and third grade students as “students”; and the fourth and fifth grade students as “teachers.” The concert storyline, as directed by CTA’s music teacher, Mr. Jeremy Holtrop, included students posing as CTA teachers/administrators. Through twelve songs, memorized lines, and great costuming, the performance showed how students and teachers are more alike than different when it comes to wanting snow days and what they do on their days off.

Several kindergarten, first, and second grade students had the opportunity to play Boomwhackers during one of the songs. Boomwhackers are tuned percussion tubes that are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. Second through fifth grade students featured soloists, and they even threw paper snowballs at one point during the concert for an added visual effect.

The 4th and 5th grade students incorporate many motions and hand movements into their songs.

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