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CTA Calendar – December


3 Boys Basketball @ West Michigan Aviation – 7 PM

5 Box Top Store

5 Basketball @ Wellspring Academy – Girls 4:30; Boys 6:00

12 Basketball @ Ellington Academy – Girls 5:00; Boys 6:30

13 Santa Workshop / Family Night 7:00 PM

17 Basketball @ Grattan Academy – Girls 5:30; Boys 7:00

19 Basketball @ Algoma Christian – Girls 5:30; Boys 7:00

20 Last day before Winter Break

23 – January 5 No School for Students and Staff – Winter Break    



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Creative Technologies Academy, a self managed public school academy, chartered through Ferris State University, located in Cedar Springs, Michigan is seeking a certified teacher for immediate hire for:


TITLE: Special Education Teacher – Part Time


REPORTS TO: School Leader and Special Education Coordinator




1. Must possess a State of Michigan Teaching Certificate, K-12 with endorsement in Special Education


2. Learning Disabilities endorsement preferred


3. Must meet NCLB and Highly Qualified certification requirements


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Email letter of interest/application and resume’ to: Dan George at dgeorge@ctachargers.org,  or by postal mail send to Dan George, Superintendent/School Leader, Creative Technologies Academy, 350 Pine Street, Cedar Springs, MI  49319




CTA participates in the Michigan Retirement Program (MPSERS).  CTA has 300+ students in K-12.  Specific questions may be asked by emailing dgeorge@ctachargers.org or you may visit CTA’s website at www.ctaschool.com.


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CTA 7th grade rides the Inland Seas

by: Tyler Buitenwerf, Middle School Science Teacher


CTA-7th-graders-with-Ms.-Moon-and-Mr.-BuitenwerfOn September 20, 17 students from Creative Technologies Academy traveled to Suttons Bay to sail aboard Inland Seas, an educational research vessel run by the Schoolship program.  The trip was sponsored by George Wagoner and Diana Glass, grandparents of CTA student, Lily Fulkerson, and they accompanied their granddaughter, her classmates, and teachers Ashley Moon and Tyler Buitenwerf on their half day sail aboard a traditionally rigged schooner where the group had the opportunity to become Great Lakes scientists and sailors for the afternoon.

CTA-Inland-SeasThe students arrived at the dock and were given the important instructions about what it means to be a sailor on the Great Lakes.  They were taught the parts of the ship along with the basic commands that are necessary for a safe and fun trip.  When asked why this was important student Dawson Ingersoll replied, “We learned the communications that you have to know on a boat.”

Shortly after boarding Inland Seas students were greeted with a deafening blast of the air horn that meant the ship had left the dock.  The students immediately began their time as research scientists.  They were allowed the opportunity to collect samples from Suttons Bay that included fish, water, zooplankton and sediment samples. “We got to learn all the names of the tools and what they do.” said Brianne Calkins about getting to do hands on science.

Once all the samples were collected and recorded in the students’ logs it was time for the students to raise the anchor so they could begin sailing.  With a call of “Heave” and a response of “Ho” the anchor was pulled off the bottom of the bay.  The sails were raised and the Inland Seas was now sailing.  “I liked it when we got to put the sails up,” remarked student Marjorie Starr.

CTA-The-Inland-SeasThe crew of Inland Seas spent the next one and a half hours rotating students through various learning stations where the students were taught seamanship and allowed the opportunity to examine the many samples that were collected earlier in the day.  Seamanship was clearly the favorite of many students. Charles Wortz, another CTA student, voiced his enjoyment by saying, “. . . love that they let us steer and control the boat.”

Much to the dismay of the students the sails were lowered and the Inland Seas returned to dock for the crew and students to disembark.  The trip was well summarized by Mya Turoski when asked why she enjoyed the trip.  “I liked how they had one on one groups with the students and showed us how FUN science and sailing can be.”

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Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Creative Technologies Academy

Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting

Monday, October 28, 2013

5:30 PM – Parent Dinner with CTA Staff

6:00 PM – Town Hall Meeting

“Keep Getting Better”

This is an opportunity for parents, prospective families, and other members of the community to visit with teachers and administrators about how we can better serve our children. Bring your questions and your answers. We value your input and feedback and we will greatly appreciate your attendance at this event! Thank you!


• iPad Drawing – A free iPad will be given to someone who recommended CTA to a family who enrolled for the first time this year.


All adults in attendance will be eligible for a $100 gas card drawing.

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Grand Opening!


Independent Bank at Creative Technologies Academy

Grand Opening!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Watch The POST for more details to come!

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CTA Calendar – October and November




17 Box Tops Store – Elementary

18 Blood Drive

19 Cross Country Class D State Championships – Shepherd, MI

21-25 Book Fair Week

22-24 Parent Teacher Conferences (required of all students and parents)

24 MEAP Testing ends

25 No School for Students or Staff

26 Michigan Independent HS Cross Country Championships – Allendale, MI

28 Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting-6 PM

29 Cross Country Banquet – 6 PM



1 Mobile Dentist

7 and 8 Basketball Tryouts

11 Vision and Hearing Testing

20 CTA Board Meeting – 3:30 PM

22 End of 1st Trimester (57 days)

27-29 No School for Students and Staff – Thanksgiving Break


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Traditional Grades K-5: 7:50am – 2:35pm

Traditional Grades 6-12: 7:45am – 2:32pm

FlexTrac Grades 9-12: 3:00pm – 6:50pm


Thursday, August 22 FlexTrac Only Parent/Student Orientation – 6 PM

Tuesday, August 27 Traditional Orientation & Open House (K-12) – 5:30 – 8:00 PM


Tuesday, September 3 First Day of School

September 3-October 4 Global Scholar Fall Testing


October 8-24 MEAP Testing

October 14 No School for Students; Teacher PD day 8 AM – 4:00 PM

October 22-24 Parent Teacher Conferences (required of all students and parents)

October 25 No School for Students or Staff

October 28 Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting


Visit our website at www.ctaschool.com for entire school year calendar.

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Creative Technologies Academy

Annual Public Notices



The Creative Technologies Academy’s Board Policy Manual contains the following policy which is applicable to all Title I schools. CTA does NOT receive Title I funds, nevertheless it adheres to the following policy:


In accordance with the requirement of Section 1111 of Title I, for each school receiving Title I funds, the School Leader shall make sure that all parents of students in that school are notified that they may request, and the Academy will provide the following information on the student’s classroom teachers:

A. whether the teacher(s) have met the State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade level and subject areas they are teaching;

B. whether the teacher(s) is teaching under any emergency or provisional status in which the State requirements have been waived;

C. the undergraduate major of the teacher(s) and the area of study and any certificates for any graduate degrees earned;

D. the qualifications of any paraprofessionals providing services to their child(ren);


In addition, the parents shall be provided:

E. information on the level of achievement of their child(ren) on the required State academic assessments;

F. timely notice if the student is assigned to a teacher who is not “highly qualified” as required, or if the student is taught for more than four (4) weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified.


The notices and information shall be provided in an understandable format, and to the extent possible, in a language the parent(s) understand.




Parents have the right to inspect any instructional materials used as part of the educational curriculum for their student. Instructional material means instructional content, regardless of format, that is provided to the student, including printed or representational materials, audiovisual materials, and materials available in electronic or digital formats (such as materials accessible through the Internet.) Instructional material does not include academic tests or academic assessments.


August 1, 2013



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Integrated Pest Management Policy and Plan

Creative Technologies Academy

Annual Public Notice

Integrated Pest Management Policy and Plan


In accordance with Michigan Regulation 637, the following policy and plan has been adopted at:


Creative Technologies Academy

350 Pine Street

Cedar Springs, Michigan  49319


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires that the Academy use the least hazardous methods first (fly swatters, vacuuming, housekeeping practices, elimination of insect/rodent food, harborage of entry points, etc.) to remove pests from the school environment before resorting to chemical treatment.


Only professional licenses individuals shall be allowed to apply commercial grade pesticides or herbicides and proper advance notification of application(s) shall be given.  No area(s) shall be treated while occupied by staff or students


Notice of this service shall be published to all parents, guardians or students, and staff.  In case of emergency, limited use of pesticides or herbicides is permitted without advance notice.


This universal sign shall be posted for 48 hours after commercial application of pesticides or herbicides is made, or for an appropriate period of time as recommended by the licensed professional.


Pesticides In Use


Rodent or pest sightings shall be reported to the school office and shall be recorded in the IPM Log Book.  The licensed person providing the pest control service shall review this list prior to providing treatment within or outside the building.



Board Adopted:  August 9, 2001

Board Recorder: Lexie K. Coxon


August 1, 2013

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Asbestos Management Plan

Creative Technologies Academy

Annual Public Notice

Asbestos Management Plan


The Asbestos Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires all schools to have an “Asbestos Management Plan” and to make that plan available to all concerned parties.  Creative Technologies Academy, an asbestos free school, hereby notifies all parents, building occupants, and the parent association that the Asbestos Management Plan for all buildings under the jurisdiction of this local education agency is available in the principal’s office of Creative Technologies Academy located at 350 Pine Street in Cedar Springs Michigan.


This notification is to advise all concerned parties that the Asbestos Management Plan required under the AHERA is available for review upon request.  The plans can be viewed by any person during normal business hours. Those interested in reviewing the Asbestos Management Plan can inquire about the hours and times that the plans are available by contacting Mr. Dan Clark, Director of Energy and Maintenance, or the School Leader at 616-696-4905.


Creative Technologies Academy has followed all of the laws pertaining to asbestos in schools for the state of Michigan.  Based on the findings, there is no asbestos on the CTA campus.  Steps have been taken for a permanent exemption because there is no asbestos to monitor or remove.


August 1, 2013


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