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Bursting Drama Bubbles

Girl Talk: Seventh grade student, Alyssa Shelagowski, bursts a “drama bubble”.

Girl Talk: Seventh grade student, Alyssa Shelagowski, bursts a “drama bubble”.

Girl Talk is a little more than half way through its third year as an after school club. The group meets 2-3 times per month throughout the school year. They’ve explored topics such as purpose, getting involved in the community, facing depression, exploring personal values, and dismissing drama – just to name a few.

When the girls meet, they do different activities, games, or just as the name implies – talk.

During the dismissing drama meeting this year, things got messy but oh so fun! The girls blew up balloons filling them with confetti and glitter, drew or wrote representations of their drama on the outside and then took turns bursting their drama bubbles. It proved to be a very therapeutic session!

The girls are still planning service projects for the spring.

A few ladies will be involved on February 11 with Solon Township’s Velzey Park Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser and they are hoping to get involved with the new library and other community events.

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17 Student Early Release–(2 hours early)*

Basketball Game vs. Wellspring Prep @ Grace Bible College

18 MS/HS Karaoke Night

20 No School – Mid-Winter Break

21-23 Student-Led Conferences (HS Only)

24 Student Early Release–(2 hours early)*

Popcorn Day


2 MS Choir Concert

3 End of Trimester 2

10 Student Early Release–(2 hours early)*

13 Coffee Time with the School Leader/Superintendent

24 Student Early Release–(2 hours early)*

28 Daddy Daughter Dance


*Early Release Dismissal Schedule

• K-2 Dismissal at 12:50 p.m.

• 3-5 Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

• 6-12 Dismissal at 12:40 p.m.

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Positions Available

Substitute Positions Available

Teachers and Classroom Aides

$90-110/day – Temporary Teachers

Creative Technologies Academy is seeking interested individuals that could work as substitute teachers for the Academy. We have daily substitute teaching opportunities for this school year. To qualify to substitute teach in our school, applicants must have a transcript indicating completion of 90 credit hours from a four year college or university with a minimum 2.0 GPA or hold a valid or expired Michigan Teaching Certificate. All interested individuals should contact Dan George, Superintendent/School Leader at dgeorge@ctachargers.org.

$10.00/hour – Temporary Classroom Aides

For additional information regarding classroom aide requirements and position details, contact dgeorge@ctachargers.org .

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CTA Daddy Daughter Dance


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New Venue Enhances Experience for CTA Choirs

Middle School and High School students combined for “Carol of the Bells” during the winter concert.

Middle School and High School students combined for “Carol of the Bells” during the winter concert.

On Monday, Dec. 12, the middle and high school choirs at CTA put on a holiday concert. This was a year of many firsts for the choirs. This was the first time that the choirs performed a holiday concert. Due to scheduling, last year’s choirs were not able to do a holiday concert. Many students were excited about being able to perform the well-known songs. The other “first” for this concert was the opportunity to perform at Cedar Springs High School. The professionalism and hard work of the singers was complemented by a beautiful venue. The final “first” happened at the very end of the concert when all 62 singers (middle and high school) performed the song “Carol of the Bells” together. For many in the choir and the audience, Carol of the Bells was the favorite moment of the concert. Many audience members praised the combined effort and loved the power that the combined group was able to achieve. The middle school singers got to experience the excitement of singing with the high school choir and the older students got the opportunity to be leaders for the students coming up. CTA’s first holiday choir concert was a great success!

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CTA From the Eyes of an 8th Grader

Tori Lynn Wierda

Tori Lynn Wierda

My name is Tori Lynn Wierda. I am thirteen years old, and I am in the eighth grade. My school of choice is Creative Technologies Academy. I have been going here for eight years now. I love going to CTA; they treat you like family most of the time. The teachers and staff love you and all your flaws. I remember when I was younger that the principal at the time had to carry me up to the office when I got in trouble because I refused to walk up there. Yet, they forgave me and I am still welcomed here today.

Also, I love how we have all these fun programs such as Women’s/Men’s Choir (which gives students the chance to sing at outside venues), basketball (which gives us the chance to play a sport that a lot of us love), Drama Club (because some of us just need to let-it-out somewhere), and cross country (where we get to run and have fun and compete in races). I love all the reading, writing, cheer, music, and basketball they offer here. Also, I love that they have activities here that I personally love to do. I love reading because it makes me feel like I’m separated from the world once in awhile. I love writing because it is a way for me to express my feelings on paper. I love singing because it calms me and makes me happy when I’m mad or depressed. I love Cheerleading because I get to have fun with my friends and perform for people. I love basketball because I love the feeling of competition. I also love dancing because it’s a way to express your feelings through one of the many ways of art.

Speaking further of things I enjoy, I really love going to CTA because I have friends here that I never would have thought I could ever make. My friend/sister Maddie is one of them. She is my best friend and without the love and care CTA provides and encourages, I probably would have never met her in third grade. She is to this day still my best friend and we share everything with each other. There is not one thing she doesn’t know about me and vice versa.

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HS Hands On Hatching Lesson

Biochemistry students Sierra Medwayosh, John Foss and Caleb Cook show the three chickens that were hatched during their hands-on mitosis and meiosis project.

Biochemistry students Sierra Medwayosh, John Foss and Caleb Cook show the three chickens that were hatched during their hands-on mitosis and meiosis project.

How can there be 8 billion people on earth, yet not a single person is genetically the same?

Such questions can be answered from Biochemistry students at Creative Technologies Academy. Over the course of 3 weeks, students learned about mitosis and meiosis. The class incubated chicken eggs to demonstrate how cells can reproduce and be identical (mitosis) or different (meiosis). Biochemistry students were responsible for the viable living conditions for the chicken eggs. The incubation period for chicken eggs was 21 days. Each day, students were responsible for maintaining a constant temperature of 99.5 degrees fahrenheit and carefully flipping the eggs three times a day, both conditions are essential to the development of the chicken embryo.Through the process, students also learned responsibility. If students neglected the eggs, the chance a healthy chicken would hatch decreases. “I am proud of the students and their handling of the eggs,” commented high school science teacher Ben Fredrickson. “Out of a small batch of eggs, we had three chicks hatch due to the dedication and responsibility of the students.”

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Chargers Basketball Off To A New Start


The CTA Lady Chargers headed into the 2016-17 season looking to improve on last year’s 4-11 record.

Lady chargers have 9 returning players, including senior captain Holly Fahling. “We are looking to Holly’s leadership to continue to help our younger players grow,” head coach Steve Washington commented. Along with Fahling, the Lady Chargers returning starters are sophomore Brin Calkins, and freshmen Hannah Hofstra and Faith Watson. The Ladies are rising to the challenge so far, and have started off with 3 wins and 5 losses so far this season.

The boys basketball team is developing an offensive system (with only a single court practice with new head coach Todd Bowmar), they have a strong defensive presence and the boys have bought into the idea of team success. Coach Bowmar shared that when he joined CTA, there was a lot of talk of the CTA Way, which he understood the concept of. “Today was a demonstration of that philosophy – Chargers don’t quit. Chargers play the game the right way. Chargers hold themselves to the highest expectations,” shared Bowmar as he referenced a recent game against an incredibly talented team. “I am proud to be a part of the CTA Way.”

Bowmar, who is also CTA’s high school english teacher, is looking forward to the opportunity to work with the students outside of the classroom, “ I would like to thank the players and parents of CTA for such a wonderful opportunity to work for these young men. As a team, we are growing so rapidly. I have high hopes for the rest of the season.”

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Santa’s Elves Busy in the Workshop

Elementary students work to craft gifts during the PA Santa’s Workshop.

Elementary students work to craft gifts during the PA Santa’s Workshop.

The CTA Parent Association put a new spin on Santa’s Shop this year and hosted a Santa’s Workshop for grades K-6. Students were able to make ornaments for friends and family. They painted, measured and decorated. In the end, they had sliced wood ornaments painted with snowmen, hot chocolate ornaments, yarn Christmas trees and unique easel paintings. Many Parent Association volunteers worked hard to make the day a success and saw many smiling faces!

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CTA Spring Performances

Coming in March 2017, CTA’s high school choir, Charger Voices, will be performing in the District 7 choral festival at Greenville High School. This will be the first time the choir has participated in festival and the choir students are working diligently to prepare. The choirs perform two prepared pieces and will also be required to sight read music for a judge. After they finish, the judge will work with the choir in an effort to help them grow and get better. This will be a great step for helping the CTA choral program continue to grow.

The CTA Drama Club is set to produce its first play. Auditions are complete, the show has been cast and come May, the CTA Drama club will be putting on the play, “Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit.” The show is a comedic take on the popular Law and Order TV series and features some of the most beloved fairy tale characters and a Whodunit-style mystery. You will not want to miss this production which will be performed on Fri., May 19 and Sat., May 20.

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