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CTA Students are Olympics Learners – Read for the GOLD!

Elementary students bear their class flags at the Opening Ceremonies to kick of March is
Reading Month.

This year, to celebrate March is Reading Month, our CTA Elementary students exercised their minds as they worked to reach a building-wide goal of filling their olympic “torches.”

For every book read at home or in school, each student filled out an olympic flame and placed it on his or her grade level olympic torch. When they finish filling their olympic torches at the end of March, students will celebrate at their closing ceremonies. CTA has hosted several guest readers throughout this month in an effort to foster an enthusiastic love of books and motivate our CTA CHARGERS to be lifelong readers! CTA is on a mission to CHANGE THE WORLD as Olympic Readers!

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Enchanted Snow Ball Transports Guests To Another World

The PA teacher liaison Kayla Campbell gathered with some of her students at the dance.

The CTA auditorium was transformed into a magical ice castle with lights, snowflakes, glitter bows, balloon columns, and white linen tables for the Annual Daddy Daughter Dance in February. The young ladies were dressed elegantly as they stood with their Prince Charming and waited for the doors to open. The doors opened to invite them in, and their eyes were filled with wonder! The smiles showed amazement at the transformation of the venue. Kings and their princesses danced and feasted on wonderful hors d’oeuvres and punch. Each girl was given a snowflake necklace to commemorate the evening. It was a beautiful event that was possible only with the help of the many volunteers who helped plan, decorate, set up, tear down, and serve onsite during the event. Thank you to all who volunteered and for all those who attended!

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Sweetheart Swirl

High School students groove to the music.

On February 17, the CTA Yearbook staff hosted a Valentine’s Day dance, the Sweetheart Swirl, for high school students. The dance had to be rescheduled from its originally planned date in January due to the school closing for illness; however, even after such a long wait, students still had an amazing night with a fun new theme incorporated.

Laughter filled the air of the CTA auditorium while students danced and enjoyed refreshments with friends. When CTA puts on a dance, it doesn’t matter if you attend with a date or if you “fly solo”; the students that go make sure everyone is having an amazing time, on and off the dance floor. Thank you to everyone who helped out the with the planning, set up, tear down, and who helped onsite that night!

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Exploring Culture Through Art

The masks are nearing completion.

Students in Mr. Cusack’s 4th and 5th hour Transitions Class have been making masks from around the world. This project came about as a result of being granted an Artist in Residence through the organization, Artists Creating Together Residency Program (ACT). CTA was granted a 10-hour residency with local ACT teaching artist Kathy Keehn.

The project allows exposure to other cultures and artistic mediums that the students may not have had the opportunity to experience. It is a multi-step project taking place over the course of five weeks in February and March. The art activity requires planning and perseverance by the students with an end result in mind. Students have to use a variety of skills during the mask-making process, which include listening, following directions, hand-eye coordination, and spatial organization of their mask development.

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March 19 15th Parent/Superintendent Town Hall Meeting – 6 pm

March 19-22 Student-Led Conferences

March 23 Early Release Day

March 26 Talent Show

March 29 Early Release Day (Students and Staff)

March 29 Battle of the Books

March 30 No school for students and staff

April 2-6 Spring Break

April 13 Early Release Day

April 27 Early Release Day


* Early Release Dismissal Schedule

● K-5 Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

● 6-12 Dismissal at 12:45 p.m.

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15th Semi-Annual Town Hall Meeting

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Successful Season for Charger Basketball Teams

The boys basketball team pose with their first place post-season tournament trophy.

Seniors line up on the court with their parents to commemorate their final year in sports.

The CTA Charger boys ended the basketball season with a record of 15-4. After a rough 2-3 start in 2017, the Chargers went on an impressive 12-game win streak to start off the 2018 part of the season. After suffering a tough loss in the final regular season game, the Chargers bounced back to win their first post-season tournament in school history with a combined score of 142-45 in two games.

In addition to one of the best seasons the team has ever had, numerous records were broken for scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, and blocks for both individual seasons and for players’ careers. Some of the records that were set include: Career Scoring, Single Season Assists, and Single Season Steals by Dawson Armstrong; Single Season and Single Game Scoring by James Hofstra; Single Season Rebounds by Collin Bishop; and Single Season Blocks by Charles Wortz.

The Lady Chargers wrapped up a great season and ended on two back-to-back wins. Their overall record was 5-11. However, the true victories for the team came from their progress as a team and the sportsmanship they exhibited. High school sports have so much to teach about life, and this team came together and learned lessons that many teams never learn about: attitude, teamwork, work ethic, and sportsmanship. Our team was led by senior captain Autumn Watson and junior captain Brin Calkins. The team will lose two seniors as well as two first year, foreign exchange students. All four will be greatly missed, but the rest of the team is excited to continue their growth next season. High scorers for the season were sophomores Faith Watson and Hannah Hofstra and junior Brin Calkins. Great defensive efforts were shown by senior Autumn Watson and 8th grader Molly Wortz. In the words of our team: “T.E.A.M., together everyone achieves more!” Great job, Lady Chargers!

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The Third Annual CTA Spelling Bee 2018


CTA Spelling Bee: Brenna Jibson, Middle School English Teacher Jenny Bangma and Jesse Benson

In January, 28 students in grades third through eighth competed in the third annual CTA School Spelling Bee! For several weeks prior to the Bee, participants practiced, practiced, and practiced lists of spelling words in preparation for the School Bee. These same participants also attended the weekly CTA Chargers Spelling Club hosted by sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Jenny Bangma; it was here that participants gained strategies for spelling words, remembering letter patterns, and the etiquette for participating in the actual Bee. Lots of hard work was put in by our Charger Spellers over the last few months in preparation for this event!

The CTA School Spelling Bee went thirteen rounds, resulting in a Champion and a Runner-up. The Bee Champion is eighth grade student, Jesse Benson; the Runner-up is seventh grade student, Brenna Jibson. The winners will head to the Regional Spelling Bee competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday, Feb. 27th. Our entire school community is so proud and excited for our Chargers!

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Chargers Making a Difference

Lightning Bugs: Middle School students Anna Grdjan, Jayda Schreiber, Ana VanHarten and Morgan Vogler.

On Feb. 10, four representatives from CTA’s Lightning Bugs (formally Girl Talk, currently in its fourth year), volunteered at Solon Township Hall for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner. The girls: Ana VanHarten (6 th Grade), Jayda Schreiber (6 th Grade), Morgan Vogler (6 th Grade), and Anna Grdjan (7 th Grade), along with teacher leader, Ms. Liscombe, helped set up for the event, serve food, pass out baked goods for the dessert auction, and clean up afterward. “The girls had a great time serving the community and cannot wait to help out again next year,” shared Liscombe. All money raised goes towards the development of Velzy Park.

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2017-2018 CTA Honor Roll


Semester 1

Middle School

Grade Student Name GPA

06 Atwood, Shadrach 3.1

08 August, Elizabeth 3.5

07 Beiter, Landon 3.8

08 Benson, Jesse 3.4

08 Besmer, Evan 4.0

06 Besmer, Trinity 3.2

06 Brinley, Nadelynn 3.8

08 Brown, Jordan 3.1

06 Christie, Gabrielle 3.6

07 Covell, Remington 3.3

06 Creveling, Jaxson 3.8

07 Davenport, Haydn 4.0

06 Dillon, Jacob 3.5

08 Fisk, Alison 4.0

08 Fisk, Austin 4.0

08 Fisk, Nathaniel 3.2

08 Fleet, Raven 3.0

06 Fulkerson, Jack 3.6

07 Grdjan, Anna 4.0

06 Holmes, Abigail 3.6

06 Hoops, Thomas 4.0

06 Jaggers, Jacob 3.5

07 Jibson, Brenna 4.0

08 Knowlton, Elizabeth 4.0

08 Marek, Sawyer 3.6

08 Mason, Cheyenne 3.3

06 McSorley, Caden 3.1

08 McSorley, Kendallyn 3.5

06 Montambo, Saige 3.8

06 Piskun, Danielle 3.0

06 Rypma, Ryan 3.1

06 Schreiber, Jayda 3.5

08 Shelagowski, Alyssa 3.6

07 Slock, Ethan 4.0

07 Slock, Kaden 3.8

08 Stevens, Zachary 3.0

06 Sullivan, Mason 3.5

06 VanHarten, Analiese 3.9

06 Vogler, Morgan 3.0

07 Walker, Malikia 3.8

06 Warner, Conner 3.2

06 Willis, Sierra 3.2

07 Winn, Emily 3.6

08 Winters, Ivan 4.0

06 Winters, Kaden 4.0

08 Wortz, Molly 4.0

High School

09 Alverson, McKenzie 4.0

12 Armstrong, Dawson 3.6

12 Aspinall, Cortney 3.9

11 August, Danielle 4.0

09 Buchanan, Anthony 3.3

11 Calkins, Brianne 3.5

09 Calkins, Calvin 3.1

11 Davison, Matthew 4.0

11 Dillon, Joshua 3.0

10 Fahling, Gabriela 3.2

12 Gibbs, Hannah 3.9

11 Hawley, Hailey 3.6

10 Hirsch, Travis 3.6

10 Hofstra, Hannah 3.9

12 Hofstra, James 3.7

09 Hoogerhyde, Grayce 3.1

12 Howard, Austin 4.0

12 Imhoff, Elise 4.0

11 Jahns, Elizabeth 3.4

11 Lovett, Nathan 3.2

09 McSorley, Carson 3.6

12 Miner, Leslie 3.7

12 Nguyen, Dat 3.3

12 Nguyen, Khanh 3.5

10 Puttakerd, Premyuda 3.4

12 Ryder, Jamie 4.1

10 Shelagowski, Ashley 3.9

12 Sidlauskas, Violet 3.3

09 Sidlauskas, Willow 4.0

12 Thebo, Tayler 3.8

11 Tran, Hien 3.2

09 VanDyke, Audrey 3.0

12 Watson, Autumn 3.9

10 Watson, Faith 3.0

09 Wierda, Tori 3.4

11 Winters, Logan 3.9

11 Wortz, Charles 3.1

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