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2014-2015 High School Yearbook



  • Senior Portrait Deadline—November 1, 2014
  • Guidelines:  No props in photo, must be looking at the camera, must be shoulder and head shot. Send to hsyearbook@csredhawks.org
  • Community Upload—We can’t capture everything, we need your help!  Upload photos throughout the year.  Enter Cedar Springs High School in the search bar.  Enter access code of cshs and upload as many photos as you like.
  • Senior Ads—Available to Senior Parents ONLY!  Select purchase personal advertisement.
  • Purchase online:  Oct 1:  $65, Nov 1:  $70, Dec 1:  $75

Questions, contact hsyearbook@csredhawks.org


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We are proud to offer the Cedar View Chorus!

The Cedar View Chorus (CVC) is an extracurricular honors choir for 4th and 5th grade students in Cedar Springs.

The CVC is an audition based group of 70 students that meets 2 times a week. Students in the CVC have the opportunity to work and learn with students from different grades and classes while strengthening  their understanding of music..

The CVC has performed for many different audiences in the Cedar Springs area as well as singing the national anthem for the Grand Rapids White Caps and the Griffins.

The first public performance for the CVC will be on October 17th at the Cedar Springs high school football game as they sing the Star Spangled Banner. For future performances and anything else related to the CVC, head on over to our webpage, www.cvchorus.weebly.com.

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Hawkeye Hall of Fame


Andy Secor, Cedar View Principal


Students at Cedar View Elementary continue a daily focus on using their “Habits of Mind.” In an effort to foster a culture of students displaying model behaviors, teachers came together forming a ‘Positive Behavior Committee.’  The committee works together to plan monthly

Twice a month, each teacher chooses one student to be inducted into the “Hawkeye Hall of Fame.”  Students have their name called over the announcements, choose a reward from Mr. Secor, display their picture on the hall of fame wall, and they put their autograph next to their picture.  Students beam as they receive the praise they truly deserve.  As students return to their classrooms, the entire student body lines the halls to cheer and high-five honored students as music plays over the intercom.  It is exciting to see students take pride in accomplishments as they reach personal goals focused on habits of mind growth!

This year, Cedar View has targeted the following habits of mind:

1) Persistence

2) Restraining impulsivity

3) Thinking about thinking

4) Thinking interdependently

5) Listening with understanding and empathy

*Look for pictures and autographs of the first Hawkeye Hall of Fame inductees from Friday, September 26th when you visit!


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Mike Duffy, Cedar Trails Co-Principal


As educators we are responsible for teaching students all of the core content with rigor and relevance each and every day.  Along with this awesome task helping our student to become responsible citizens is a definite must. The Cedar Springs district believes that the Habits of Mind is the foundation upon which learning is built. It is taught through a combination of classroom lessons, teacher and student discussion, student self-reflection and regular presentations by both students and staff.

Each day during the morning announcements the principal shares their thoughts on the Habits of Mind. Many times individuals and whole classrooms are recognized for using good Habits of Mind. Students will also be sharing their own use on the announcements starting in October.

The three Habits that Cedar Trails works on are Empathy, Persistence and Impulsivity. Each of these Habits has a short little chant that describes the correct behavior associated with each Habit.

If you ever have a chance to talk to a Cedar Trails student, please ask them about 1. Kind hands, kind hearts and listening ears or 2. I can do it if I stick to it or 3. Stop, think, I make good choices.

Many classrooms performed 75 good works (kind hands and kind hearts) to honor Red Flannel Days’ 75 anniversary.

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Sessions will be held at Cedar Springs High School

auditorium 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Sessions are open to parents, students and community members.

• October 21 – Y do You Hate Me? (Anti-Bullying)Jeff Veley, President –Where Are You Going Productions

Jeff Veley is a former troubled teen turned award-winning youth speaker with a powerful message for students, parents, and educators.  He engages diverse audiences through illusions, clean comedy, and speaking on topics like bullying and healthy relationships.  Target Audience (K-12)

November 18 – Online Safety for Youth

Nic Bottomley, LMSW, ASOTP Therapist Family Division 17th Circuit Court 

An overview of the ongoing media revolution and the risks our youth face online.  We will discuss what parents can do to help keep their children safe. Target audience (6-12)

February 24 –  Languages of Love

Anne King, Teacher & Motivation Consultant 

There are five basic love languages – five ways to express love emotionally. Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved.  Learn to identify your language, the language of your family members and how to best relate to your child.  Target audience (K-12)

April 21 – Emerging Drug Trends

Heidi Denton, MSW Allegan County Community Mental Health 

Navigating the teen years has never been more challenging. This presentation goes beyond the basic drug facts and will talk about new drugs, where youth are learning about these new drugs and how to engage in heart-to-heart talks about drugs. Target Audience (6-12)






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2014 Board of Education

Brook Nichols—President

Todd Hanson—Vice President

Matthew Shoffner—Treasurer

Patricia Eary—Secretary

Jeff Gust—Trustee

Shannon Vanderhyde—Trustee

Joe Marckini—Trustee




The Cedar Springs Public Schools Board of Education will have three (3) positions available for the annual election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. These positions are six (6) year terms ending December 31, 2020.


Board of Education Meeting Dates

Board of Education meetings are open to the public and will be held at 6:45 p.m. in the Board Room of the Hilltop Community Resource Center (third floor) unless otherwise specified.


August 25 – work session 6:00pm

September 8, 22

October 13

October 27

November 10, 24

December 8

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New immunization requirements


*Current laboratory evidence of immunity is acceptable instead of immunization with antigen.

**All doses of vaccines must be given with appropriate spacing between doses and at appropriate ages to be considered valid.


For more information, please refer to www.michigan.gov/immunize.


You are encouraged to discuss these new immunization requirements with your health care provider or local health care department.


If you have a religious or medical reason why your child cannot be immunized, a waiver form (for required immunizations only) must be completed and signed before starting the first day of school.


Health Care Needs

If your child has a medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, acute allergies (food, insect bites, animals), or a physical disability, and /or requires treatments or procedures during school hours, please inform a school representative prior to the first day of school.


Medications (Prescribed and Over the Counter)/Treatments)

For the safety of your children, Cedar Springs Public Schools has a medication/treatment policy, which requires signatures from both the health care provider and parent before any medication (including OTC) or treatment may be administered by authorized school staff.  See your school secretary for a copy of the policy and form (s), which you may present to your physician.  Both signatures must also authorize any self-medication by student.  (This includes EipPens, inhalers, etc.)


We are committed to the development of prevention programs that ensure effective response to urgent emergent health problems of students in the school community.   We invite you to direct your questions to the school’s office staff and/or district nurse.

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Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management Plan Available for Review by Parents, Teachers and Employees

Our school district has conducted an extensive asbestos survey of all of our buildings.  Based on the findings of these inspections, a comprehensive management plan was drafted.  This plan details the response actions that the district will be taking regarding asbestos containing materials found in our buildings.  This plan is available for inspection at our office without cost or restriction during normal business hours.  If you desire to have a personal copy, please notify the main administrative office and it will be supplied to you within five (5) working days at a cost of 30 cents per page.

We have endeavored to make our schools a safe place in which students can learn.  Our procedures for dealing with this problem reflect that concern.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions.


Pesticide Advisory to Parents

Advanced notice will be given by posting at the entrance to the school or grounds.  In certain emergencies, pesticides may be applied without prior notice, but you will be provided notice immediately following any such application.  Parents or Guardians requesting prior notification must complete a notification form yearly.   The Notification Request form can be found at www.csredhawks.org.

You may also contact Jerry Gavin @ 616-696-0464 with additional questions.


Annual Education Report

The Michigan Department of Education requires all schools to publish an annual report to inform the residents about the status of their schools.  This report provides detailed information on student assessment results, Adequate Yearly Progress results, teacher qualification information, and the state results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  You can view Cedar Springs Public Schools Annual Education Report by vising our website at www.csredhawks.org or you may review a copy in the building offices.


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Student Early Release Days / Calendar


School districts dedicated to creating Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) provide opportunities for faculty and staff to work together as a team. Teams review curriculum, discuss instructional strategies, review and create common assessments, analyze data and review individual student progress to determine if any additional support is necessary.

Student Early Release days were designed to support student learning:

By providing time for teachers to review student data on a regular basis.

To make adjustments to teaching in order to increase student achievements.

By allowing teachers to provide best practice teaching every day in every classroom.

To improve the delivery to students through reviewing teaching research.

Students will release two (2) hours early.  Times will vary by building, see calendar below.


2014-2015 School Year Calendar 


August 18 – 21 New Staff (District Orientation)

August 26 All Staff Opener 8:00 –9:00 (1 hr) Building Meetings 9:00 – 11:30 (2.5 hrs)

August 27 Professional Development 7:30 – 11:30 (4hrs)

August 28 PLC Teams 7:30 – 11:30 (4hrs)

September 1 Labor Day

September 2 1st Day for Students

September 12 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

September 26 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

October 10 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

October 24 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PD:  Data conversations (2 hrs)

October 31 End of 1st Quarter

November 7 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

November 14 End of Trimester 1

November 21 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

November 26 No School for Students and Staff (conference comp)

November 27-28 Thanksgiving Break

December 1 No School for Students – Professional Development (4 hrs)  7:30-11:30

December 12 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

Dec 22 – Jan 2 Winter Break

January 16 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

January 16 End of Quarter 2;  End of Semester 1

January 30 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

February 13 No School for Students – Professional Development (4 hrs)  7:30-11:30

February 16-17 Mid-Winter Break

February 27 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

February 27 End of Trimester 2

March 13 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

March 20 End of Quarter 3

March 27 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

April 3 No School for Students and Staff (conference comp)

April 6 – April 10 Spring Break

April 17 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

May 1 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PD:  Data Conversations (2 hrs)

May 15 Student Early Release Day (2 hrs) – PLC Teams (2 hrs)

May 22 No School for Students and Staff – Snow Day Make-Up

May 25 No School – Memorial Day Break

June 3 Last Day for Students

June 3 End of Quarter 4; End of Semester 2

June 3 End of Trimester 3

June 4 Last Day for Staff –7:30 – 11:00 (3.5 hrs) 

June 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 Snow Day Make Up if needed





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Athletics / Athletic Boosters


Cedar Springs Athletic Boosters exists as an organization of parents and community members dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and advancing the athletic program.

MEETING DATES FOR   2014 – 2015 

August 18th

September 8th

October 6th

November 3rd

December 8th

January 5th

February 2nd

March 2nd

April 13th

May 4th


All meetings start at 7pm and are usually over by 8pm.  The meetings are held in the High School Media Center.

Golden Age Pass

If you are 60 years of age or older and are a resident of the Cedar Springs School District, you could be eligible for a Lifetime Golden Age Pass.    This pass entitles you to admission to school sponsored activities and athletic events offered by member schools.  Some restrictions apply.  Certain athletic contests may require a fee (conference, regional and state tournaments).

For an application, visit www.csredhawks.org/athletics or stop by the Cedar Springs District Office at 204 E Muskegon St, Cedar Springs, MI  49319.

All Seasons Pass

Family Pass—$225.00

Includes 2 Adult, 3 Children passes only.  Does not include athletic participation fee.

Adult Pass—$75.00

Student Pass—$50.00

Student Athlete—$25.00

Athletic Schedules

Fall High School and Middle School Athletic Schedules are available.  You may

download/print the schedules by visiting http://www.csredhawks.org/athletics/teamschedules or the High School Athletics office.


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