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Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer sweeps Portage Central invitational

The first competitive cheer meet of 2019 took place on a foggy Saturday morning at Portage Central High School on January 5. Despite the challenges of illness and a limited practice schedule due to Christmas break, the Lady Red Hawks swept the invitational by earning first place in all three levels.  

The Varsity, JV, and Middle School cheer teams sporting their medals at the Portage Central invitational. Courtesy photo.

“We were lucky enough to take all three levels (Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity) to Portage Central this week,” commented Varsity Coach Anne Olszewski. “We always try to take the entire program to at least one invitational so they can support one another and see one another’s hard work.” 

Twelve schools competed at the Varsity level, with four teams competing in the Division 2 bracket. Although Cedar Springs consistently earned the highest scores in their Division, they ended the first round in fourth place overall and had to dig deep in order to close the gap between them and that number one spot. The squad earned their highest round three score to-date and was able to secure the second highest overall score of the event, with a combined score of 733.64, only 1.64 points behind Portage Central High School. 

JV Coach Katy Hradsky remarked, “I am ecstatic at the level of skill from this small and young team and excited to see what else they achieve this season. Our scores have been consistent over the last month and we have gotten great feedback from judges and coaches on how ‘exciting, unique and fun’ our rounds are! This is just the beginning of our journey.”

“I am super proud to take an entire program to the Kalamazoo area and show them what we have just north of Grand Rapids. It’s a proud day for Red Hawk Cheerleading,” replied an enthusiastic Coach Olszewski.

The High School teams will travel to the east side of the state to compete at the Stoney Creek High School Competitive Cheer Invitational in Rochester Hills on Saturday, January 12. Good luck Lady Red Hawks! 

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Varsity cheer takes first in their division at West Ottawa

Varsity cheer took finished first in their division and third overall at West Ottawa.

On December 15, all three levels of the Cedar Springs Competitive Cheer team traveled to Holland and competed in the West Ottawa Invitational. 

The Varsity team placed first in their division, with a combined score of 709.26, but several critical errors were made in Round Three that resulted in the squad falling from first place overall to finishing third. Coach Anne Olszewski offered this comment: “This was an incredible learning experience for the teams. The Varsity took first and took home a trophy, but it was not our best performance. This experience will prepare us for future competitions when the margins are tighter, and a greater level of concentration is necessary.”

JV cheer finished third at West Ottawa.

The JV team finished third within a large field of Division 1 schools. Coach Katy Hradsky is facing challenges with minor injuries and eligibility issues and is using the strengths of her athletes to maximize scoring for each round. Coach Olszewski said about the team, “I am so proud of the girls and am very lucky to have Coach Katy as part of the coaching staff.”

The Middle School team earned the highest scores of their season and finished 2nd place overall against a pool of 26 teams! “They are one of the few teams that throw back-handsprings in round 2. That’s a testimony to Coach Abby Olszewski. She has a team of primarily 7th graders and they are still scoring as high as the 8th grade teams,” reported Anne Olszewski.

The team will be competing at the Jenison Invitational on December 19, which will be the last competition for 2018. The road to state will continue in 2019…#EARNIT!

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Red Hawk Bowling results

On December 12, Cedar Springs had a conference match against Forest Hills Central at Forest Hills Central.  The Boys won 28.5-1.5. The girls won 23-7, with junior Omani Morales bowling her high school high of 267, and setting a new school record for high score in girls bowling.

On December 15, Cedar Springs hosted a tournament at Westgate and 17 schools attended. The boys finished 5th, with freshman Cody Marshall bowling his new high school high of 212. The girls finished 8th. 

Junior Omani Morales placed 6th in individuals with a 2 game total of 390. Senior Dane Conely placed 10th in individuals with a 2 game total of 424.

On December 17, Cedar Springs hosted a conference match against Northview. The boys lost 7-23. The girls won 23-7, with senior Morgan Nauta bowling her High school high of  119. 

Last week freshman Kayla Walters bowled her high school high of 118 and freshman Audrey Waite bowled her high school high of 117 against Lowell.. 

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Youth wrestlers at Reeths Puffer

By Jacquie Troupe

CS Youth wrestlers with their medals. Photo by J. Troupe.

Cedar Springs Wrestling sent 25 wrestlers to Reeths-Puffer O & N on Sunday, December 16. They had 27 pins in 25:34 (1st) and scored 308 TMP (1st). They finished the day 52-34. 

Coach Scott Marsman said “We’re so pleased with how the kids are improving every week. They show up to practice every week ready to go and are excited to wrestle with confidence about what they are doing on the mat every Sunday. We have a great group of kids and parents and are really looking forward to the rest of the year!”

In the 2012-14 46lb class Brycen Alber placed 2nd, had 4 pins in 3:48 (1st), fastest pin was :19 (11th) and scored 18TMP. In the 49lb class Henry Galinis placed 2nd, had 2 pins in 1:55 (39th), his fastest pin was :21 (13th) and he scored 26TMP(34th). Ethan Trompen placed 3rd and his fastest pin was :24 (16th).

In the 2010-11 52lb Novice class Eli Gunderson placed 2nd and scored 15TMP. Kyam Gorby placed 3rd and scored 22TMP. Tristan Wilkerson placed 4th. In the 61lb class Dillon VanDyke placed 2nd, had 3 pins in 2:07 (5th) and his fastest pin was :39(53rd). In the 82lb class Tanner Wood placed 2nd. In the 52lb Open class Dawson Pike placed 4th. Chasyn Winchel was the 1st Place Champion in the 72lb class, had 3 pins in 2:18 (7th), his fastest pin was :36 (44th) and he scored 17TMP. At Christmas Sparty he placed 2nd. 

In the 2008-09 69lb Novice class Spencer Schoenborn was the 1st Place Champion, had 2 pins in 1:04 (24th) and his fastest pin was :24 (21st). In the 70lb class Caleb Austin placed 2nd. 75lb class Kale Faurot placed 4th and scored 33TMP (6th). In the 110lb class Zach Vu placed 3rd. In the 75lb class Deegan Pike placed 2nd and his fastest pin was :50(87th). In the 78lb class Blake Falan placed 2nd and his fastest pin was :31 (30th). Jon Libera placed 2nd in the 81lb class, had 2 pins in 1:42 (35th) and his fastest pin was :22 (14th). 

In the 85lb Novice class Rory Schoenborn was the 1st Place Champion and scored 32TMP (12th). In the 90lb class Kaiden Dreyer placed 2nd had 3 pins in 2:15 (6th) and his fastest pin was :43(69th).

In the 2004-05 138lb class Antwuan Nicholls placed 2nd, had 2 pins in 1:13 (26th) and his fastest pin was :34(38th). Carter Falan was the 1st Place Champion, had 2 pins in 5:19 (75th) and scored 28TMP (24th).

In the Christmas Sparty 150/170lb 15U Individual Maston Wood Placed 3rd.

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Board of Education fills short-term vacancy

The Cedar Springs Board of Education held a special meeting Monday evening, December 10, and filled a 21-day vacancy on the board that was a result of an unexpired term. 

Trent Gilmore had been in the seat, but when he won the election, he moved to Jeff Rivard’s seat. Rivard won Gilmore’s seat, but wasn’t scheduled to take the oath of office until January, due to the laws surrounding appointed and elected seats. This created a 21-day vacancy.

Only one person submitted a letter of interest to the school in being appointed to the seat—Jeff Rivard. The board approved the appointment and he was sworn in at the meeting Monday evening.

Both Traci Slager and Trent Gilmore were also sworn in at Monday’s meeting. Mistie Bowser will take the oath of office in January when Matt McConnon’s term is up.

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School board needs to fill short-term vacancy

By Judy Reed

Do you want to be on the Cedar Springs Board of Education? Now that certified election results are back, they have an open seat to fill for a term of only 21 days. 

They will be accepting applications for the vacancy until noon on December 10. If it’s decided they need to do interviews, you will be contacted no later than 4 p.m. that day, and the interviews would take place that evening at 6:45 p.m. For more info please click here.

So why is there an opening for only 21 days—December 10 through December 31?

According to Superintendent Scott Smith, it’s because of the way the law is written regarding appointed and elected positions. 

Two seats were up for election this year: seat #5 and seat #6. The people who won those seats will start their terms in January. Mistie Bowser and Jeff Rivard won those four-year terms.

The other two seats voted on were #2 and #7. Those were appointed seats, where someone left this year but their term was not up at the end of this year and the person appointed had to run for the seat again in November. The people who won those seats (Tracie Slager and Trent Gilmore) will start serving immediately since the term was not up.

Traci Slager was appointed in early 2018 to seat #2 to replace Ted Sabinas, and after winning seat #2 in the November election, she will serve out the remaining four years. She will take office immediately since the term was not up.

Mistie Bowser was elected to seat #5. Matt McConnon has been serving in that seat. He was appointed to fill that seat when Patricia Eary resigned. The term was up at the end of this year. McConnon did not run for it because he wanted to run for Courtland Township Supervisor. Mistie Bowser ran for the position and she will serve a four-year term starting in January.

Here is where it gets tricky. Jeff Rivard and Trent Gilmore did not run for the seats they were serving in. They ran for each other’s seats. One was an appointed seat where the term was not up, and the other was one due for election this year.

Jeff Rivard was appointed earlier this year to seat #7 to replace Tim Bauer, who had been appointed to replace Michelle Bayink, whose term was not up until 2020. When Rivard ran for election, however, he ran for seat #6, because the term on that seat was up. He will start serving a four-year term in that seat in January. 

Trent Gilmore was appointed this summer to seat #6 to replace Brook Nichols. Her term was to be over Dec. 31. When Gilmore ran for election, he actually ran for seat #7, the one currently held by Rivard, which is an appointed seat. So, Gilmore will take office immediately, and serve the final two years of the term for seat #7. Which means seat #6, won by Rivard, will be open because Rivard won’t begin to serve until January.

The remaining board members’ seats won’t be up for election until 2020 (Matthew Shoffner and Shannon Vanderhyde) and 2022 (Heidi Reed).

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From the Superintendent’s Desk

Cedar Springs Public Schools has much to be thankful for as the month of December is here.  It is exciting to report that our students consistently reached new heights in the classroom, on the stage, and on the field/courts this fall.  We believe each day is an opportunity to be better than we were the day before.  The upcoming winter season promises to be brighter than ever for Cedar Springs students, families, and staff.  

Each member of our school community can celebrate one particular highlight of note.  We recently received word from the Michigan State Police Grants and Community Services Division that Cedar Springs Public Schools will be receiving an award of $478,713 to help fund the following projects:

• Electronic locking systems upgrades for each building

• Exterior doors and frames

• Public address systems 

• Bluepoint Rapid Emergency Response Systems for each school (https://www.bluepointalert.com/)

 The award represents 75% of the total costs of these projects.  The District will pay the remaining $159,571 (25%) out of our Building and Site Sinking Fund.  Words cannot express the degree of appreciation Cedar Springs Public Schools has for the efforts of Ken Simon, Deputy Tom McCutcheon, and Jeff Malloch in making this happen for our community.

It is evident that the investments people are making in our schools and community are paying significant dividends.  We encourage you to pause and give thanks during this holiday season for the impact those investments are making on the lives of our students, families, and staff who call Cedar Springs home.

 With respect and appreciation,

Scott B. Smith, Superintendent

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Superintendent visit

Superintendent Smith stopped by Cedar View on November 30 and read to Ms. Johnson’s and Ms. Strunk’s class.

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Handmade hats and mittens donation

Beach Elementary had a delivery of 52 pairs of hand knitted mittens and 8 hand knitted hats on December 3! Ruth spent many, many hours knitting these and donated them to our Beach Elementary school! Thank you Ruth!

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2018 Fall Sports Season

From the Athletic Director, John Norton 

Cedar had another great Fall Sports Season for 2018.  While the efforts on the courts and fields steal the headlines, first and foremost everyone should know these Cedar Springs student-athletes, collectively, maintain over a 3.0 GPA, and many of the teams have spent times at the elementary schools and elsewhere serving the community.  Whether it is football players visiting with students and Cedar View, or soccer players helping Cedar Trails kids find their buses the first day of school, or members of the volleyball team volunteering with our youth at weekend volleyball camps, these athletes are true leaders.  

How about of our teams, parents, students and community coming together our first ever “Pink Week”, to help raise over $5,000 for “The Cure Starts Now?”  Finally, the amazing support of the community and students throughout the Fall, showing school spirit and top notch sportsmanship at all times.  These are the real successes of our Fall Sports Season.

In competition, our teams also did very well. Our Boys’ Cross Country and Football teams were OK White Conference Championships.  

Beyond that, the Cross Country Boys went on to the State Meet where they finished in the Top 10, and were selected as an Academic All-State Team.  The Football team went on to win two playoff games, and earn a District championship.  The Soccer team finished the season with 12 wins, meanwhile all of our other programs, at all levels, had competitive seasons in the tough OK White Conference.

It was a great Fall for our athletes, and we are looking forward to what is in store this Winter. 

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