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From the Superintendent’s Desk

Superintendent Laura VanDuyn, Ed.D.

Superintendent Laura VanDuyn, Ed.D.

Dear Cedar Springs Public Schools Families:

There is nothing more rewarding to me than being a servant leader – here to serve students, staff, parents and this great community.  To that end, I am pleased to share that we, the CSPS educators and support staff, focus our work each day on serving our nearly 3500 students.

The very heart and soul of our work and desire to serve is teaching and learning.  Although I am in school buildings all the time, the last 3 weeks provided an extra special time at our schools as we conducted “instructional rounds.”  Our district office administrators collaborate with building administrators, teachers and instructional coaches to visit classrooms and observe excellent teaching and learning.

Instructional rounds are explained by educational researcher Robert J. Marzano as “…the most valuable tools that a school or district can use to enhance teachers’ pedagogical skills and develop a culture of collaboration.”  We, at CSPS, couldn’t agree more!

I can share with certainty that our fine educators value the instructional rounds as we collaborate around focused data collection, dialogue and self-reflection.  That leads our staffs to setting goals for continued student success.

It has been an absolute joy to be in each of the classrooms we visited.  Our teachers teach with clear intention, consistency in standards and solid strategies to engage students.  Our students are actively engaged in learning and collaboration as they demonstrate skills and concepts they are learning.  Teachers and students alike focus on assessment of learning, which is impressive to witness!

In addition to our educators focusing all work on students, there are countless examples of how our support staff truly supports teaching and learning.  The hard work and dedication they demonstrate in their day-to-day work is clear.  What is not as well-known is the compassion and commitment they give behind the scenes to ensure educators and students are supported in their work of teaching and learning.  At CSPS, we appreciate the collaborative spirit of our highly valued educators and support staff.

I’ll say it again and again, it is an honor to serve as your CSPS superintendent.  Please know I maintain an open door to any and all who would like to talk.  A hallmark of my career has been being approachable to all students, staff, parents and community members.  It’s that servant leadership philosophy that I hold dear in all aspects of my life.  Please do call, write or drop by for a visit at any time.  I would love an opportunity to get to know you and learn how I might support your wishes or to answer any questions you may have about any topic, such as instructional rounds!


Laura VanDuyn, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

Office:  616-696-1204 ext. 1001    Cell: 925-899-3111

Email: laura.vanduyn@csredhawks.org

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School cancellations and delays


Occasionally, adverse weather conditions or other emergency situations may make it necessary to cancel school, delay the start of school, cancel evening activities or run buses on main/paved roads only. When these situations occur, notice will be communicated to WOOD TV 8, WXMI Fox 17, and WZZM TV 13 through the Grand Rapids Area Information Line (GRAIL) to all subscribing area media.

In the event of a 2-hour delay, students will be picked up by the bus approximately 2 hours later than their routine pick-up time. Morning Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) and morning preschool classes will be cancelled.

Campus Kids will be open on days that school is closed and / or delayed unless otherwise noted in school closing announcements.

Buses will not transport students to Kent Career and Technical Center for 1st session when a school delay or cancellation is issued. Students will be given a weather-related absence at KCTC when we are officially not transporting them. Students who choose to drive personal vehicles to KCTC on school delays or cancellations assume responsibility for their decision.

When school evening activities are cancelled, this cancellation also includes all clubs, organizations and extra-curricular events held on campus and scheduled for that evening.

For more information, please visit www.csredhawks.org/Parents/Emergency-Notification/index.html or call 616-696-1204.

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Stay Healthy this season


Become a Red Hawk Walker 11/2/15—3/31/15 

CSPS-IndoorWalkingThe cold air is settling in, but you don’t have to give up your workout. Cedar Springs Public Schools supports your effort to stay healthy this season. Red Hawk Elementary will open their doors to all community members who would like to walk the halls from 4:00-8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday when school is in session. If Cedar Springs Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather, holiday or no school scheduled, walking is canceled that day.

Scheduled days closed… November 25 & 26, & 30, December 21 – January 3, February  15 & 16.  For inclement weather school closings, please stay tuned to your local TV Station listings.

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Cold and Flu Season Ahead.  


When To Keep Your Child Home From School: 

A temperature of more than 100.5 degrees orally

Nausea or vomiting

Stomach ache or abdominal cramps or pains

Diarrhea (more than 3 stools in 24 hours)

Pale or flushed face


Persistent cough

Ear ache

Thick yellowish discharge from nose

Sore throat

Rash or infection of the skin*

Red or pink eyes

Loss of energy or decrease in activity

Shortness of breath or wheezing

Stiff back or neck


*Note—if your child has a sore/wound that is not draining and can be covered with band-aid/clothing, he/she may return to school. Pl

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2015 Board of Education Meetings


The Cedar Springs Public Schools Board of Education welcomes attendance of the public and school staff at its meetings.

A school board meeting is the only means by which a school board can carry out its legal duties or exercise its legal powers.  As such, the primary purpose of a school board meeting is to transact business.  Secondarily, school board meetings provide opportunities for creative and constructive decision-making by members of the board while attempting to reach consensus on strategic issues.  In addition, school board meetings offer an opportunity for the public and staff to address the Board of Education.

Location:  Hilltop Community Building

Board Room – 3rd Floor @ 6:45 PM

November 9 – regular meeting

November 23  – work session

December 14 – regular meeting

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November Parent Teacher Conferences


Red Hawk Elementary – 11/11 4:00pm to 7:00pm &   11/12 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Middle School – 11/17 & 11/19 4:00pm to 7:00pm

High School – 11/10 5:00pm to 7:30pm & 11/11 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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Senior All Night Party fundraisers



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Cedar Springs High School & H Productions Present


CSPS-UpTheDownStaircaseUp the Down Staircase

November 12—14  7:00pm

Cedar Springs High School Auditorium

The play stars 30 wonderful high school actors who have put a lot of their time and energy into making this a wonderful show.  Tickets are available at www.hprodcshs.com, High School main office, from a cast member and at the door before the show.

Stay tuned to www.hprodcshs.com for more details.

The play is about Sylvia Barrett, a rooky teacher, and her struggles with unruly students, a demanding administrator, and her own high expectations.

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Upcoming Choir and Band events

Choir Events:

• 6th-8th grade singing at the GR Griffins Game – November 28 @ 7:00 @Van Andel Arena

• High School Band and Choir Holiday Collage – December 10 @ 7:30 in the HS Auditorium

• 6th-8th grade Holiday Concert – December 17 @ 7:00 in the HS Auditorium

The bands and choirs will be selling wreaths as a fundraiser. Orders can be made October 19 – November 2 through band and choir students, or you can contact Linda Janik directly at linda.janik@csredhawks.org.   Wreaths will arrive on November 20.

Band Events:

11/7: MCBA State Finals at Ford Field  – Flight 3 (our flight) will be performing somewhere between the times of 3:45-7:00 PM.

11/17: 6th Grade Band Concert 7:30pm, Red Hawk Elementary Gym

12/3: MS Band Concert 7:30pm, High School Auditorium

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Cedar Springs Public Schools

Cedar Springs Public School Information for October

Need to update your child’s information? 

Visit the Cedar Springs Student Information Update site www.csredhawks.org

Select Parents at the top of the page

Select Student Information Update

For user name & password information, contact your child’s school.

For Central Enrollment questions:

Ph:  616-696-7317

Fax:  616-696-3755


Central Enrollment office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Hilltop Community Building.

Fall Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

10/26 & 10/29: Cedar Trails Elementary as scheduled appointment with the teacher

10/19 &

10/22: Beach Elementary 3:45 – 7:15

10/12: Cedar View Elementary 3:45 – 7:15

10/15: Cedar View Elementary 3:45 – 6:15

11/09: Red Hawk Elementary 4:00 – 7:00

11/11: Red Hawk Elementary 3:00 – 6:00

11/17 &

11/19: Middle School 4:00 – 7:00

11/10 High School 5:00 – 7:30

11/11:   High School 3:00 – 5:30

Cedar Springs Education Foundation

The Cedar Springs Education Foundation was established in 1986, and has provided over 2 million dollars to support the quality education and learning in our Cedar Springs Public Schools.  The board members are volunteers and have a passion for our public schools and the education of our young people.   We see an increasing need for the CS Education Foundation to support the learning activities.  Tax deductible donations can be mailed to:

Cedar Springs Education Foundation

204 E Muskegon Street

Cedar Springs, MI 49319

2015- 2016 Cedar Springs High School Student Council

Executive Board

President:  Anna Behrenwald

VP:  Alec Falicki

Secretary:  Erika Cardinal

Treasurer:  Nicole Kukla 

Stu-Fac Liaison:  Tatum Oxford

Public Relations:  Kali Alcumbrack & Leslie Hansen

Spirit & Rally Comm’r:  Anthony Topolski

Executive Spirit Squad: D’Amonte Brown & Autumn Hinton

Class Representatives


Junior:  Kayla VanAssen

Sophomore:  Darius Barnett

Freshman:  Sarah Galloway


Senior Class

President/VP: Sarah Uhall

President/VP: Da’Marcus Barnett

Secretary/Treasurer: Brooke Bennett


Junior Class

President:  Kaitlyn Coons

VP:  Sarah Kiander

Secretary:  Kaylee Tennant



Sophomore Class

President/VP: McKenna Williea

President/VP: Jacob Outwin

Secretary: Madelyn McConnon

Treasurer: Thomas Metiva 


Freshman Class

President:  Josh Allen

VP:  Alexandra Thompson 

Secretary:  Katie Levandowski

Treasurer:  Maximus DeBack

Indoor Walking at Red Hawk Elementary


Monday through Thursday 4:00pm—8:00pm

Red Hawk Elementary will open their doors to all community members who would like to walk the halls.

The cold air is settling in, but you don’t have to give up your workout.  If Cedar Springs Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather, holiday or no school scheduled, walking is canceled that day.  Stay tuned to your local TV Station listings.

Golden Age Pass

If you are 60 years of age or older and are a resident of the Cedar Springs School District, you could be eligible for a Lifetime Golden Age Pass.    This pass entitles you to admission to school sponsored activities and athletic events offered by member schools.  Some restrictions apply.  Certain athletic contests may require a fee (conference, regional and state tournaments).

For an application, visit www.csredhawks.org/athletics or stop by the Cedar Springs District Office located in the Hilltop Community Building on school campus.    Return completed applications to the District Office and receive your Golden Age Pass.

Upcoming Events

October 3—Red Flannel Day

October 7—Count Day

October 9—Student Early Release

October 12—Board of Ed Meeting

October 23—Student Early Release

October 26—Board of Ed work session

October 31—Halloween

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