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Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!

USA chanting with the K-2 students.

USA chanting with the K-2 students.

Upper elementary students incorporate motions into their songs

Upper elementary students incorporate motions into their songs

On Wednesday, May 3, CTA elementary students presented their final concert of the year. This concert was patriotic-themed. Students were dressed in a sea patriotic colors. All K-5 students started off the concert with the a salute to our country by singing the national anthem. K-2 students then energetically chanted “USA” to some music followed by a version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” called “Twinkle, Twinkle, 50 Stars”. Other highlights of the concert included a bucket drumming ensemble, a recorder ensemble that played “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, an xylophone ensemble, and some students rapping the 50 states in order. Everyone enjoyed the patriotic theme and students enjoyed the unique aspects of the performance.

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Book Tasting in Campbell’s Café

Students “dined” on new book genres to move outside their reading comfort zones.

Students “dined” on new book genres to move outside their reading comfort zones.

The third grade students have been working hard on growing as readers. As a class, we’ve been tracking what types of books we were reading independently and noticed some “holes” in our reading lives. We made a goal to challenge ourselves and move outside our comfort zone when it came to trying new genres. To get started, we transformed our classroom into C ampbell’s Café with placemats, napkins, fake candles, signs, and some café music! Students made reservations and did a book tasting to “get a taste” of different genres they wanted to try!

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Ethan Lehman Named Essay Scholarship Winner

Ethan Lehman shares his essay scholarship award.

Ethan Lehman shares his essay scholarship award.

CTA senior Ethan Lehman was named one of the winners of the Economics Club of Grand Rapids scholarship. All applicants had to write an essay on “Social Media: How does it Help or Hinder Ethical Leadership?” More than 300 students applied and Ethan was named one of the top 13 winners. Essays were judged on the applicant’s grasp of the subject, effectiveness of focus and organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation and various other criteria.

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Springtime Spruce Up


Spring is in the air and landscaping projects are plentiful around CTAs six-acre campus. To get a jump start on the springtime spruce up projects, high school students spent several afternoons cleaning out flower beds, picking up sticks and branches, raking leaves and more in order to

make the spreading of 25 yards of wood chips a bit more manageable. On Saturday, May 13, 25 CTA staff, students and family members came with shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to power through the task ahead of them and spread the wood chips in flowerbeds, around trees and signs. Thank you to those who gave of their time and tools to help enhance the beautiful landscaping we have on CTAs campus!

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A Sweeter Way To Learn Science


Students show off their edible science project

4th grade took a “sweeter” approach to learning about the phase changes of matter. The class has been learning about how matter changes into different states in our science unit. To investigate how liquid becomes a solid, we made ice cream in a bag. The students learned that if a liquid’s temperature is decreased, the molecules will come together to create a solid. By adding milk (a little sugar and vanilla) into a bag surrounded by ice and shaking, we could decrease the temperature creating a solid. Our investigation was definitely delicious that day.

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22-24 High School Student-Led Conferences

22 Girls Charging Ahead 5K

24 Last Day of School for Seniors

26 Early Release Day

29 No School – Memorial Recess

30 Mother/Son Roller Skating Event

31 Staff vs. Students Basketball Game

K-5 Field Day

5th Grade Debate


2 High School Graduation

7 8th Grade Promotion

9 Last Day of School – Early Release

*Early Release Dismissal Schedule

● K-2 Dismissal at 12:50 p.m.

● 3-5 Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

● 6-12 Dismissal at 12:40 p.m.

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Substitute Positions Available


Teachers and Classroom Aides

Creative Technologies Academy, Cedar Springs, MI

$90-110/day – Temporary Teachers

Creative Technologies Academy is seeking interested individuals that could work as substitute teachers for the Academy. We have daily substitute teaching opportunities for this school year. To qualify to substitute teach in our school, applicants must have a transcript indicating completion of 90 credit hours from a four year college or university with a minimum 2.0 GPA or hold a valid or expired Michigan Teaching Certificate. All interested individuals should contact Dan George, Superintendent/School Leader at dgeorge@ctachargers.org.

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From the Superintendent


Laura VanDuyn

Laura VanDuyn

Dear Cedar Springs Public Schools Colleagues & Parents,

Several districts in Kent County opted to have a “pre-Labor Day start” for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  The following are listed for your convenience.  Cedar Springs Public Schools (CSPS) is not part of the new/different Kent County start dates as our teacher contract was negotiated in 2013 for a period of 8 years.  Per current Michigan law, MCL 423.215, the teachers and district must agree on a calendar.  Our CSPS calendar is set until the expiration of the 8-year teacher contract that ends at the end of the 2021 school year.  Therefore, Cedar Springs Public Schools will begin school the Tuesday after Labor Day as it has for years.

There are a lot of variables that go into creating a calendar.  We try to align our efforts with Kent Intermediate School District, early and middle college offerings, and regional programming in West Michigan.  We do this to ensure Cedar Springs Public School students can experience all of the opportunities and resources our county has to offer.


We are pleased to provide our school calendar for the 2017 – 2018 school year early so you may plan for the summer, fall and beyond.  Please note that although CSPS will not begin prior to Labor Day, other districts with programs students may attend do begin prior to Labor Day.  If that is the case, students will be expected to begin his/her respective program on the date the “host district” of the program begins.   For example, if a student attends KCTC or a program at the KISD, s/he will begin on August 21, 2017.  Transportation will be provided by CSPS.

  • We will begin the 2017 – 2018 school year on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.
  • The first day of school will be a full day.
  • There are two full weeks of winter break.
  • There are 15 Early Release days scheduled.  Afternoons are designated for teacher professional development.  The Early Release days are all on Fridays.
  • All programs attended outside CSPS will begin on the dates listed above.
  • The last day of school is Friday, June 6, 2018.

For the 2017-2018 School Year Calendar, please visit www.csredhawks.org.  Thank you for your continued support of our great Cedar Springs Public Schools!

Sincerely,  Laura VanDuyn, Ed.D., Superintendent, Cedar Springs Public Schools

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Teacher Appreciation Day


Teacher Appreciation Day— May 9, 2017

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Memorial Day Break

Memorial Day Break

No School for Students and Staff – Monday, May 29

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