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Coffee with a Trooper


MSP Lakeview Post 100 Year Anniversary Event 

The Michigan State Police (MSP) Lakeview Post will be hosting four “Coffee with a Trooper” events to celebrate the department’s 100 years of service.  The events will take place as follows from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.:

  • April 17 – Coffee with a Trooper at the Lakeview Post (10300 Howard City-Edmore Rd.)
  • April 18 – Coffee with a Trooper at the Ionia Detachment (Riverside Correctional – 777 W. Riverside)
  • April 19 – Coffee with a Trooper at the St Louis Detachment (8530 N. Union Rd.)
  • April 20 – Coffee with a Trooper at the Sheridan Office (115 E. Evergreen Rd.)

We will have several patrol cars (including the 100 Year Anniversary car) at each of these events.  We encourage the general public to come out and interact and with post personnel during the “Coffee with a Trooper” events.

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Plowman to play ice hockey for Davenport


Our congratulations to Cedar Springs senior #19 Jessica Plowman, who signed with Davenport University’s ACHA Division 1 Women’s Ice Hockey team on February 11, 2017 for the upcoming season. Jessica is currently playing for the U19 Grand Rapids Griffins Girls Travel Ice Hockey Team. She was voted by her teammates to be their Team Captain for the 2016-2017 season. Jessica has played at the U19 level for the past 3 out of 4 years with GRAHA (The Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association). Prior to that, she played roller hockey for 4-5 years.

Jessica’s love for this sport has far superseded all others. Jessica played travel soccer for three years, four years of basketball (including travel), nine years of dance, two years of tennis, and was on the Red Flannel Court for 2015-2016. Ultimately she gave up all other sports for her love of ice hockey. Jessica has played defense, offense and center; she is truly a team player and willing to step in wherever needed.

While at Davenport, Jessica will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management, and go on to possibly become a cardiothoracic surgeon. She is excited to continue her education and hockey career at Davenport and is thankful for the support of her family and friends.

Jessica is the daughter of Joe and Lisa Plowman.

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CS Youth wrestlers medal at Northview

Teammates Carter Falan and Logan Troupe battling it out for 1st place in the 105lb class. Photo by J. Troupe

Teammates Carter Falan and Logan Troupe battling it out for 1st place in the 105lb class. Photo by J. Troupe

By Jacquie Troupe

Cedar Springs Youth Wrestling Club took 22 wrestlers to the Northview Open & Novice Tournament Sunday, March 5, 2017. Nine medaled, and they finished the day 46-35, competing against 633 wrestlers on 77 teams. CSYWC came in 6th with over all pins with 19 in 30:33, and 6th in match points with 294.

“As the season winds down, the competition gets tougher,” said Coach Bryan Goike. “Everyone has honed their skills, they are getting ready to compete in Regionals and State in a few weeks. This is the time where competition is serious on the mat and to work harder than you ever have at practice to prove to yourself that your dedication to this sport is worth it.”

Deegan Pike came in 11th out of 655 wrestlers in number of pins in shortest combined time with 4 in 5:22. He also had the fastest pin for the team with :18! Dakota Winchel was 13th with 4 in 6:16 and tied for second fastest pin with :24, along with Jayce Karafa. Brandson Wood was 28th in over all match points with 34, Jonathan Libera shared the 61st spot with 28, Tommy Stevens and Carter Falan shared the 90th spot with 25. Sierra Streeter had the third fastest pin for the team with :26. Bryson Streeter scored the most points in a single match for the team (48th over all) with 15, Carter Falan was second (73rd over all) with 14, Sierra Streeter was third (105th over all) with 13.

In the 2010-2012 All division, 58lb class Chasyn Winchel placed 1st after 2 matches. In the 2008-2009 Open division, 67lb class Johnathan Libera placed 3rd after 4 matches. In the 2008-2009 Novice division, 58lb class Deegan Pike placed 1st after 4 matches. In the 2006-2007 Open division, 55/59lb class Brandson Wood placed 3rd after 4 matches. In the 150lb class Wyatt Cooper placed 1st after 2 matches. In the Novice 110lb class Dakota Winchel placed 2nd after 4 matches. In the 2003-2004 Open division, 85lb class Tommy Stevens placed 2nd after 3 matches. In the 105lb class Carter Falan placed 1st after 3 matches and Logan Troupe placed 3rd after 4 matches.

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DNR sees increase in Master Anglers

Janet Huff, of Marcellus, Michigan, shows off the 31.25-inch channel catfish she caught in Devils Lake in July 2016.

Janet Huff, of Marcellus, Michigan, shows off the 31.25-inch channel catfish she caught in Devils Lake in July 2016.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced the 2016 results from its Master Angler program. This program, in place since 1973, recognizes large fish caught by recreational anglers.

This past year, 1,807 anglers representing 24 states and the countries of Canada and Austria submitted catches that were recognized as Master Angler fish. That’s an increase from the 1,542 fish recognized in 2015 and nearly double the 987 fish recognized in 2014. Of the entries accepted, 1,078 were in the catch-and-keep category while 729 were in the catch-and-release category. A total of 241 anglers received certificates for fish placing in the top five for both categories.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular 2016 Master Angler entries by species:

  • 201 bluegill
  • 101 smallmouth bass
  • 93 crappie
  • 90 common carp
  • 89 pumpkinseed sunfish
  • 88 walleye
  • 87 freshwater drum
  • 75 channel catfish
  • 73 rock bass

Master Angler entries for 2016 included one state record: the 9.98-pound smallmouth bass caught on the Indian River by Robert Bruce Kraemer of Treasure Island, Florida.

Submissions already are being accepted for the 2017 Master Angler program, and will be until Jan. 10, 2018. To download an application, visit Michigan.gov/masterangler. Anglers are encouraged to submit their applications as they catch their fish and to not hold onto them until the end of the year.

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High School Musical


Reviewed by Tom Noreen


We attended the opening night performance of the Cedar Springs High School’s production of Disney’s High School Musical on February 9. Each year when I write a review of the High School’s musical I say it is better than last year’s. I will say the same this year.

Director Rebecca Casavant did an excellent job of casting. Every actor, whether first-timers or veterans, embraced their part and performed it with gusto. The non-verbals are so important to give life to the part and then to the overall experience. These students did a fantastic job as you watched them live out their roles.

This production had more dance numbers than any that I remember. Liz Bradford’s choreography added so much to the overall performance. I am sure she had kids out there that had never danced a step in their life dancing their heart out.

The musical was done to a CD and thus no musical conductor was there that could help when someone missed a cue or got out of sync with the music. Musical Director Linda Janik had them singing like pros. The actors had to know the music well to be ready to jump into a song without direction.

Layered onto this is the technical side of lights, sound, and stage. This too was done well. If you can’t hear or the lights don’t work, it takes away from the performance.

Now what is so amazing for any musical is the integration of these four elements: the acting, the singing, the dance and the technical. This was done so well and made it such a great experience.

Back to the actors: Nicole Von Seggern and Thomas Metiva as thespians Sharpay and Ryan Evans were super. They had their roles nailed tight as did Ethan Ream and Gabriella Montez as jock Troy Bolton and brainiac Leslie Hansen. Kaylee Tennant portrayed Kelsi Neilson, a fledging student playwright whose musical was the focus of the conflict between the Evans’ and Bolton and Hansen, not to mention it pitted Drama Teacher, Ms. Darbus, against Coach Bolton for the talents of Tray. They were played by Alice Casavant and Austin Nielsen respectively. As the musical unfolded, each of these roles evolved and the actors had to change to personify their new personality. Along with the leads, each of the supporting actors was just as believable and passionate.

I’ve seen the stage production at least two other times. Once in Belgium by the American High School and at the Civic in Grand Rapids and this one wins hands down.

None of this would be possible without the support of the school board, staff, faculty and parents. I want to commend them for making it possible.


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Renters and sellers beware of scammers 


By Judy Reed

If you are trying to sell your home, don’t be surprised if someone comes knocking at your door and asks if it’s for rent. Or, if you’ve already moved out and are still trying to sell it, you might come by to find someone living there. That’s because scammers are stealing house for sale listings and putting them up on Craigslist as rentals.

Local realtor Brynadette Powell, with Arthur K. Eggerding Realty, said this happened to a home she had listed recently on Hoskins. “The lady of the house was home sick, and she had four people come to the door in two days asking if it was for rent,” she explained. She said the next day she was in a broker class and received three messages saying the home was listed on Craigslist to rent for $1200 a month.

“I sent the info to Craigslist and they took it down in about two hours,” said Powell.

Powell said she emailed the poster of the ad, pretending she was interested. She asked who they were, and they emailed back a form letter saying that they had recently settled in Nigeria, and sent her an application. She was told to send them the first month’s rent and a security deposit and she could move in.

Powell said that sometimes the listers tell people that they moved and forgot to leave a key, and that they can just break in.

“I also just recently had a buyer for another agent’s house, and that listing was also hijacked. There were people trying to break into the house because they thought they had a lease,” she explained.

Powell said that one agent she knows called the police about it. “The agent was told that the people who sent the money had a crime against them, but not the owners,” she said.

It’s possible that people get embarrassed and don’t want to report it, however, or they don’t realize they can. According to the fraud division at the Kent County Sheriff Department, there haven’t been any reports in our area recently, but they are aware of the problem, because it has been around awhile.

Powell said she now tries to avert this type of problem by putting a sign on the door that says, “This house is not for rent.”

Powell said part of the problem is that there are not enough rentals out there to meet demand, especially in Cedar Springs. “Cedar Springs is amazing in regards to people sticking around. There just aren’t enough rentals out there,” she explained.

Phil Catlett, of the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan, is also aware of the problem. “Scammers look on Craig’s List, or M-Live, or a Real Estate website, and find homes for sale. The scammer creates an ad listing the property for rent. Every year we learn of someone getting ripped off this way,” he said.

Catlett supplied the following info from the BBB:

Researchers reviewed more than 2 million for-rent posts and found 29,000 fake listings in 20 major cities. Of those, there were three key types of scams. In the first, a fake post instructs a would-be tenant to purchase a credit report. The scammer gets a commission from the credit reporting site, even though there is no property for rent.

In another scheme, con artists duplicate rental listings from other sites and post on Craigslist at a lower price. Prospective renters pay a deposit via wire transfer. Another pervasive scam is “realtor service” companies. Targets are asked to pay fees to access listings of pre-foreclosure rentals or rent-to-own properties. In the majority of cases, the companies leading the scams have no connection to the properties listed.

How to Spot a Rental Scam:

  • Don’t wire money or use a prepaid debit card: You should never pay a security deposit or first month’s rent by prepaid debit card or wire transfer. These payments are the same as sending cash – once you send it, you have no way to get it back.
  • Watch out for deals that sound too good: Scammers lure in targets by promising low rents, great amenities and other perks. If the price seems much better than offered elsewhere, it may be a scam.
  • See the property in person: Don’t send money to someone you’ve never met for an apartment you haven’t seen. If you can’t visit an apartment or house yourself, ask someone you trust to go and confirm that it is what was advertised.
  • Don’t fall for the overseas landlord story: Scammers often claim to be out of the country and instruct targets to send money overseas.
  • Search for the same ad in other cities: Search for the listing online. If you find the same ad listed in other cities, that’s a huge red flag.

For More Information

Read the full report from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering on rental scams on Craigslist. The report is the first systematic study of online rental scams. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/renter-beware-study-finds-craigslist-catches-barely-half-of-scam-rental-listings-300228037.html.

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American Legion honors first responders

The Courtland Fire Department was one of the fire departments honored at the American Legion dinner.

The Courtland Fire Department was one of the fire departments honored at the American Legion dinner.

The evening of February 20 was set aside at the American Legion Post in Cedar Springs as a time to honor the First Responders of the community.  A wonderful Swiss steak meal was provided for our local heroes for their sacrifices, contributions and dedication to public service.

The Kent County Sheriff Department was also in attendance

The Kent County Sheriff Department was also in attendance

Seventy-five attendees from the Sand Lake Police and Fire Department, Solon Township Fire Department, Cedar Springs Fire Department, Spencer Township Fire Department, Courtland Township Fire Department, Oakfield Township Fire Department, Algoma Township Fire Department and the Kent County Sherriff’s Department enjoyed the meal and were given certificates of appreciation.

Twenty-five members of the Glen Hill Post 287 Family worked to make this event possible, as well as assistance on items for the dinner from Save A Lot and Kelly’s Restaurant.

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Benefit raises over $2000 for Ricker family


Brison headed back to Texas for more treatment

Classic Kelly’s raised over $2000 for the Ricker family at a spaghetti dinner benefit Sunday evening. Photo from Classic Kelly’s facebook page.

Classic Kelly’s raised over $2000 for the Ricker family at a spaghetti dinner benefit Sunday evening. Photo from Classic Kelly’s facebook page.

By Judy Reed

Classic Kelly’s Family Restaurant put on a spaghetti dinner benefit for the family of Brison and Preston Ricker Sunday night, and raised over $2200 to help them with the medical costs of fighting cancer.

The restaurant put on the benefit during the evening dinner hours, and donated 100 percent of the proceeds to the Rickers. All the employees at the restaurant donated their time to the cause. Dinners were sold for $10 each.

The next fundraiser will be the March can drive at Meijer in Cedar Springs on Monday, 6, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Brison was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable brain tumor called DIPG a year ago, and his younger brother Preston was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December. Preston has had surgery and other therapy, and Brison has been undergoing alternative cancer treatments since last summer, after his oncologist here said there was nothing more they could do. Those treatments are $17,000 per month, and not covered by insurance.

Brison had showed signs of getting better and feeling better, and his family was hopeful that his latest MRI’s would show that progress. However, according to Brison’s mom, Kim Ricker, the latest spinal MRI shows progression, with several spots on the lining of his brain, and extensive nodular enhancing metastatic disease along his spine. Doctors here had been giving him his Avastin treatment free of charge, but will not do that now, since they don’t believe it is working. That will be another $7,000 per month the family will need to pay. The doctors here have offered full brain and spinal radiation, but Kim said that is not an option they are considering because of the great harm involved with radiation.

They will be traveling back to Texas next week, where Brison will be started on an additional Antineoplaston treatment.

To donate to the Ricker family through their gofundme page, go to https://www.gofundme.com/rickerstrong.

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Greenville native supports Naval aviation modernization 

Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Corey

Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Corey

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David Wyscaver, Navy Office of Community Outreach  

LEMOORE, Calif. – A Greenville High School graduate and Greenville, Mich. native is serving in the U.S. Navy with Commander Strike Fighter Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CSFWP). Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Corey works as an intelligence specialist and operates out of Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, California. Corey is responsible for updating and maintaining personnel security clearances as well as making sure that the command is adhering to physical security requirements.

“As an intelligence specialist I enjoy the knowledge that comes with my job,” Corey said. “There are so many different types of intelligence that I’m always learning new things and expanding on the knowledge I’ve already learned,” Corey said.

“Lemoore has been home to the Navy’s west coast strike fighter community since 1980, when strike fighter squadron VFA-125 was the first squadron established to train Navy and Marine Corps aviators in the F/A-18 Hornet,” said Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, Commander, Naval Air Forces. The strike fighter wing, headquartered at NAS Lemoore, ensures that each squadron is fully combat-ready to conduct carrier-based, all-weather, attack, fighter and support missions for the Pacific Fleet.

“I like the opportunities that the command provides for professional growth,” Corey said. “The command has been very helpful with assisting in my desire to apply for an officer program.”

With the CSFWP consisting of more than 20 squadrons, highly specialized jobs range from training new aviators to maintaining airframes and engines, to handling and flying aircraft.  “Hard work is important,” Corey said. “I’ve done work that I’ve loved and I’ve done jobs that I didn’t enjoy so much. I’ve learned to push through those mental barriers to ensure mission accomplishment. I feel like there isn’t anything that I could face in the civilian world that the Navy hasn’t prepared me for.”

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Cheer ends record-setting season at regionals


Saturday, February 25, ended what turned out to be a record setting season for the Lady Red Hawks Competitive Cheer team.
This season they captured the OK White Conference Championship for the first time in school history, and they received a total score of 761.28 at the Wyoming Invitational, setting a new high score record.

The day before Regionals, an injury at practice called for a substitution to step in for a teammate in round 3. Zoe Castor, who was previously not in the round, had to step in and learn the round in one practice to perform at Regionals the next day.

Cedar Springs Varsity traveled to Mona Shores on Saturday, February 25, to compete in the MHSAA Regional Finals. Twelve teams competed for a top four finish and a chance to move on to state finals.

At the end of Round 1, Cedar Springs Varsity earned a score of 220.9.

Round 2 gained them an additional 213.52, giving them a subtotal score of 434.42 and placing them in 4th place with less than a point behind 3rd place.

Round 3 gained an additional 299.8 and a total score of 734.22 and a Sixth place finish, less than 9 points away from 4th place and qualifying for state.

“We had an awesome season this year,” said Coach Anne Olszewski.  “Best finish I have had to date here at Cedar Springs!  Conference Champs and advancing to Regionals were some of the highlights, but we learned so much as a team. I am ready for next year already! I am losing four valuable seniors to graduation but my junior class is really strong and has a ton of leading potential. We are going to continue to get better, I promise. We have an awesome program, awesome parents, awesome athletic department!  I feel so very fortunate!”

The top four finishers and scores were:

First place Mona Shores with a score of 768.6

Second place Kenowa Hills with a score of 763.14

Third place Reeths Puffer with a score of 744.4

Fourth place Charlotte with a score of 742.94

Those teams will go on to state. Cedar Springs finished behind Dewitt, who finished 5th, with a score of 735.54.

Congratulations to our Lady Red Hawks on an amazing season.

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