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Mac W. Bailey 1921 – 2003


Dad has left a legacy of love… We miss you Dad!!!


Tracy • Lisa • Jimmy • Jackie • Jason • Scott • David • Nick • Tim

Penny • Aaron • Mac • Ben • Thomas • Holly • Charlie • Mike

Sara • Molly • Lee • Chris • Robbie • Heather • Heidi • Micheal

Julie • Chad • Chelsea • Tim • Abby • Jacob • Kaylah • Nick • Austin

Dani • Jason • Brianna • Drew • Nick • Korrie • Emily • Dawson

Kyler • Quaden • Cason • Steven • Nathan • Aleah • Alayna • Steven

Adrianna • Abram • Brody • Lucas • Alivia • Seth • Ryker • Leda • Josephine

Gabriella • Isaac • Keegan • Levi • Kyla • Jayden • Avery • Kameran • Issac • Lane

Brystol • Chloe • Oliver • Jonathan • and coming in January 2014 baby girl Gitchel

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47-C-MEM-BurtDecember 9, 1955 – November 22, 2012


Though your smile is gone forever

And your hand we cannot touch,

Still we have so many memories

Of the one we loved so much.

Your memory is our keepsake

With which we’ll never part.

God has you in His keeping

And we have you in our hearts.


In loving memory,

Sharon, Heather and Lindsay

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46C Mem PierceIn Loving Memory of our Mother who passed away 1 year ago on November 17, 2012.


The tears in our eyes we can wipe away,

The ache in our heart will always stay.

Remembering you on this day.

Comforted by so many memories.


We love you Mom!

Susan Knapp, Marjorie Knapp, Tommy Pierce & Lonny Pierce, and family

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46C Mem Sheller

April 16, 1936-November 18, 2010


There are lots of husbands in the world

But now and then you see

One who kind of sets the style

Of what husbands ought to be.


One whose special qualities

Make him stand out in the crowd

And whose kindness to his family

Makes them awfully pleased and proud


And Honey, I feel happier

Than I ever hoped to be

Cause the nicest man in all the word

Is the one who married me!


Love your wife, Sharon


Sad are the hearts that loved you

Silent are the tears that fall.

Living our lives without you,

Is the hardest part of all.

You did so many things for us,

Your heart was kind and true.

And when we needed someone

We could always count on you.

The happy years will not return

When we were all together, but

With the love within our hearts

You’ll walk with us forever.

So, if we could have a lifetime wish

A dream that would come true,

We’d pray to God with all our hearts

For yesterday with you.

A thousand words can’t bring you back,

We know because we’ve tried,

And neither will a million tears,

We know because we’ve cried.

You left behind our broken hearts

And happy memories to,

We treasure all these memories,

But wish we still had you.

So in the quiet cemetery,

Where gentle breezes blow,

Lies a beloved man who left us 3 years ago.

His place of rest we visit,

We put flowers there with care,

But no one knows our heartache

as we turn to leave him there.

Though his smile is gone forever

and his face we cannot touch,

Still we have the memory of the husband, dad, grandpa, great-grandpa that we loved so much.

His memory is our treasure

with which we’ll never part.

God has him in his keeping,

But we have him in our hearts.


With love from your family,

Sharon, Debbie, Dutch, Mike, Amanda

Monica, Gregory, Heather, Christopher

Joshua, Jordan

Nathaniel, Zachary, Mackenzie

and Adilyn-Grace


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In loving memory of our best friend who passed away 4 years ago on November 5, 2009. We miss Barb every day and we will always hold her dear in our hearts.

Sweet Barbarino, we love you!


Terry & Robin


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C-MEM-BrownOctober 7, 1982 – November 4, 2005


What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.


We love and miss you so much,

Mom, Dad, Stevie & Nathan

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Who passed away 14 years ago, 

October 27, 1999.


Close in our hearts you will always stay,

Loved and remembered every day.


We love and miss you very much.


Your wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren


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41-C-Mem-Tibbe-webOctober 15, 2003


Life is a beautiful memory.

His death is a silent grief.

He sleeps in God’s beautiful garden

In sunshine of perfect peace.

I miss him, oh so much.

But realize God knew best.

He let me have him many years.

Then gently bid him rest.


Sadly missed by his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

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Grannis Memorial

41C-Memorial-Grannis-webDORIS E. GRANNIS

July 17, 1920 – October 13, 2012



December 10, 1914 – November 20, 1988


Mom, it’s been just a year since you left us. Dad, you’ve been gone 25 years. It seems like only yesterday you were: sitting in your favorite spot at the Red Flannel Parade, camping at Round Lake, singing Christmas carols in the car, building our floats in the barn, watching us play in the band, square dancing together, sharing veggies from your garden and eating homemade ice cream.

The memories linger and we miss you so!


Your “kids”,

Sue, Sal, Dan, Jon, Mary, Dena and families

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October 10, 1992


Mom, we know you were there September 17th to witness the arrival of the wonderful gift we received, Miss Lila Ann Weidenfeller. We know you will be whispering in her ears and singing her lullabies, reading her bedtime stories as she’s slowing closing her eyes. We know you will be holding her hand as she learns to walk and listening to her with a smile on your face as she’s learning to talk. We all know you will be the BEST GREAT GRANDMA because you will never be far away. And we all will share our thoughts and memories with her every single day.


We love you.

We miss you.

Dad, kids, grand kids, & Lila

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