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In loving memory of my dad, who passed away 9 years ago on December 18, 2005.


Even though I miss you terribly, Dad, I so treasure the memories we shared. I loved the drives we took looking for turkeys! We never saw any – now I see them all the time! I am especially grateful for that last year we had together while you lived with Terry and me.


Bless you, Dad.


Your loving daughter


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January 15,1943-December 14,2003


Missing you at Christmas


Everyday without you,

Since you had to go,

Is like summer without sunshine,

and winter without snow.

I wish that I could talk to you.

There’s so much I would say.

Life has changed so very much,

Since you went away.

I miss the bond between us,

And I miss your kind support.

You’re in my mind and in my heart,

And every Christmas thought.

I’ll always feel you close to me,

and though you’re far from sight,

I’ll search for you among the stars

that shine on Christmas night.


I love and miss you dearly,

Your daughter, Tammy

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In Memory Of


January 30, 1965 – December 4, 2012


I wanted to write a letter to you

Sent down from above

To let you know how things are

And send you all my love


All my pain is gone now, fear there is no more

Family and friends were waiting for me

When I passed through the door


They rejoiced when they saw me

We walked hand in hand

Down streets made of gold

in the promised land


I know you all still miss me

And your hearts they all still ache

But family ties aren’t broken

And memories do not break


Remember this is not the end

You still have each other

Stay strong in our family bond

And someday we’ll be together


A family we are and always will be

No matter if it is one or three

When you see each other give a kiss

And tell them it’s from me


Always with Love,


Loving and missing you everyday!

Husband, Randy

Kids, Ryan and Nickie, Brandon and Vanessa, Aaron and Blair, Adam and Chelsey

Grandkids, Chase and Kyler, Caden and Brinleigh Dawn, Cameron and Kenzie Mae


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In Memory Of


January 30, 1965 – December 4, 2012


The tears in our eyes we can wipe away

The ache in our hearts will always stay

Your presence we miss

Your memory we treasure

Loving you always

Forgetting you never


Loving and Missing you everyday!

Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Nieces and Nephews


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April 16, 1950 – December 5, 2013


Gone, far too soon, but always thankful for our time with you.

Blessed to have had your love.

We miss you every day, cherishing all of our memories,

Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.


In loving memory of the wonderful husband, father, and grandfather that you were.


With Love,

Jeanne and Family

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April 16, 1936-November 18, 2010

4 years have passed, but not a day goes by that we

don’t think about and miss you. We are going to love you forever and ever, Amen.


Sad are the hearts that loved you

Silent are the tears that fall.

Living our lives without you,

Is the hardest part of all.

You did so many things for us,

Your heart was kind and true.

And when we needed someone

We could always count on you.

The happy years will not return

When we were all together, but

With the love within our hearts

You’ll walk with us forever.

So, if we could have a lifetime wish

A dream that would come true,

We’d pray to God with all our hearts

For yesterday with you.

A thousand words can’t bring you back,

We know because we’ve tried,

And neither will a million tears,

We know because we’ve cried.

You left behind our broken hearts

And happy memories too,

We treasure all these memories,

But wish we still had you.

So in the quiet cemetery,

Where gentle breezes blow,

Lies a beloved man who left us 3 years ago.

His place of rest we visit,

We put flowers there with care,

But no one knows our heartache

as we turn to leave him there.

Though his smile is gone forever

and his face we cannot touch,

Still we have the memory of the

husband, dad, grandpa, great-grandpa

that we loved so much.

His memory is our treasure

with which we’ll never part.

God has him in his keeping,

But we have him in our hearts.

With love from your family,

Sharon, Debbie, Dutch, Mike, Amanda, Monica, Gregory, Heather, Christopher, Joshua, Jordan, Nathaniel, Zachary, Mackenzie and Adilyn-Grace

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December 9, 1955 – November 22, 2012


Wonderful memories of one so dear,

Treasured still with a love sincere.

In our hearts he is living yet,

We love him too dearly to forget.


In loving memory,

Sharon, Heather and Linsay

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In loving memory of our Mother who passed away 2 years ago, November 17, 2012. Your memory we treasure, Mother!


Love and miss you,

Susan, Marjorie and Tommy

Lonny and Tammy

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April 21, 1945 to November 8, 2004


In loving memory of our wife, mother and grandmother who went to be with the Lord 10 years ago. Your presence we miss,

Your memory we treasure,.

Loving you always,

Forgetting you never.


Jack, Robert, Jacqueline, Jerry, Levi and Cody


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C-MEM-VanHoutenIn loving memory of our beloved friend, Barb, who passed away 5 years ago, November 5, 2009. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of her and smile. She brightened our lives with her kindness, love and positive attitude and we learned so much from her. What a blessing to have her in our lives!


Love and miss you, Barbarino!


Terry & Robin

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