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In Loving Memory of Dean Richard Chapman

In Loving Memory of 

Dean Richard Chapman

October 24, 1966 to April 10, 1986

The moment that you were killed in the accident, my heart was torn in two. One side bled with heartache, the other died with you.

I often lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheeks. 

Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday, but missing you is heartache that never goes away. 

I hold you dearly within my heart and there you will remain until the joyous day that we will meet again. 

Love, Mom

You will forever be in our hearts and memories.

Love, all your family

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September 1, 1936 to March 28, 2007

Yesterday was the day 

Eleven years ago,

You left this world,

The greatest sorrow we have known.

Father, we know you’re watching,

We know you’re looking down,

We know that every day,

You are always around.

Love your family,

Pat, Jennie, Bobby, Kathy, Theresa, Denise, Shell & Mike

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In Loving Memory


October 6, 1953 – March 2, 2014

Four years ago we lost our father, grandpa, husband, brother. I still remember the good times we had, like collecting coins, talking about stocks and bonds for hours and also listening to you talk about the three digit winning Lotto numbers. We miss you dearly.


Luanne, Christine, Daniel, 

Dennis, Abbie, Emilee, Jeremy, 

Ryan, Mikala, Daniel Jr., Schorian, 

Tyanna, Layla, Aiden

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In Loving Memory


In loving memory of Michael Allen Cook who died two years ago February 29, 2016.

Sadly missed by

 wife, children and friends.

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January 16, 1931 – February 22, 2010

Softly in the morning

You heard a gentle call.

You took the hand of God offered

And quietly left us all.

Remembered with Love

Your Family

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August 21, 1962 – February 21, 2017

We miss you more than words can say but we know that one day we will be together again.

Your Wife, Dad & Mom, Brothers Jeff & Jay & Families!

“On the Other Side of Death”

Death is a GATEWAY

we all must pass through

To reach that Fair Land

where the soul’s born anew,

For man’s born to die

and his sojourn on earth

Is a short span of years

beginning with birth…

And like pilgrims we wander

until death takes our hand

And we start on our journey

to God’s Promised Land,

A place where we’ll find

no suffering nor tears,

Where TIME is not counted

by days, months or years…

And in this Fair City

that God had prepared

Are unending joys

to  be happily shared

With all or our loved ones

who patiently wait

On Death’s Other Side

to open “THE GATES”!

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February 13, 1969 – January 27, 2017

Our hearts are still hurting

but know you are not alone.

The good Lord now has you

in his home.

We will later be together 

as an entire family.

Until that time,

we continuously think of you &

all the great memories we love of you!

Love, Mom-Dad,

sisters, daughters, 

son, grandson, 


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In Loving Memory

Michael Anthony Sanderson sr. 

June 8, 1956 to January 19, 2000

Rayburn Sanderson 

August 23, 1936 to April 27, 2015

You were both very loving and caring fathers who were always there and will always be in our hearts. We love you and miss you dad and grandpa – always. 

Love, Michael Jr., 

Jeanette, Jeremy, and Jill

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May 3, 1944 – January 17, 2016

Goodbyes are not forever

Goodbyes are not the end

They simply mean, I’ll miss you

Until we meet again.

Love, Jill, 

Nancy, Cindy, 

Jasmyn, Cheyenne, 

Jeremiah, Jaxon

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Richard M. Reed Sr.

In loving memory

Richard M. Reed Sr.

October 9, 1933-January 4, 2004

Not how did he die, but how did he live?

Not what did he gain, but what did he give?

These are the units to measure the worth

Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.

Not, what was his church, nor what was his creed?

But had he befriended those really in need?

Was he ever ready, with word of good cheer,

To bring back a smile, to banish a tear?

Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say,

But how many were sorry when he passed away?

It’s been 14 years, but we still miss you

 and think of you everyday.

Love, your family

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