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Easter Coloring Contest

Hey kids, 

It’s time for our annual Easter Coloring Contest and your chance to win an awesome Easter Basket!  Please click here and print out and color the picture with crayons, markers or colored pencils. Fill out the form below and include with your entry. Our judges will choose 3 winners from three age groups: 3-4 years; 5-7 years; and 8-10 years.  

Good Luck and remember to be creative but follow the rules!


1. Only one entry per child. 

2. Only one winner will be drawn from finalists.

3. We are not responsible for lost mail. 

4. All entries must be at our office by April 6th by 5pm. 

5. Use only crayons, markers or colored pencils.

Please deliver entries to by Monday, April 6 by 5:00 p.m.: 

36 E. Maple St., Cedar Springs.

Or mail to: Easter Coloring Contest

P.O. Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

Winners will be announced in the April 9th edition of The Post.

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America’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors

Looking at over 12 years of candy sales data and the results from over 10,000 survey responses, we were able to map out jelly bean flavor preferences by state. The map above illustrates each states favorite jelly bean flavor. The results are not specific to any one brand of jelly bean.

Almost every year, Easter and National Jelly Bean Day both fall in April, making it the de facto Month of the Jelly Bean.

On a normal year, over 16 billion beans are made just for the Easter season. With Easter Egg hunts largely cancelled this year, it’s tough to tell whether fewer jelly beans will be needed. Perhaps more families will conduct their own private hunts around the house. And of course, Easter baskets will still need to be filled.

National Jelly Bean Rankings

As a nation, sometimes it seems like we can’t agree on anything. Our size, diversity and multitude of culturally-influenced preferences creates a rainbow of opinions. This particular rainbow happens to be made of jelly bean opinions.

We ranked the top 21 jelly bean flavors in America. Here we go.

#1 Cinnamon – New Winner! (#2 Last year)

Cinnamon has made steady progress towards the top. Up from the #3 spot 2 years ago, this spicy red jelly bean flavor is part of a trend of spicy candy we noticed a while back.

Things have sure been heating up for Cinnamon jelly beans. Sour candy, spicy candy, savory candy are all becoming more and more popular. In fact, the top 3 jelly bean flavors do not include a sweet or fruity flavor at all!

Spicy and packing heat, cinnamon is your new #1 jelly bean flavor, America.

#2 Buttered Popcorn (#1 Last year)

Salty and buttery, Buttered Popcorn was riding high last year, keeping its crown after knocking Black Licorice off the top sport 2 years ago. It has now been knocked off itself by a controversial up and comer, cinnamon. Both flavors incite strong opinions, positive and negative, but in the end, Buttered Popcorn has work to do to become the number one jelly bean flavor in America again.

#3 Black Licorice

Black Licorice has slowed its descent for now. It had been on a losing streak, falling from the #1 spot 3 years ago. Then it fell to runner-up, and now it’s just trying to stay on the podium. But has maintained last year’s #3 spot this year.

Still, the number three spot is very near the top and there’s no denying the immense popularity of black licorice jelly beans. They are polarizing to be sure, but enough people still love them to push them above what was traditionally the top jelly bean flavor in the western hemisphere: cherry.

#4 Cherry

Cherry is like the jelly bean elder. It has been around for a long time and was once the king of jelly bean flavors, reigning for more than 20 years. It’s no longer in the top 3, but perhaps its time has not yet come.

Cherry was #4 last year as well. Maintaining it’s place on the charts is impressive for a sweet fruity flavor in this new savory/spicy world we live in. Only time will tell if Cherry can reclaim a place on the podium, or fall back into the fray of other fruity flavors.

#5 Juicy Pear

Juicy Pear is sort of a new classic jelly bean flavor. It has reached a high level of popularity in a relatively short lifespan. This year it even took over as the #1 flavor in Washington, Wyoming and Alabama!

#6 Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow moved up 1 spot from #7 last year. The toasty flavor warms the heart and the belly. It’s a great flavor to compliment other flavors and cut through some of the super sweet fruity flavors with a more creamy and slightly savory taste. It however, is not the top flavor in any one state.

#7 Watermelon

Watermelon fell 2 more spots to number 7 this year. They are popular coast to coast, and were mostly the victim of Juicy Pear and Toasted Marshmallow moving strongly up.

#8 Strawberry

Strawberry jelly beans are coming on strong. They jumped up another spot this year from #9 and are now solidly a Top Ten jelly bean.

#9 Orange

Orange flavor fell another spot this year after getting jumped by Pink Strawberry. Orange has held strong as a classic jelly bean flavor to remain solidly in the top ten. It even took the top spot in Idaho!

#10 Root Beer

Maine’s new favorite flavor, Root Beer, is moving up fast. Jumping 2 spots to make the top ten this year, it has moved 5 spots up in 2 years.

That’s some big moves for a classic flavor and could be another signal that non-fruity flavors are headed for a recession.

#11 Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy may not be top ten, but it continues to knock on the door. Holding its ground at #11, this fair ground-inspired flavor is all sweetness without the fruity. For some people it’s the perfect combination of sweet and no citrus. But not for enough people to get it into the top ten. Yet.

#12 Green Apple

A Green Apple jelly bean a day keeps the doctor away. Probably not, but Green Apple is reeling now after dropping 2 spots for the second year in a row. From #8 two years ago, they now find themselves at #12. A classic old school jelly bean flavor, Green Apple can still hold its head high as a top 12 flavor.

#13 Sour

Sour flavored jelly beans have made a big splash this year, moving up from #18 to #13 most popular flavor. They were #1 in New York and now Nebraska too! It’s no secret that New Yorkers love sour candy.

#14 Coconut

On the other hand, non-fruity flavor Coconut is moving in the other direction. Coconut was a top ten flavor last year and dropped all the way back to #13.

#15 Blueberry

Blueberry jelly beans, the flavor they invented specifically to make the blue in red white and blue, has fallen another spot to #15, down 2 spots in as many years. Useful for their blue color, which is a popular color for event candy, blueberry jelly beans may struggle to differentiate themselves from the crowd of fruity flavored jelly beans.

#16 Coffee

Coffee fell one spot overall this year, but did gain the #1 spot in 2 states Nevada and Oklahoma. Coffee, the drink, has never been more popular, and coffee flavored treats and gifts are on the rise. Coffee flavored jelly beans are no different, making strong moves and mixing it up with various flavor varieties like latte and espresso (which we lumped together).

#17 Bubblegum

Bubblegum flavor fell 1 spots from #16 last year, making it a 3 spot loss over 2 years. So bubblegum is in a downtrend. This may reflect a trend towards less sugary flavors and more savory and spicy ones. Similar in color and flavor to Cotton Candy, it’s moving in the opposite direction. Could there be a zero sum game between them?

#18 Grape

Grape moved down a spot from #17 this year. Purple is a strong color and is an asset to Grape jelly beans. Purple is one of the most popular candy colors and there are not many other purple flavors.

#19 Chocolate

Chocolate jelly beans moved up one spot from #20. Chocolate lovers might not be rejoicing at such a minor move, but they did claim the #1 spot in Illinois again!

#20 Red Apple

Red Apple fell back a spot to #20. Red apple has done well to stay moderately high even though its greener brother is the more famous of the apple flavors.

#21 Banana

Banana flavored jelly beans moved up into the top 21 at #21. Banana is a classic candy flavor that isn’t super traditional for jelly beans, but the popularity of Jelly Belly has made it more prominent in recent years.

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Seasonal Brunch Ideas with an Original Farm-to-Table Ingredient

Family Features

Bunny Oatmeal

Brunch with family and friends can be a treat any time of the year, but spring’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and warmer days practically beg loved ones to gather for the morning meal. 

These cute, kid-friendly Bunny Oatmeal and Easy Egg Casserole recipes are simple and made with real foods like milk, bringing richness and flavor, and ingredients you can feel good serving to kids.

Whether it’s skim milk for lighter lattes with friends, 2% milk to wash down birthday cake or strawberry milk for a sweet celebration surrounding the game-winning goal, milk’s already a part of the foods – and meaningful moments – that matter. 

For more kid-friendly, seasonal recipe ideas, visit milklife.com 

Bunny Oatmeal

Recipe courtesy of Tiffany Edwards of Creme de la Crumb on behalf of Milk Life

Servings: 1 

1/3 cup instant oats

3/4 cup fat-free milk

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon brown sugar

2/3 small banana

2 fresh blueberries

1/2 small strawberry

chocolate syrup (optional)

1 glass milk (8 ounces)

In microwave-safe bowl, stir oats, milk, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar. Microwave on high 30-60 seconds and stir.

Cut banana in half crosswise. Cut 1 1/8-inch thick coin slice from flat ends of each banana half. Place two banana slices in upper third of oatmeal bowl, side by side, to make eyes. Top each banana slice with one blueberry.

Place remaining banana halves at top of bowl, hanging out, to create ears.

Place strawberry in middle of bowl to make nose then drizzle chocolate, if desired, to make mouth and whiskers.

Serve with 8-ounce glass of real milk for added nutrition.

Nutritional information per serving: 320 calories; 2 g fat; 10 mg cholesterol; 18 g protein; 59 g carbohydrates; 5 g fiber; 190 mg sodium; 550 mg calcium. Nutrition figures based on using fat-free milk and include 8-ounce glass of milk.

Easy Egg Casserole

Recipe courtesy of Milk Life

Servings: 1 

Nonstick cooking spray

1 cup lean ham, cubed

1 cup frozen seasoned potatoes with fresh onions and peppers

3/4 cup fresh spinach, chopped

1/2 cup low-fat cheddar or Swiss cheese, shredded

6 eggs

3/4 cup fat-free milk

1 glass milk (8 ounces)

Heat oven to 375 F. Lightly coat 8-by-8-inch casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray. In bottom of casserole dish, arrange ham, potatoes, spinach and cheese. 

In large bowl, beat eggs and milk. Pour mixture over ingredients in casserole dish. Bake 25-30 minutes, or until lightly browned and puffed. 

Serve with 8-ounce glass of real milk for added nutrition.

Nutritional information per serving: 350 calories; 9 g fat; 3 g saturated fat; 350 mg cholesterol; 32 g protein; 34 g carbohydrates; 2 g fiber; 630 mg sodium; 500 mg calcium. Nutrition figures based on using fat-free milk and include 8-ounce glass of milk.

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Create a Sweet Easter Treat

Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Family Features

This Easter, satisfy guests of all ages with festive cupcakes modeled after the Easter bunny.

For more Easter recipes, visit Culinary.net.

Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Recipe courtesy of Amanda Rettke of “I am baker”
Prep time: 45 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Servings: 24

1 2-layer size white cake mix

1 tablespoon, plus 2 teaspoons, McCormick Pure Lemon Extract, divided

1 tablespoon McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract

3/4 cup white chocolate chips

2 sticks butter, softened

16 ounces confectioners’ sugar

2 tablespoons milk

10 drops McCormick Green Food Color

1-2 drops McCormick Red Food Color

12 large marshmallows, halved crosswise

3 tablespoons white nonpareil sprinkles

Prepare cake mix as directed on package, adding 1 tablespoon lemon extract and vanilla. Spoon 3 tablespoons batter into 24 paper-lined muffin cups. Bake as directed on package for cupcakes. Cool cupcakes on wire rack.

To make bunny feet: In medium, microwave-safe bowl, microwave white chocolate chips on high 30 seconds. Stir until completely melted and smooth. Spoon into pastry bag or re-sealable plastic bag. Snip small corner from bag. Pipe 24 pairs of bunny feet onto parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet. Use toothpick to smooth out bumps or rough edges, and gently tap cookie sheet on counter to help settle. Allow to harden 2 minutes in freezer or 15 minutes in refrigerator.

To make frosting: In large bowl, beat butter and remaining lemon extract until light and fluffy. Gradually add confectioners’ sugar, beating well after each addition and scraping sides and bottom of bowl frequently. Add milk; beat until light and fluffy. Remove half the frosting and place in medium bowl. Add green food color; mix until evenly blended. Spoon into pastry bag fitted with grass decorating tip. Set aside. Remove half the remaining frosting into small bowl. Add red food color; mix until light pink. Spoon into another pastry bag.

Using pink frosting, pipe three toes and padding on each bunny foot. Once frosting has set (about 1 hour) gently press down on pink frosting to create smoother look.

To assemble cupcakes: Pipe green frosting onto each cupcake in series of short motions to create individual grass spots. Cover top of each cupcake completely.

To make bunny butts: Place cut sides of marshmallow halves onto each frosted cupcake, leaving room for bunny feet. Shape remaining white frosting into dime-sized balls then roll with white sprinkles to cover. Pipe small drop of remaining pink or white frosting onto top of each marshmallow. Press bunny tail on top.

Place both bunny feet against base of marshmallow with toes facing down.

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Smile For the DMV

When I went to get my driver’s license renewed, our local motor-vehicle bureau was packed. 

The line inched along for almost an hour until the man ahead of me finally got his license.

He inspected his photo for a moment and commented to the clerk, “I was standing in line so long, I ended up looking pretty grouchy in this picture.”

The clerk looked at his picture closely. 

“It’s okay,” he reassured the man, “That’s how you’re going to look when the cops pull you over anyway.”

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Hometown Happenings

Hometown Happenings articles are a community service for non-profit agencies only. Due to popular demand for placement in this section, we can no longer run all articles. Deadline for articles is Monday at 5 p.m. This is not guaranteed space. Articles will run as space allows. Guaranteed placement is $10, certain restrictions may apply. You now can email your Hometown Happenings to happenings@cedarspringspost.com please include name and phone number for any questions we may have.

theTable at The Springs Church Canceled

Meals served every Thursday at The Springs Church on the corner of Oak and Grant are canceled until further notice. If meals are needed, please contact Cherryl at 616-696-2970. #tfn

Cedar Springs 50+ Reunion Canceled

It’s our regret that the Cedar Springs 50+ Reunion will be canceled this year in 2020 because of the Covid-19 virus. It was a hard decision but for everyone’s safety that it is done. Sorry for this news. God bless everyone. #13,14p

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Update on hours due to corona virus

We have a temporary change in our office routine to announce in regard to circumstances regarding the COVID-19 virus. Due to the fact that we have employees with auto-immune disorders and employees caring for vulnerable family members with breathing problems, our office will be closed to the general public until further notice. Please consider emailing us or calling us (696-3655) if you need to submit something, discuss something, or need to make a payment. We can take your payment over the phone with a credit/debit card. If you need to drop something off, we will have a mailbox outside our door that we will check often. Please do not put checks or valuables in the box. If you need to give us a check, please send through regular mail. At least one person will be in the office from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday to take calls, and we will be closed on Friday. This is only temporary and we apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding!

For more contact information visit our About page http://cedarspringspost.com/about/

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Short Spring Jokes

When do monkeys fall from the sky? 

During Ape-ril showers! 

Can February March? 

No, but April May! 

Why is everyone so tired on April 1? 

Because they’ve just finished a long, 31 day March! 

What season is it when you are on a trampoline? 


What flowers grow on faces? 

Tulips (Two-lips)! 

Why are trees very forgiving? 

Because in the Fall they “Let It Go” and in the Spring they “turn over a new leaf.”

Why is the letter A like a flower? 

A bee (B) comes after it! 

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? 

A hot cross bunny 

What did the tree say to spring? 

What a re-leaf. 

NOTICE: We need NEW jokes! If you have a good “clean” joke to share email it to news@cedarspringspost.com or send to P.O. Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

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Hometown Happenings

Hometown Happenings articles are a community service for non-profit agencies only. Due to popular demand for placement in this section, we can no longer run all articles. Deadline for articles is Monday at 5 p.m. This is not guaranteed space. Articles will run as space allows. Guaranteed placement is $10, certain restrictions may apply. You now can email your Hometown Happenings to happenings@cedarspringspost.com please include name and phone number for any questions we may have.

theTable at The Springs Church Canceled

Mar. 19: Meals served every Thursday at The Springs Church on the corner of Oak and Grant are canceled until further notice. If meals are needed, please contact Cherryl at 616-696-2970. #tfn

En Gedi Fundraiser Auction Canceled

Mar. 20: In accordance with the CDC’s recommendation, En Gedi has postponed the 2020 Annual Auction Fundraiser scheduled for this Friday, March 20 with the hopes it will take place in the fall. All auction item donations have been safely stored and will be kept until the next auction. Anyone who purchased a ticket can receive a refund or can use it at the next auction. Please know how very much the En Gedi Team appreciates your support. Information will be disbursed when more is known. #12

Sand Lake UMC Fellowship Hall Rededication Canceled

Mar. 21: The rededication of the Sand Lake United Methodist Community Fellowship Hall scheduled for  Saturday, March 21st has been canceled. No new date has been set at this time. #11,12p

Community Night Canceled

Because of the current restrictions regarding COVID-19, the Cedar Springs Rotary Club is cancelling Community Night 2020. We are not going to reschedule it. If you already registered, you will get an email with your options. Celebrate tax day with us next year on April 15 for  Community Night 2021. #12

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The Post travels to Guatemala

A group of 11 people raised funds from Blythfield Hills Baptist Church at Ensley Center Campus traveled to Chichiastenango, Guatemala on February 21 for a mission trip. They spent a week serving the locals of Chi Chi through Manos de Jesus organization. The picture shows the group after building a home for Maria and her children in the mountains of Chichiastenango. The group also helped distribute shoes to 50 local children, visit families, and participated in three school feeding programs. 

It sounds like you did some great work in Guatemala! Thanks so much for taking us with you!

Are you going on vacation or traveling? Be sure to take along a printed edition of the Post and get someone to snap a photo of you or your family with it. Send it to us along with some info about your trip (where you went, who went along, what you saw) and send the photo and info to news@cedarspringspost.com. We will print as space allows. If you forget the Post, please do not photoshop it into the photo. Just take it with you next time!

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