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The Post travels to Traverse City 


The Post went on a wine tasting tour in Traverse City over Mother’s Day weekend. Judy Reed, of Cedar Springs, was treated to the weekend as a Mother’s Day present from her children, Rachel Hunt, Jessica Williams, and Steven Reed. The four visited several wineries on both the Old Mission Peninsula and the Leelanau Peninsula, tasted all things cherry at Cherry Republic, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding Traverse City and the bay.

Thanks to the Reed family for taking us with you!

If you are going on a trip, take a Post with you, snap a photo, and send it to us, along with some info about your trip. Be sure to include your contact info in case we have a question. Send your Post travels stories and photos to news@cedarspringspost.com.

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KDL to bring back the bookmobile

Do you remember when vehicles like this bookmobile visited neighborhoods in the 1970s? KDL is bringing back the bookmobile to serve children, daycare centers and senior centers.

Do you remember when vehicles like this bookmobile visited neighborhoods in the 1970s? KDL is bringing back the bookmobile to serve children, daycare centers and senior centers.

Kent District Library is pleased to announce that it has received a $208,000 grant from the Steelcase Foundation to design and offer a bookmobile to the KDL community.

This mobile library will enable KDL to bring its services and programming to Kent County residents who can’t travel to one of its 18 branches on a regular basis. When it hits the streets in winter 2018, it will be equipped with a vast assortment of collection materials for both children and adults.

The bookmobile, which will take 6-9 months to craft, will be outfitted with Wi-Fi, a video screen, a computer, printer, and modular shelves. The vehicle will also be handicapped accessible and will offer security features.

“The Steelcase Foundation chose to support the new KDL bookmobile because of its alignment with the Foundation’s mission of empowering people to reach their full potential by encouraging early learning experiences, family literacy and improving access to books, programs and computer learning throughout Kent County,” said Steelcase Foundation President Julie Ridenour. “While not a new concept, the bookmobile will take these opportunities to the communities where they are most needed. The Steelcase Foundation hopes there will be a future time when today’s young and new readers will share their bookmobile experiences with their own families.”

The bookmobile will allow Kent District Library to share its programs and collection with patrons, particularly students, beyond the walls of the branch library. KDL will partner with Kent School Services Network, or KSSN, to bring the bookmobile to seven elementary schools each week. The bookmobile will also bring the library to senior centers, rural centers, summer day care programs and a variety of other locations.

“KDL is thrilled to offer library services and programs that can help improve our students’ reading ability through this partnership with KSSN,” said Linda Krombeen, development manager for Kent District Library. “We are extremely grateful to the Steelcase Foundation for its generosity in making this effort a reality.”

One of KDL’s goals in offering the bookmobile is to increase reading proficiency in third grade students. In 2016, 50 percent of Kent County third graders were not proficient in English language arts.

“The Kent School Services Network is very excited to partner with the KDL on the Bookmobile grant,” said Carol Paine-McGovern, executive director of KSSN. “Bringing access to library programs and collections to schools is a community school strategy that will have a positive impact on early literacy and parent engagement.”

Kent District Library will seek donations to fill the bookmobile with books and other materials.

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Congressional Medal of Merit recipients recognized

Rep. Justin Amash and Tara Tepin, Cedar Springs High School.

Rep. Justin Amash and Tara Tepin, Cedar Springs High School.

Rep. Justin Amash and Autumn Shelagowski, Creative Technologies Academy.

Rep. Justin Amash and Autumn Shelagowski, Creative Technologies Academy.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) recognized the 2017 service academy appointees and student Congressional Medal of Merit recipients from Michigan’s Third District at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum on Saturday, May 6.

“We are blessed to have such amazing students in our community. They are making a difference for our future,” said Amash.

Applicants to the service academies require a nomination from an authorized nominating source, which includes members of Congress. To assist with the nominating process, Amash assembled a committee of military and civic leaders who reviewed applications, interviewed potential nominees, and made recommendations.

In addition to the six service academy appointees recognized, Amash honored 40 students with the Congressional Medal of Merit. The Congressional Medal of Merit recognizes high school seniors who have demonstrated exemplary citizenship and academic excellence. Recipients were nominated by their principals or guidance counselors.

In our coverage area, there were two students recognized as Congressional Medal of Merit recipients: Autumn Shelagowski, of Creative Technologies Academy; and Tara Nicole Tepin, of Cedar Springs High School.

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Fundraiser for Solon Fire Department


N-Fire-department-fundraiser-Auto-chest-compressionSpaghetti fundraiser and silent auction May 31 for lifesaving equipment

By Judy Reed

When someone you know and love is in cardiac arrest, you want to get them the best help possible. That’s why the Solon Township Fire Department is holding an all you can eat spaghetti dinner and silent auction at Big Boy, on Tuesday, May 31, from 5-8 p.m., to raise money for new equipment that will help save lives. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children.

In 2016, there were more than 350,000 instances of sudden cardiac arrest (outside of hospitals), according to the American Heart Association. About 46 percent had CPR performed on them by a bystander, and only 12 percent survived. That might not sound like a high number, but it’s a number that’s climbed over the last several years, thanks to new lifesaving equipment available to paramedics that will automatically do chest compressions. And Solon Township Fire and Rescue is trying to raise money to buy the equipment to treat people locally.

Algoma and Kent City have the equipment, and Cedar Springs purchased it earlier this year after doing a fundraiser. Cedar Springs Fire Chief Marty Fraser said they were first introduced to it by Algoma Fire, who helped them on a call. “It’s an amazing piece of equipment and will help save lives,” he said.

According to Solon Fire Chief Jeff Drake, the equipment is about $15,000. They have received a $2,500 donation, and have also applied for a grant through Lowe’s.

Administering manual CPR is not easy work. It calls for 120 chest compressions a minute, and involves several paramedics. The new equipment would bring that number down.

According to Drake, automatic chest compression devices save precious amounts of time, manpower, and increase a patient’s survival rate substantially. They are safe and efficient tools that standardize chest compressions during cardiac arrest and are in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines developed by the American Heart Association.

One case where they had to use manual CPR occurred in February. The woman’s husband later thanked Solon first responders at a township board meeting. Tom Decker praised the responders for their efforts when his wife, who was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, collapsed in their home. He began to do chest compressions, and then Solon Fire responded within minutes and took over. They eventually got her heart beating again, and she was sent to the hospital.

“Sadly she did not regain consciousness and passed away on the evening of the second (of February),” wrote Tom. “That was God’s will, not our first responders. At my request, they did everything possible in their efforts to save her. They were obviously well trained, dedicated, driven, and efficient, yet compassionate and understanding…I do want them to know how grateful I will always be for their service to my wife. Even though I don’t know them, they are my heroes.”

Getting the equipment to do automatic chest compressions will help the rescue workers in cases such as Mrs. Decker’s, and others.

You can help by attending the all you can eat spaghetti dinner and silent auction. Some of the items being auctioned off include a TV, Tiger baseball tickets (10th row), Whitecaps tickets, and a $25 Dairy Queen gift card.

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Michigan sees 10 percent increase in traffic fatalities in 2016 


For the second year, Michigan traffic deaths increased 10 percent, up from 963 in 2015 to 1,064 in 2016, according to just-released information from the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center.

For 2017, we have had 338 traffic deaths so far, which is up by 26 (eight percent) from May of 2016.

Prior to 2016, the last year Michigan exceeded 1,000 traffic fatalities was 2007. Crashes, injuries and serious injuries were up as well:

*Crashes: 297,023 in 2015 to 312,172 in 2016, up 5 percent.

*Injuries: 74,157 in 2015 to 79,724 in 2016, up 8 percent.

*Serious injuries: 4,865 in 2015 to 5,634 in 2016, up 16 percent.

Positive progress was noted in several areas, including alcohol-involved traffic deaths, which fell 11 percent, from 303 in 2015 to 271 in 2016, and a 7 percent decline for young driver-involved fatalities (age 16-20), from 158 in 2015 to 147 in 2016.

“Some trends are emerging, especially with regard to drug-impaired traffic deaths, and our office is aligning resources accordingly,” said Michael L. Prince, director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. “More resources are available to train law enforcement officers in the detection of drug-impaired drivers and OHSP is continuing federal funding for impaired driving traffic patrols throughout the year. In addition, planning is underway to use new earmarked federal funds to help address the state’s bicyclist and pedestrian crashes and fatalities.

“Our core programs, focused on increasing seat belt use and reducing impaired driving remain as important as ever,” he added.

The increases are part of a national trend of rapidly rising traffic deaths. Researchers believe an improved economy and lower gas prices have contributed to an increase in miles driven.


 In other areas:

*Bicyclist fatalities increased from 33 in 2015 to 38 in 2016, up 15 percent.

*Commercial motor vehicle-involved fatalities increased from 85 in 2015 to 120 in 2016, up 41 percent.

*Drug-involved fatalities increased from 179 in 2015 to 236 in 2016, up 32 percent.

*Motorcyclist fatalities increased from 138 in 2015 to 141 in 2016, up 2 percent. *Pedestrian fatalities decreased from 170 in 2015 to 165 in 2016, down 3 percent. Note: More detailed 2016 crash information will be posted to Michigantrafficcrashfacts.org in the coming months. Statewide crash information can be found at Michigan.gov/crash.

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National Bike Month


With the welcome return of warm weather, May is recognized as National Bike Month. Bike to Work Week is May 15-19, with Friday, May 19, designated as Bike to Work Day. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) encourages other transportation agencies and the public to help raise bicycling safety awareness and promote the safety message: Give ‘em Space, Make it Safe, Please Share the Road.

In 2016, there were 1,959 reported crashes involving bicyclists in Michigan that resulted in 1,563 injuries and 38 fatalities. According to the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP), that number of fatalities is up 15 percent from 2015 (33). The number of fatal crashes involving bicyclists remains disproportionately high compared to other roadway users or crash types.

Motorists are reminded that bicyclists are permitted to ride on most roadways in the state. In fact, Michigan has a growing number of bike lanes and thousands of miles of shared-use pathways that bicyclists use and enjoy. Many communities are building bicycle-friendly infrastructure, and drivers must remain attentive when driving and take extra care when approaching bicyclists as the warmer spring months lure people outdoors.

Bicyclists are reminded that, as legal roadway users, they are required to obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. A person operating a bicycle upon a highway or street at less than the existing speed of traffic shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.

For maps and other important bicycling information, including “What Every Michigan Driver Should Know About Bike Lanes,” go to:  www.michigan.gov/mdot-biking.

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Hurray for the Red, White and Blue!

USA chanting with the K-2 students.

USA chanting with the K-2 students.

Upper elementary students incorporate motions into their songs

Upper elementary students incorporate motions into their songs

On Wednesday, May 3, CTA elementary students presented their final concert of the year. This concert was patriotic-themed. Students were dressed in a sea patriotic colors. All K-5 students started off the concert with the a salute to our country by singing the national anthem. K-2 students then energetically chanted “USA” to some music followed by a version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” called “Twinkle, Twinkle, 50 Stars”. Other highlights of the concert included a bucket drumming ensemble, a recorder ensemble that played “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, an xylophone ensemble, and some students rapping the 50 states in order. Everyone enjoyed the patriotic theme and students enjoyed the unique aspects of the performance.

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Chargers Join Charter Day at The Capitol


CTA Chargers let their voices be heard as they joined other charter schools at the Capitol.

Chargers had the opportunity to meet with Senator MacGregor during their visit to Lansing.

Every year, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) facilitates a charter school advocacy day. This year CTA was able to bring approximately 60 individuals – students in 8th – 12th grades, parents and staff members. During the day, they had the opportunity to let members of our Michigan government know that our ability to choose our schools matters. We heard Representative Kelly speak, saw the Michigan Supreme Court in session, and spoke with Senator MacGregor.

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Book Tasting in Campbell’s Café

Students “dined” on new book genres to move outside their reading comfort zones.

Students “dined” on new book genres to move outside their reading comfort zones.

The third grade students have been working hard on growing as readers. As a class, we’ve been tracking what types of books we were reading independently and noticed some “holes” in our reading lives. We made a goal to challenge ourselves and move outside our comfort zone when it came to trying new genres. To get started, we transformed our classroom into C ampbell’s Café with placemats, napkins, fake candles, signs, and some café music! Students made reservations and did a book tasting to “get a taste” of different genres they wanted to try!

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Ethan Lehman Named Essay Scholarship Winner

Ethan Lehman shares his essay scholarship award.

Ethan Lehman shares his essay scholarship award.

CTA senior Ethan Lehman was named one of the winners of the Economics Club of Grand Rapids scholarship. All applicants had to write an essay on “Social Media: How does it Help or Hinder Ethical Leadership?” More than 300 students applied and Ethan was named one of the top 13 winners. Essays were judged on the applicant’s grasp of the subject, effectiveness of focus and organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation and various other criteria.

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