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Vote NO on Nelson library millage

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Nelson Township voters need to be aware that the August 3 election is about more than just selecting a state Senate candidate. There is a proposal to increase the township library millage. This was voted down a year ago, and yet township officials refuse to accept that the people have already spoken on this issue. So, they are trying to sneak it past voters in an off year primary election where the turnout will be very low. This is totally unethical and should be illegal. Furthermore, they have misused taxpayer money and resources by including propaganda about this in the newsletter sent out with property tax bills. The propaganda states that the library needs a new roof and boiler. This is highly suspect for a library building barely 15 years old. The real question is why there is a township library tax at all. The township library millage was passed in 1987, and unfortunately has no expiration. In 1995 a countywide library system, KDL, was created with a new tax to support it. Nelson Township officials should have stoped collecting the township library tax at that time. The fact that this township library tax is still collected means we have been doubled dipped for library services for the last 25 years. Shame on Nelson Township’s self-serving and less than honest elected officials (past and present).  However, this is not a raw enough deal for taxpayers to satisfy the current township officials. They want to increase the township library tax to scam taxpayers even more. This proposal needs to be soundly defeated. Please vote NO! It also needs to be noted that the KDL library millage has increased by 85% (from 0.68 in 1995 to the current 1.26 mills), so KDL certainly could and should be paying the maintenance and utilities on the library building. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not live in Nelson Township, but I own (and pay taxes on) 80 acres in Nelson Township.

Daniel Davis

Courtland Township

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