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Letters to Santa

It’s that time of year again, when kids can’t wait to mail their letters to Santa! To help parents out, the Cedar Springs Post has set up a special North Pole drop box. Every year dozens of kids use our special box for express delivery to the North Pole, and we make sure Santa reads each and every one! So, if you’d like to send a letter to Santa, and maybe get it printed in the newspaper, just drop off your letter in the bright red box labeled “Santa Mail” outside our office at 36 E. Maple Street, or mail your letter to: Letters to Santa, c/o the Cedar Springs Post, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. 

Hurry, all letters must be in Santa’s Mail box by Monday, December 21 to reach him in time for Christmas.

Dear santa

i waz gooD

this Year

I would liKe

Toy Dog that

barks and

does Tricks

Root dear PoP

Cheeze Chips

BoY drill Set

PlaY kitchen

Cars Trucks


Can You

deliver to My

aunts house

Love, Ethan

Ethan is 3 years old and lives w/ mom & stepdad in Morley but he spends every other weekend with us on Sundays. 

Kerry Boyer of Cedar Springs

P.S. My aunt helped me write this letter

Dear Santa, Can I have

a remix surprise? and

can I have more stuf lol?

liKe the amazing Surprise?

and lol balls it dosein’t 

mater what balls it is. 



love u Santa!

Hi Santa i Would LiKe an ocules VR quest 2

and a space Lego Set along with candy canes


Sencerly: Ben Drier

Santa Cluse

From: Joe

Hi, for Christmas I would like a 100$ PS4 gift card for Christmas, and a PS5, thanks.

To Santa

from Lincoln

To north Pole

To Santa

Dear Santa What I relly Want for crismas is. My crismas list…

a JoJo huverbored Amricin girll

doll close Astr in drake doll baby

accesoreses baby cowala toy

go weing baby alive boy baby doll

close JoJo bow Amricin girll

for chlowe. And you can get me 

what you whant as long as it is 

not boy stuff. Love Lincoln Bush

of Rockford

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