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Village of Sand Lake candidates

Village of Sand Lake candidates

There are several spots to fill in the November 3 election in the Village of Sand Lake.

Village President – 2-year term, vote for 1

Tracy Quinlan

Current Village President Tracy Quinlan is running to retain her seat. She was appointed by the board when former President Danielle Hardenburgh stepped down.

Quinlan says she is running so that “with the six council trustees, we can continue the leadership that has made the Village of Sand Lake one of the best rural communities between the Rapids!”  

She says: “I was raised on a farm just north of Howard City until high school and then moved to Ensley Center, Sand Lake, graduating from Grant High School. I am proud to hold several professional degrees, a real estate license and am currently engaged in a professional career as an elementary science and English teacher in the Grand Rapids Public Schools district.  I like to paddleboard, hike, SCUBA dive, paint, garden and hangout with friends and family!

“Committed to community service, I have been an adjunct professor at Davenport University in the legal studies department, as well as serving on the executive board of Whitefish Pointe Historical Society and one of a group that created Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve and the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve. I also served for many years as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in Fremont, Michigan and have business experience as the Vice President of a local longhaul trucking company and owner of a real estate renovation company. 

“I never waiver from my commitment to Village residents; I do not succumb to the pressure of outside interests and I have the maturity, experience and common sense to provide quality leadership.”

Nile Hayden

Nile Hayden has lived in Sand Lake, Nelson Township, for the last 27 years. He is originally from Cornell, Wisconsin. Has been married for the last 63 years. He has 3 kids, and 6 grandkids. Nile also retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service. Nile has served on the Village of Sand Lake Council in the past. He served 6 years as a council member, and 4 years as Village President. The biggest thing Nile would like to accomplish if elected, is unity with other local governments and our community. 

Village trustee, 4-year-term, vote for not more than 3

Glenn Baker Jr. currently serves on the council. He is running for his seat. The Post did not receive a questionnaire back from him.

Mollie McLellan 

Mollie McLellan is running for a 4-year term. She has lived in Sand Lake and surrounding areas for most of her life. Growing up just east of the village, Mollie has fond memories of riding her bicycle into town and playing basketball at Salisbury park as a kid. For 14 years Mollie was very involved with the Red Flannel Saddle Club. Many accredit her for getting homeschooling “on the map” with being the first homeschool equestrian team to compete in MIHA shows. Mollie along with her brother also paved the path for homeschoolers at the Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC) with help from her mother/ business partner Denise. Mollie graduated as top performer in the cosmetology program at KCTC.

In 2011, Mollie and Denise proudly opened the Corner Hair Design and Spa in the heart of the village. Over the past nine years, they have persevered and built a strong business and a loyal clientele, and made many friends along the way. She is also a member of the Sand Lake Chamber of Commerce

If Mollie McLellan is elected for trustee of the Village of Sand Lake, she will be striving for unity. The Village of Sand Lake is surrounded by municipalities from 3 different counties, and Mollie does not see a reason that we cannot “all get along.” Mollie is confident that we can build strong relationships with Nelson Twp., Ensley Twp., Pierson, Cedar Springs, Howard City, Paradise Cove, and other municipalities. Mollie understands the concept of professionalism and hopes she will have the chance to represent every voter in the village with her votes on major and minor decisions that the council is faced with.

Mollie wants nothing more than to see the Village of Sand Lake prosper and be successful. If she is elected Trustee, every citizen in the village can rest assured that Mollie will vote with the best interest of the village in in mind. Every decision and vote made will be made with honesty and good intention. 

For more info go to Facebook.com/Elect for Village of Sand Lake Trustees.

Kim McNees (No photo)

Kim McNees is 63 years old and running for Sand Lake village trustee (4-year-term).
He said he bought his house in the village and graduated later that year in the Viking class of 1976. “We have lived in the village of Sand Lake for 44 years. I was on the Sand Lake Fire Department for 8 years. Throughout the years I have worked at Keeler Brass, and McNees MFG. I am not retired.”
He married his wife Alice in 1977 and they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. 

“I am running for a seat on the council, to be a voice for our village residents, by keeping them informed and listening to their concerns. With everyone working together we can make our village strong and proud.”

Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright is also running for the four-year term of Sand Lake trustee. “I’ve lived in Sand Lake, Nelson Township for the last 12 and a half years. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids until my parents relocated to Pierson in 1997. I graduated from Tri County High School in 2002 where I met my wife. We’ve been married for almost 15 years, and have three girls ages 12, 11, and 8 years old. In 2017 I helped jumpstart the Community Engagement Committee in Sand Lake, and the Backpack Program for Grant public schools. If elected, I want to mend broken relationships with other local governments and committees, and always voting in the BEST interest of the community.”

William Rau

William Rau is running as a write-in for the four-year term of Sand Lake trustee. He is currently serving a partial term.

“My name is Bill Rau. I am a write in candidate for the village board. I have served for 1 ½ years on the board. I was a replacement for another person. I would like to serve another two years on the council but I need you to write my name in on the ballot.

I have lived in Sand Lake most of my life.  My family moved here when I was 12.  I attended school in Sand Lake and graduated from the high school with the class of 1957. I played football and basketball all four years. I worked at Merren’s Grocery store and also the Steer House. I served in the Navy after I graduated from high school.  When I returned, I lived in Ensley Center where we raised our family.

Most of my adult life I worked at the Sparta Foundry, however, I have also worked a variety of other jobs including having my own hardware store and my independent business called, “Have Hammer Will Travel”.  We now live back in the village after being gone for about 12 years. I am 83 years old and retired. I have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. Darrel Rau, my dad, served the village as president and/or treasurer for a multitude of years.  He was instrumental in getting water and gas to the village. 

I have served on various kinds of church committees. I was president of the Rotary in Middleville for several years. Now I serve the village of Sand Lake.”

What does Bill hope to accomplish if you elected? “I enjoy working on the DPW committee.  We are working on projects and I would like to continue with that work.  I also work with the S.L Fire Department who I think serves the community well. I would very much like to see the community come together so we are able to grow, prosper and attract new business. I now feel I have the experience with the board and would like to continue the work we have started.  We do need some kind of experience on the board so work will proceed for the good of the village.”

Village trustee, partial term (2 years, vote for not more than 1

Stacy Rudicil

Stacy Rudicil is running for the 2-year partial term of Sand Lake Village trustee. “I am 41 years old. I bought my house in the village of Sand Lake in February of 2019. I have worked within the village since 2003. I Manage the Sand Lake and Cedar Springs Wesco stores. I have 2 kids, Logan who is a Tri-County graduate and Alyssa is who is a 7th grader at Tri-County Middle School.
“I am currently the treasurer on the Sand Lake Chamber of Commerce, and have organized events in Sand Lake such as Easter egg hunts, 4th of July parade, 3 on 3 baketball tournament.”

If elected in as Village of Sand Lake trustee Stacy will put foward her experience of business management and leadership into building our Village towards a stronger financial future.

Stacy has 17 years experience of managing, budgeting, and displaying effective leadership of a successful business in the Village.

Stacy will be passionate in going after grants to help our village and residents, she will also look for ways to bring more business into our village while still supporting the businesses we already have.

Most importantly Stacy feels very strongly about making sure all residents are informed on big decisions, and listening to their feedback before placing her vote on these decisions.

She is excited to work with Nelson Township, Sand Lake Chamber of Commerce, and neighboring communities to bring forth a strong working community for the better of all that help our Village of Sand Lake be a proud place to work, live and visit.

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