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Alpha Family Center raises matching grant funds for ultra sound machine

Alpha Family Center raises matching grant funds for ultra sound machine

Knights of Columbus to work with Alpha on rest of funding

by Judy Reed

Teresa Hathaway before
her hair cut.

If you’ve Teresa Hathaway, Executive Director of Alpha Family Center recently, you might notice that she’s sporting a new look. Teresa recently had several inches of her hair cut off as part of the incentive for people to donate during their 20/20 Vision for Life Ultra Sound campaign over the summer. 

Alpha decided earlier this year to begin the conversion process from a pregnancy care center to a pregnancy medical center and began raising the additional funds needed to do so during LifeWalk. 

Teresa Hathaway after her hair cut.

“By making the conversion to a medical center we will have the ability to provide free ultrasounds,” said Hathaway. “We understand the important role ultrasounds play in a woman’s decision when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Ultrasounds have proven to change minds and save lives as women see and hear their babies.”

The deal was that if they raised $25,000 towards Lifewalk and $25,000 towards an ultrasound machine by Sept. 1, she would get her long, lovely locks shorn. It almost didn’t happen.

“As of Saturday, August 29, we had only raised $1,000 towards our goal of $25,000 for Alpha’s 20/20 Vision for Life Ultrasound Project. I had it in my mind to extend the deadline to raise the $25,000 to October 1st to give us more time,” explained Hathaway. “But apparently God had His own plans and it didn’t require more time, just hearts willing to be obedient to His leading.” 

On Sunday, August 30, she received an anonymous donation of $9,900 and then the very next day a couple provided Alpha with a check for $25,000.

“The funds that Alpha has raised are to be used towards the preparation needed in the conversion to a medical center so we can provide ultrasound services to our clients. This includes training, legal requirements, additional staff, insurance, renovations and media cost in promoting the new service to the communities,” she explained.

But what about the actual machine? “We can now publicly announce that the Knights of Columbus Council 15889 is working with the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus to purchase an ultrasound machine for Alpha Family Center of Cedar Springs,” said Hathaway. She received a copy of a letter from Father Lam, of St. John’s Parish, that explains the endeavor to supporters.

“We are working with the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus so that Alpha Family Center in Cedar Springs, Michigan can purchase an ultrasound machine. It helps women choose life by giving them the opportunity to view their unborn children on the ultrasound machines at a pro-life pregnancy center. This is how it works in term of funding for the machines: after the local council raises 50 percent of the cost, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council will provide the other 50 percent to complete funding for the purchase of an ultrasound machine.

“How can you help? People who respect life from the moment of conception to our natural death write checks to the Knights of Columbus Council 15889 and mail them to St. John Paul II Parish, 3110 17 Mile Rd, Cedar Springs Michigan 49319. We hope to reach 50 percent of the funding, which is approximately $25,000, on October 22. Please make sure that the check is made out to the council and not to the parish.

“My sincere hope is that with your assistance we will reach our goal on October 22. Why this date? It is the Feast of St. John Paul II, the patron Saint of council 15889 and the Catholic parish in Cedar Springs. During this year, we commemorate the 100th birthday of this saint who during his earthly life served the church and the world as Pope and wrote a beautiful encyclical letter, The Gospel of Life. This letter serves as a foundation for many movements and reflections on the sanctity of life. Let’s celebrate this Apostle for Life by helping our community in Cedar Springs obtain the ultrasound machine for the Alpha Center.”

Hathaway said they will also be looking for a Medical Director for the center. “We praise our Lord for providing these funds and we are trusting in Him to also provide us with a M.D./D.O to serve as our Medical Director,” she said. 

To donate, make checks out to: The Knights of Columbus Council 15889

Mail them to: St. John Paul II Parish, 3110 17 Mile Rd, Cedar Springs Michigan 49319.

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