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Free performance of “We are Monsters”

In the Heart of Cedar Springs Amphitheater

Cast members of “We are Monsters” will perform on the Amphitheater stage in the Heart of Cedar Springs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

WHIMPERING WAMBAT! What a remarkable time we live in! Social distancing, designer face coverings and now….Vegetarian Vampires!

These unusual creatures are just part of the cast that make up the Cedar Springs Community Players (CSCP) summer production of “We are Monsters”. Summertime for the CSCP has always been dedicated to children’s theatre and this year is no exception. Directors Angela Wilbur and Erika Wood have put together an ensemble of 22 child actors to sing, dance and tell a story of the Monster Cabaret which is held in an old warehouse. Three human children decide to explore the warehouse and stumble into a rock and roll rendition of “Howl at the Moon”, performed by a group of werewolves. The vampires soon take the stage and being their Rockette version of “My Fangs Get in the Way”.

During rehearsals, several parents shared that they are so happy that their children have had the opportunity to perform. “The Directors have been so enthusiastic and are flexible with the rehearsal schedule given that we all are still juggling work, school and vacation time” one parent shared. The parents and players are working to make sure that the mandate is being managed during rehearsals “My favorite part”, one parent shared “is that the directors are allowing the kids to develop their characters on their own and choreograph their own routines”. This was so apparent when Maya Quigley who plays Oozy Lumpa, the sweet, but slimy monster who longs for her childhood friend, approached the stage and said to Director Erika “I think I choreographed my song, but is not real good right now”. “Show us” Eric encouraged “It’s your song, let’s do this”! Maya began to perform a soulful and well-choreographed rendition of “Be in Touch” which even included a COVID elbow bump! So clever and comical.

“We are Monsters” will be performed at the Amphitheater in the Heart of Cedar Springs.  Performances will be August 28 & 29 at 7:00 p.m. and August 30 at 3:00 p.m. There will be no cost to see the performance. The park will allow for blankets and require social distancing guidelines be adhered to. This performance is a tribute to our youth who have come as far away as Wyoming and Grand Rapids, Michigan to have their children take part in this production. The CSCP asks that the audience practice any state issued policies and enjoy the energy this group of young people want to share with you.

Due to changes under the Governors order, please follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Cedarspringscommunityplayers to keep up to date on the performance. 

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