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Montcalm Sheriff weighs in on mask enforcement

Montcalm Sheriff weighs in on mask enforcement
Sheriff Mike Williams

Montcalm County Sheriff Mike Williams announced this week that deputies will not be issuing citations to people for not wearing masks in a place of business. He did say, however, that they would stress that wearing a mask could help save lives and he encourages people to respect a business’s requirement for customers to wear one.

His letter reads:

“Everyone is aware that we are in the middle of a historic and deadly pandemic. In an effort to mitigate the negative outcomes on the citizens of Michigan, Governor Whitmer has issued 147 executive orders. I have no doubt the Governor feels these are necessary, however, the manner in which they’re written and executed leads to great confusion among local law enforcement as well as the public at large.

“These are trying times in many aspects for law enforcement. We cannot afford to take actions that further erode the public trust in us. As such, the official position of the Sheriff’s Office is to continue to educate the public on the benefits of wearing a face covering in enclosed public places. We will stress the that wearing a mask will slow the spread and save lives. We will not, however, be expending the resources of the Sheriff’s Office on issuing citations to individuals not wearing masks.

“I would remind people to respect a business or store’s requirements to wear a mask. Non-compliant store guests who do not leave when asked, may be prosecuted for trespassing or disorderly conduct under Michigan law.

“Citizens that would like other enforcement action regarding an individual not wearing a mask in an enclosed public space should contact the Attorney General Office at 517-335-7622. If a citizen would like to file a complaint on a business not requiring masks, please contact MIOSHA at 855-723-3219.”

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One Response to “Montcalm Sheriff weighs in on mask enforcement”

  1. Jon amble says:

    Why not enforce what we need to do to keep people safe?
    There has been ample evidence that masks help spread.


Ray Winnie
Kent County Credit Union


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