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Mobile home park donates to help feed kids

Mobile home park donates to help feed kids
Cedar Springs Mobile Estates donated $1,000 to Cedar Springs Public Schools to help with their summer food program. From left to right: Chris LaHaie, Chief Financial Officer at CS Public Schools; Scott Smith, Superintendent; Caitlin Marvin, manager at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates; and Matt Blood, Human and Community Services Director at CS Public Schools.

Makes other improvements

Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, located near the intersection of 18 Mile and N. Main Street, donated $1,000 to Cedar Springs Public Schools earlier this week to help the school with their summer food program.

But, according to Caitlin Marvin, property manager at the park, that’s just one of the things that they’ve done to help boost their image and make the place a better place to live for residents. “Our park has completely changed over the past few years. Our community has grown so much. We have such wonderful people here and we couldn’t be happier to where our community is heading. The managers here have worked their tails off to get where we are today!” she said.

The CSME is owned by Suzie Becker and run by her son Justin and daughter Stephanie. The improvements they’ve made are aesthetic, social and financial.

Improvements you can see include putting in 17 new homes since 2018; they are also upgrading their office along with the homes in the park, new roof, new sign, and landscaping. They are also putting in a garden for their community. 

“The garden is going to be at the Carol circle,” explained Marvin. “We are starting with benches and picnic tables, flower beds etc. We are planning on building raised garden beds to plant veggies and fruits for the people in our community. We will provide the seeds/plants each year and all residents are welcome to help Ranee and I tend the garden.” 

They are also helping residents financially. Marvin said they have been selling homes to the residents as opposed to just leasing. “If they purchase, their payments go down dramatically,” she said. They also do the financing for them.

They have also helped residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marvin noted that they have bought food and gift cards for residents to make sure no one goes hungry; and they have gotten residents help with rent and utilities. They also scour the internet for jobs and send that out to the residents to help them in their job search.

And it’s not just the park management helping residents. The residents in the park step up to help each other as well. “Our community has been wonderful to each other, especially through this pandemic. “They have been helping each other with meals and groceries, checking in on one another, and helping keep yards clean and mowed for one another,” explained Marvin. 

Why the donation to the school? “We are trying to partner with other organizations such as the school to help not only our residents but the community of Cedar Springs as well. I believe being a bigger part in Cedar Springs is definitely helping set our standards higher and higher. We are proud of our progress and we want others to be proud to have Cedar Springs Mobile Estates in their town.” 

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  1. Wanda Kruse says:

    I went through the park last night. The grass at 167 n. Fredrick needs mowing bad. The traffic can see the yard from 18 mile. Other than that it looks good.


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