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More hot weather jokes

Q: What came out of the sprinkler during the heat wave?

A: Steam.

Q: How are people during a heat wave like clothes?

A: Their sweaters.

Q: Why were hungry dogs chasing he boy on the hot day?

A: They knew he had two hot pockets.

Q: What do you call a 3-pointer on the court during a heat wave?

A: A hot shot.

Q: Why did the man bring blue cheese to the aviary on a 100-degree day?

A: To go with the hot wings.

Q: Why should you play soccer on hot days?

A: So you’ll be surrounded by fans.

Q: How did the little boy float away at the beach?

A: It was so hot that his beach ball turned into a hot air balloon.

Q: What do you call ice cream on a 110-degree day?

A: A shake.

Q: Who’s the most popular comedian on a hot day?

A: The good humor man.

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