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Why the hell am I wearing this face mask?

by Lois Allen

Autumn Schovey, of Cedar Springs, shows off her mask that her mom, Belinda Sanderson, made for her.  

Humans are moist. We hold a lot of water. The human body is over half water. We are always losing it by sweating, going number 1, when we cry and every time that we open our mouths. It’s wet in there. When the weather is below freezing outside, we can see our breath freezing as it leaves our bodies into the air.  We are the perfect host for a virus to live and spread. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable. It fogs up my glasses and makes me feel like I’m walking around with a mini sauna on my face. And summer isn’t even here yet. But I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for my neighbors.

Every religion promotes treating others with dignity. In the Christian religion it’s one of the top rules given by God himself. Love thy neighbor. And that’s why I hope others will respect this rule by wearing a mask, keeping the virus from spewing onto others and the things it lands on. Because your neighbor is my mother. She’s 89 and has congestive heart failure. I desperately don’t want to lose her as she breathes her last breath while she suffocates alone in a hospital bed with a tube down her throat. Every death is a mother, a sister, a grandmother, father, son or someone who is loved. Nobody wants a person they love to die like that.

Medical professionals are learning more about the virus every day. They have discovered that many of us are positive and carrying the virus with NO SYMPTOMS. This makes our defeat of it a whole new ball game. And we don’t really know what inning we are in. We just have to assume everyone has it.

Until there is a cure or a vaccine, which is projected to be at least a year away, it will be here. Many officials are pinning their hopes to get this virus under control with ample testing. Testing, testing, testing. There are over 300 million people living in the country. You need three tests for every person who test positive before they are safe to return to public life. One positive and then two negative tests twenty-four hours apart. That’s 900 million tests. If you don’t test positive on Monday, will you be infected on Friday? How many tests will we actually need? We’ve only tested about 1 percent of our population so far. Testing is chasing the virus as it surges full speed ahead. It’s kind of like a cow chasing a cougar. My money isn’t on the cow.

The only way we can eliminate Covid 19 is to stop the spread. The only way to stop the spread and return to normal is up to us, not the doctors and nurses. They can only help us survive if we get it. They are frightened and exhausted, but willing to risk death to save us. Think of them. They are our neighbors, too.

It is all up to us. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We all need to be on the same page. Wear your mask, keep your distance and wash your hands—a lot. It’s what a hero would do. We are stronger together. Now is your chance. Be a hero, save a life. Help us all get back on our feet. Only we can stop the spread—by staying apart.

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3 Responses to “Why the hell am I wearing this face mask?”

  1. karen robinson says:

    I am surprised that a journalist has to resort to swearing to get the point across.

  2. Judy Wiest says:

    Please wear a mask

  3. David Skelonc says:


    “There’s been enough research done to be able to confidently say that masks wouldn’t be able to stop the spread of infection, that they would only have a small effect on transmission,” Cowling said. “We shouldn’t be relying on masks to help us go back to normal.”


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