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Pastor Bill Dixon

Solon Center Wesleyan Church 

15671 Algoma Ave, NE, Cedar Springs 

I can’t believe it’s a new year already. Last year flew by quickly. For some of you, last year was a great year. For others, last year was not so good. Maybe you lost your job, or had some major health issues arise. The list could go on. The point is you’re glad that last year is finally over. The good news is it’s a new year—a fresh start. Instead of talking about new year resolutions, I want to share a passage that I shared with our church this past Sunday, from Acts 2:42-47.  

The beginning of this passages starts off with these words, “They devoted themselves…” (Acts, 2:42, NIV). I want you to understand a few things: 1) The word “They” in this passage is referring to the early church, meaning, Jesus’ twelve disciples and the 3,000 plus other people who had made the decision to give their hearts to Jesus. 2) The word “Devoted,” means to be earnest towards something, to adhere closely to something. It means “exerting great effort to persist in doing something. It indicates action that is continuous and habitual” (D.L Moody). 

Now that we know what those two words mean, my question is, what were they devoted to? Luke goes on to tell us they were devoted to: 

1) The Apostles’ teaching. In other words, they were devoted to learning God’s Word. Why? They were hungry for truth. They knew that there was power in God’s word to not only transform their lives but transform others through them. 

2) They were devoted to fellowship. Meaning, they were devoted to worshiping together (Hebrews 10:25), hanging out together outside of church, and that they were devoted to being there for each other in sickness and health, and in the good and bad days. 

3) They were devoted to the breaking of bread, which refers to both celebrating the Lord’s Supper and having regular meals together. 

4) They were devoted to prayer. They were devoted to prayer because they knew that there is power in prayer. They knew that when God’s people prayed, God moved. 

5) They were devoted to being generous with their time and resources. The main reason why I believe that they were generous with their time and resources is because they realized that all that they had came from the Lord. 

6) They were devoted to living out their faith every day. It didn’t matter what others said or did to them, they were devoted to living out their faith every day in their homes, church, and out in public. They were not ashamed to be known as followers of the “Way” (Acts 9:1-2). 

Listen family, because the early church was devoted, the “Lord added to their number daily,” meaning that many more people became part of the family of God. 

If you take anything away from this short message, understand this: when Christ’s church is devoted, good things are going to happen. Good things like our relationship with the Lord and each other is going to grow deeper and stronger, and others are going to see Jesus in and through us, and by His grace, they too will put their faith and trust in Him and become part of the family of God. 

In this new year, I encourage all of us to be devoted.

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