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Sparty and Montague results for WMP

Sparty and Montague results for WMP

By Barbra Chong

Pictured is 77 lb Josh Vasquez, 15U Champion, who had an undefeated record over the weekend.

Holiday wrestling brought West Michigan Pursuit to the Lansing Center for the Sparty event. 

On Friday, December 20, they held the school-based duals. WMP had four grapplers competing. 54 lb Carter Giles, 72 lb Evan Andrews and 77 lb Kamden Witte wrestled for Greenville. 77 lb Josh Vasquez wrestled for Grandville. Giles went 5-0; Andrews went 5-0; Witte won a match and Vasquez went 5-0. Greenville finished 4th in their pool and 13th overall. Giles also earned “Top Gun” award for most pins in the fastest time. Grandville finished 4th in their pool and 15th overall. 

On Saturday, December 21, were the individual events. WMP entered 21 grapplers to compete, and 11 finished in the top four. 80 lb Josh Vasquez, 15U and 52/58 lb Kassie Sapp, Girls 10U were our Champions of the day. Sapp also earned “Top Gun” award for most pins in the fastest time. 80 lb Luke Egan, 12U; 76 lb Quinten Cassiday, 12U; 107 lb Blake Peasley, 12U and 95/100 lb Ayden McClurken all finished 2nd. 52/55 lb Ethan VanDyke, 6U and 54 lb Brody Compau, 10U both finished 3rd. 64 lb Dylan Russo, 8U; 54 lb Carter Giles, 10U and 65 lb Tatianna Castillo, Girls 10U in a combined bracket of 65/75/85 lbs finished 4th. 

On Sunday, December 22, were team based duals. WMP had 12 grapplers competing. 47 lb Kooper Witte wrestled on TNT, 7U. Witte went 4-0 and his team took home the Championship. 54 lb Brody Compau wrestled on SAW, 10U. Compau went 4-3, his team took 2nd in their pool and finished 6th overall. 54 lb Carter Giles wrestled on MI Mayhem, 10U. Giles went 5-1, his team took 2nd in their pool and finished 5th overall. 76 lb Quinten Cassiday wrestled on MI Mayhem, 12U. Cassiday went 3-2 and his team finished first in their pool and 5th overall. 72 lb Evan Andrews and 85 lb Tyler Parmeter wrestled on TNT, 12U. Andrews went 4-2 and Parmeter went 3-3, their team took first in their pool and 3rd overall. 95 lb Ayden McClurken and 115 lb Blake Peasley wrestled on Cyclones, 12U. McClurken went 5-1 and Peasley went 4-2, their team took 1st in their pool and 7th overall. 80 lb Luke Egan wrestled on Cyclones 15U. Egan went 6-0, his team finished 2nd in their pool and 6th overall. 80 lb Josh Vasquez wrestled on ARES 15U. Vasquez went 6-0, his team took 2nd in their pool and finished 8th overall. Special recognition to Josh Vasquez who wrestled all three days and went with an undefeated weekend record of 15-0 record.

On Sunday, December 29, WMP traveled to Montague for the West Regions tournament. WMP entered 17 grapplers and all 17 placed in the top four. Out of 46 matches, WMP claimed 33 victories. Champions of the day are 72/77 lb JJ Petersen, 7/8 age group; 64/67 lb Dylan Russo, 7/8 age group; 49 lb Emmett Russo, 5/6 age group; 52 lb Ethan VanDyke, 5/6 age group; 85 lb Alex Buskirk, 11/12 age group; 90/95 lb Harper Cheng, 11/12 age group; 57/60 lb Kassie Sapp, 9/10 age group and 63 lb Blake Werkema, 9/10 age group. 52/55 lb Jaxson Babcock, 7/8 age group; 82/97 lb Declan Mead, 7/8 age group; 66 lb Tatianna Castillo, 9/10 age group; 63 lb Landon Learn, 9/10 age group; 80 Alex Russo, 11/12 age group and 57/60 lb Jace Schut all finished 2nd. 63 lb Brennan Dietz, 9/10 age group and 66 lb Travis Pike, 9/10 age group finished 3rd. 100 lb Logan Goguen, 13/15 age group finished 4th. 

“These kids have been pushed hard, preparing them for bright futures. They are competing with some of the best wrestlers in the nation and I am very proud of their response,” said Head Coach Dave Andrus.

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