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An open letter to the community of Cedar Springs

I would like to invite you to consider voting yes on the upcoming bond proposal.  I have examined the proposed uses of the fund raised by the proposal.  As a previous member of the high school staff I can attest to the efficiency of the school board and staff at cedar and their heart for students.

As I examined this process I found that the board has worked very hard to determine how to resolve the problems faced by the district now and in future years. Overcrowding, and aging facilities are a major concern now and in the future.

This proposal clearly identifies what construction will be undertaken, where changes will be made to programming, and what technology, traffic, and security issues will be addressed. It is also clear that operation funds will not be wasted on patchwork fixes that merely put a band aid on problems the school is now facing.

I recommend checking the website at csredhawks.org by clicking the first bar at the top of the options where you can access clear documentation, and maps showing what is planned. I support this proposal and suggest you vote yes to help Cedar schools adapt for its needs now and in the future.

Larry Reyburn

Retired Teacher 

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One Response to “An open letter to the community of Cedar Springs”

  1. Jeremy says:

    An argument of authority with no supporting evidence? Either you hold your fellow “community” members to a very low standard or, might I suggest, you enroll in a Logic 101 class at your local community college. My expectations are far higher when dealing with this subject matter. If this is the best the CSHS staff can offer, perhaps I’ll need to move my family.


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Ray Winnie


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