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City Hall Corner

By Mike Womack, Cedar Springs City Manager

The importance of buying locally

One of the things I have come to love about Cedar Springs is the strong feeling of community and small town pride that our citizens have about the City. We proudly attend the high school football games, we play at Morley Park, we borrow books from the community library and we wear the color red on the first Saturday in October. One thing that I wish we all did a little bit more of is shop in our local stores and support our small town businesses.

Small local businesses are the heart and blood of small cities like Cedar Springs, employing our friends and family and pumping money back into the community. Local business owners purchase locally produced goods and materials to be used and sold in their business and local employees turn around and purchase other local goods and services, perpetuating reinvestment back into the community.  

Studies show that local businesses are also more likely to contribute to local charities and fundraisers in comparison to chain retailers. Many of the events that occur in Cedar Springs are supported financially by one or more local businesses. Local businesses also provide Cedar Springs with its unique character and small town charm that so many people like. Each “one of a kind” local business is a fundamental part of the distinctive character of our City. Local businesses define the City’s image and create a sense of pride for the people who live and work here. Large national chains can homogenize a City and ultimately eliminate local uniqueness, originality and character. 

I challenge you to walk up and down Main St. and stop into a business you’ve never checked out before or try a restaurant that was born here in Cedar Springs instead of one started in San Bernardino, California and incorporated in Delaware.

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