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City Hall Corner

By Mike Womack, Cedar Springs City Manager

Toilet Leaks

The City’s utility billing clerk monitors abnormal water usage at homes and businesses in the City and tries to contact owners about whether the home or business might have a water leak. Some of those leaks are found in the crawlspace or under the kitchen sink but by far the biggest culprit is the toilet flapper valve. A leaky flapper valve can waste 200 gallons a day or 6000 gallons in a month. To put that in perspective, an average showerhead uses 2.5 gallons per minute so a leaky toilet is equal to 80 minutes in the shower per day. Big leaks are generally easy to detect, as it will sound like the water is constantly running and the water in the toilet tank will continually be cycling. Smaller leaks can be detected by putting a food coloring into the toilet’s tank and waiting to see if that coloring makes its way into the toilet bowl water within 30-60 minutes. In either case, the flapper’s rubber degrades over time and begins to lose its ability to properly seal. The City’s DPW recommends replacing your toilet flapper on a regular basis at least every 2-3 years, and more frequently if you use a chemical bowl cleaner.

Morley Park Pavilion

Morley Park is a very popular destination and the City is working to make it even better every year. Last year, the City ran electricity to the Pavilion and started allowing citizens to reserve its use for get-togethers and parties. The Pavilion has proven to be a well-liked spot for family reunions, birthday parties and a few baby showers. If you are interested in reserving the pavilion for your party, the City starts accepting reservations up to 60 days in advance starting March 1 of each year and the cost is $20 for City residents and $30 for non-residents.  You can find the application on the City’s website under FORMS.

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