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Mobile bus offers free ultrasounds

The Positive Options bus outside of Alpha Family Center. Post photo by J. Reed.

The room inside the bus where ultrasounds take place. Post photo by J. Reed.

By Judy Reed

When a young couple boarded the Positive Options bus outside Alpha Family Center to get an ultrasound done, they were nervous. But once they were done, they were so excited that they showed the volunteers at Alpha the photos. 

“It was good to see that the father was excited, too,” said Wendy Meyers, the RMDS (Registered Medical Diagnostic Sonographer) from Positive Options. “We’ve found it’s key to women keeping their babies that the father is involved.”

Positive Options is partnering with the Cedar Springs Alpha Family Center this summer to offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to those who need them. 

The clients come into Alpha to register with Meyers before getting the ultrasound. Many of the women who come in are in a desperate situation she explained, and so they try to calm them down, and help them see all angles of how the decisions they make about their pregnancy will affect their lives. 

“We try to take the emotion out of it and just give them facts,” said Meyers. That includes a magazine called “Before you decide.”

“Women don’t ‘want’ an abortion like they want an ice cream cone,” said Meyers. “It’s desperation—like a person who has their arm in a trap and chews it off. We calm them down and give them options.”

She also noted that one woman who took a pregnancy test was abortion-minded, but the pregnancy turned out negative. “We then had the opportunity to speak to her about STDS and other things that could harm her,” said Meyers.

Once an ultrasound is done, they refer the client to services that they need, and follow up with phone calls at certain points during the pregnancy. The ultra sound photos are reviewed by an OB back at Positive Options to make sure everything was done medically correct.

Positive Options has four other locations besides the bus—they have buildings in Holland, Allendale, Allegan, and Grand Haven.

Alpha Family Center pays for the bus to come on Tuesdays from 11 to 4. If you would like to offer support for this ministry, or would like to volunteer with Positive Options, you may call Alpha Family Center at 616-696-2616.

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