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Final exams

At the end of the semester, there were two Michigan State sophomores who were taking organic chemistry. They had done well on all of the quizzes, midterms, labs, etc. and had solid A’s. These two friends were so confident going into the final that the weekend before finals week, they decided to go to Central Michigan to party with some friends, even though the chemistry final was on Monday. They went and had a great time. However, they ended up staying longer than they planned, and they didn’t make it back to State until early Monday morning. Rather than taking the final, they found their Professor after the final and explained to him why they missed it. 

They told him that they went to Central for the weekend, and had planned to come back in time to study, but that they had a flat tire on the way back and didn’t have a spare and couldn’t get help for a long time. So they were late getting back to campus. 

The professor thought this over and agreed that they could make up the final on the following day. The two guys were elated and relieved. So, they studied that night and went in the next day at the time the professor had told them. He placed them in separate rooms, handed each of them a test booklet and told them to begin. 

They looked at the first problem, which was something simple about free radical formation and was worth 5 points. “Cool,” they thought, “this is going to be easy.” They did that problem and then turned the page. They were unprepared, however, for what they saw on the next page. It said: (95 points) “Which tire?”

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Hometown Happenings

Hometown Happenings articles are a community service for non-profit agencies only. Due to popular demand for placement in this section, we can no longer run all articles. Deadline for articles is Monday at 5 p.m. This is not guaranteed space. Articles will run as space allows. Guaranteed placement is $10, certain restrictions may apply. You now can email your Hometown Happenings to happenings@cedarspringspost.com please include name and phone number for any questions we may have.

Mobile Medical Center at Alpha Family Center

May 1: Tuesday May 1st  Positive Options from Holland will bring their Mobile Medical Center over to Alpha Family Center of Cedar Springs. They will be available on Tuesdays from 11 am – 4 pm to perform free ultrasounds for our clients. We are excited about how this new partnership will serve our community. For more information go to www.alphafamilycentercs.org or Like us on Facebook to stay connected with AFC. #16,17b

God’s Kitchen in Cedar Springs

May 1,8,15,22,29: Join us for dinner every Tuesday. God’s Kitchen – Cedar Springs welcomes families from Northern Kent County and the surrounding area to a Tuesday Evening Meal. No charge – no registration required!  Served from 5:30 – 6:30 pm at the St. John Paul II Parish, 3110 – 17 Mile Rd., Cedar Springs. For more information, call the Church office at 616-696-3904. #17

National Day of Prayer at Hillcrest

May 3: Thursday, May 3rd is National Day of Prayer.  See www.nationaldayofprayer.org for national details. Locally Hillcrest Community Church of God will be open 1-7:30 pm for anyone wanting to pray for a few minutes or a few hours.  We are located at 5994 18 Mile Road, Cedar Springs. Phone 616.696.9333. #17

Mom 2 Mom Sale

May 5: Courtland Oakfield United Methodist Church, 10295 Myers Lake, Rockford, is hosting a Mom 2 Mom Sale on Saturday, May 5th from 9 am to 2 pm. Free Admission. For more information please call 616-866-4298 or courtlandmom2mom@gmail.com. #17,18p

Spring Into the Past Tour

May 5: Spring Into the Past tour of small museums of the Tri-River Historical Museum Network Saturday, May 5 from 11 am to 5 pm and Sunday, May 6 from noon to 5 pm. Local participants are the Cedar Springs Museum, Rockford Area Museum, Oakfield (township) Museum, and the West Michigan Railroad Historical Society in Sparta, as well as several museums in Greenville. See commoncorners.com for list and info on museums. #17

Fairy Festival at HCNC

May 5: Fairy Princesses and Princes! Come one, come all, to Howard Christensen Nature Center’s Second Annual Fairy Festival! May 5th from 1 to 4 pm. This year’s festival promises to be bigger, better and weather permitting, outside! Join us for a Fairy party, spritely crafts, and of course an enchanted walk in the woods. See if you can spot our Fairy homes while out on your adventure! Please dress in your Fairy best and remember to invite your other magical friends! Members $3/Non-members $5. HCNC Interpretive Center, 16190 Red Pine Dr., Kent City. Pre-registration is requested, www.howardchristensen.org, 616-675-3158. #17

Preschool Open House

May 7: Resurrection Lutheran Preschool will be hosting an Open House May 7th from 6-7 pm. Classes for three and four year old preschool classes are forming for the 2018-2019 school year. Come and meet Ms. Sharon, tour the facility, and enjoy some refreshments. 180 South Third street, Sand Lake. Call (616)636-8457 for any questions. #17,18b

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Board sets calendar for Superintendent search

Community forums set for this week

By Judy Reed

If you live or work in the Cedar Springs School District and would like a voice in what qualities the Cedar Springs Board of Education should look for in a new Superintendent, you will have the opportunity to do that this week.

The board held a special meeting Thursday evening, April 19, where they met with search consultant Gary Rider, of the Michigan Leadership Institute (MLI) and set a tentative timeline for the search.

Rider and the board discussed the importance of feedback from parents, students, staff, and the community throughout the process. “Mr. Rider will be facilitating focus group meetings and a community forum to explain the search process, and a survey to gather data regarding what people would like to see in their next superintendent will be posted on the district web site. This data will be compiled and given to the Board to consider when developing a profile for the ideal candidate,” said Board President Heidi Reed.

The short three question survey can be found on their website at http://www.csredhawks.org/. Just scroll down to where it says, “Take the Superintendent Search Survey.” It is available now through noon on Saturday, April 28.

Rider will also be holding focus group meetings and community forums this week. The community forums will be held in the Hilltop 3rd floor boardroom on Thursday, April 26 at 7:30 a.m. and again at 6:30 p.m., and then on Friday, April 27, at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon. The public is invited to attend any of these.

A preliminary job posting was put up online last Friday, April 20, just putting the position out there. After the board gets feedback from the survey and the focus groups and community forums, they will put together the candidate profile, which will be posted by May 4.

Rider stressed to the board the importance of listening to the feedback they get from the community, staff and students. “If you don’t take that feedback and include it in the profile, they should call you out on it,” remarked Rider. “You need to be accountable to them. You are looking for credibility. This is a great opportunity to show it.”

The application deadline for the position will be May 16. Rider expects a good pool of qualified candidates to apply for the position. “I anticipate the district will attract quality applicants both close to Cedar Springs and from outside the area,” said Rider.

The board will meet on May 18 to review the applications in closed session, and then will announce in open session which candidates will be interviewed. The first round of interviews will take place on June 7 and 8, with second round interviews on June 26 and 27. Rider said the community would be involved in those interviews by giving written feedback and questions to the board.

July 10 and 11 have been blocked out for possible site visits.

Rider noted that the community and staff don’t want this to be rushed. He said he would do a thorough job regardless of the time frame.

During the public comment time, both teacher Jen Kahler and community resident Sue Wolfe said they felt like the search was being rushed. Wolfe noted that not only arethey are down a board member, but she asked what happens if Matt McConnon decides he can’t serve if the decision comes back from the prosecutor’s office that he can’t serve on both the school board and Courtland Township? And what happens when Brook Nichols leaves? (She is selling her house but will probably still be on board through early July.) She also noted that many people would be busy during this time.

Shannon Cooper said she would support the board if they felt confident they could give themselves the time to do it right now.

The next regular board meeting is Monday, April 23 at 6:45 at Hilltop.




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Pierson Trading Post robbed

The Pierson Trading Post was robbed Thursday morning, April 12. Photo by Dan Randall.

This surveillance photo shows the suspect with a long gun.

The Michigan State Police are looking for the man who robbed the Pierson Trading Post gas station at gunpoint last Thursday morning, April 12.

According to police, the robbery occurred about 10:12 a.m. at the gas station on Federal Rd (Northland Drive) in Pierson. The male suspect entered the gas station dressed in a blue hooded sweatshirt/jacket, black pants with a white stripe down the side, a mask, and yellow glasses. He was carrying a long gun and told the employees to open the register. He took an undisclosed amount of money and fled south in a black pickup.

The suspect was described as a white male, 20-40 years of age, about 6 ft. 3 to 6 ft. 5.

Anyone with information about this robbery should call the MSP Lakeview Post at (989) 352-8444.

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Fire destroys Nelson Township home

Fire consumed this Nelson Township home last Friday evening, April 13. Photo from Bruce Duncan.

By Judy Reed

An old home at 8147 19 Mile Rd, about ¼ mile east of  Pine Lake Rd, was destroyed in a fire Friday evening, April 13. 

According to Bruce Duncan, who lives nearby at 19 Mile and Pine Lake Rd, the house was under renovation and had recently received a new steel roof and had other repairs done.

“We don’t know how it started, but we were still up when the firefighters started to arrive,” said Duncan. “I walked out to the corner to look and counted 7 fire trucks, 2 ambulances and 2 tanker trucks that were bringing in water from Pine Lake. It was pretty involved by the time the first trucks started to come in. The house on the corner was damaged some from the heat of the fire.”

There wasn’t much left of this home at 8147 19 Mile Rd. Post photo by L. Allen.

Duncan said that years ago the home belonged to a Gladys Hicks, who was his girlfriend’s grandmother. “She remembers visiting and playing in the old house growing up. She was from the Gillespie family and with family ties, it was sad to watch it burn down. There’s a lot of history in that old house. The house on the corner next to it that received some damage was smaller back then and was a tenant house for the field workers,” he explained.

Some of the fire departments on scene included Spencer, Sand Lake, and Cedar Springs Fire Departments. The Post put in a call to Spencer Fire and Sand Lake Fire for some official information, but did not yet have that info by press time. 

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Storm topples trees, cancels schools

This tree fell in the middle of 19 Mile Rd, east of Ritchie. Post Photo by L. Allen.

This tree came down in front of Keith Caldwell’s workshop in Solon Township. Courtesy photo.

By Judy Reed

A rare April ice storm that began Friday evening, April 13, and continued through the day Sunday, April 15, covered roads with chunks of ice, sleet, and snow, and high winds brought down trees in some areas. Many church services were cancelled Sunday, and schools were cancelled for Monday.

One tree came down on 19 Mile Rd, east of Ritchie. Publisher Lois Allen got some photos of that tree. Keith Caldwell also experienced a falling tree—right between his workshop and fence at 3160 20 Mile Rd in Solon Township.

“On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, I work in my shop building and repairing musical instruments,” said Caldwell. “This Monday, April 16th, I arrived at about noon and found a tree down in front of the door. After an hour with a chainsaw I was back in business, and doors were open. I thank God the tree fell between the shop and the fence, about a 10-foot space, and no damage was done to the building, instruments or the fence,” he said.

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Post travels to Arizona

Charlie and Kathy Prahl took daughter Katia and friend Maddi to visit Aunt Karen Shafer in Sun Lakes, Arizona over Spring Break. Kathy’s parents, Dave and Diane Taghon, joined them there and a great time was had by all. The four also went to Sedona and took the Pink Jeep Tour, spent time at the Grand Canyon, Jerome, Superstition Mountain, Canyon Lake and took the Verde Canyon Train Ride. No Spring Break is complete without The Cedar Post! 

Thank you to the Prahl family for taking us with you!

Are you going on vacation? Take the Post with you and snap some photos. Then send them to us with some info to news@cedarspringspost.com or mail them to Post travels, PO Box 370, Cedar Springs, MI 49319. We will be looking for yours!

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Friends of Library holds quilt show

Kathy Zimbicki, from Gaylord, also won in the King/Queen category with this Double Wedding Ring quilt

Kathy Zimbicki, from Gaylord, won with Grace’s Quilt in the Crib/Wall Hanging category.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor even ice, kept people away from the 6th annual Quilt Show put on by the Cedar Springs Friends of the Library last Saturday, April 14. The show was held in the Cedar Springs Middle School gym, and according to Kaye Nimphie, President of the Cedar Springs Friends of the Library, 99 people showed up to attend the show.

Nimphie explained that the quilt show had 43 quilts entered with Viewer’s Choice winners in four categories. Kathy Zimbicki, from Gaylord, won with Grace’s Quilt in the Crib/Wall Hanging category and in the King/Queen category with a Double Wedding Ring quilt. Amy Ortego, from Rockford, won in the Full/Twin category with her Rooken quilt and in the Table Topper/Tote category with her Confident Beginner submission. 

Amy Ortego, from Rockford, won in the Table Topper/Tote category with her Confident Beginner submission.

Amy Ortego, from Rockford, won in the Full/Twin category with this Rooken quilt.

The Friends raised $1,444 for the Library, which will be spent on various library programs.

If anyone is interested in joining the CS Friends of the Library, please call the CS Public Library at 696-1910. “We would welcome you with open arms,” said Nimphie. 

She said they meet five times a year and currently hold four fundraising events per year.

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FFA Community Gardens

By Olivia Martinek

As the snow disappears, the registration for our community garden plots opens! April showers bring May flowers for most, but in our case, it brings the community together to produce wonderful crops. For over 70-plus years, the Cedar Springs FFA has been focusing on serving others and developing its member’s community involvement and leadership skills.

The Cedar Springs FFA members, and students in Agriscience classes, are learning about how to prepare and how to plant a garden in Michigan. There are many who want to have a garden to produce fresh produce, but do not have the necessary resources or land. If that is you, the community gardens are a great option! 

The plots for the community gardens are provided near the high school. The water for the gardens is donated by the generous local fire departments, who fill the tank so members will have local access to water. The FFA provides tools and prepares the plots before the members of the community take on their individual plot. The seedlings are grown and provided by the High School Plant Science class, FFA members, and other Agriscience classes. If you choose to join, you can plant your own seed, or transplant some of the seedlings free of cost. Once you take on the garden plot, it is for you to maintain and to reap the benefits. 

If you are interested in having a plot in the Community Gardens, you can contact Larry Reyburn (the FFA Advisor) at 616-696-1200 extension 6331 or email him at larry.reyburn@csredhawks.org. 

The Cedar Springs FFA is looking forward to another great spring of helping others have easy access to fresh, plentiful fruits and vegetables.  

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Electrical fire in Santree development

Post photo by M. Kleyn.

The Solon Township Fire Department was called to the scene of a fire at 14897 Tree Valley Drive last Thursday, April 12, at 12:30 p.m. Tree Valley Drive is in the Santree Development north off 18 Mile Rd.

According to Deputy Chief Chris Paige, the fire was contained to a bedroom. The bedding, mattress and box spring were all on fire. “It appears to be electrical, but the cause is still under investigation,” said Paige.

Everyone got out of the house safely. Cedar Springs, Algoma, and Sand Lake Fire assisted. Rockford Ambulance was on medical standby.

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