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Ted Sabinas resignation letter


I have served on this board of education for 12 months and had hoped that my 34 years of teaching experiences in Cedar Springs could help guide this district to the high levels of education that it once had 5 or 6 years ago when our district was considered a leader in the county and state. Unfortunately this has not happened. I learned that if it is my idea, concern or issue it is quickly dismissed.

During the past 12 months I have listened to many lies and misleading statements and poor judgment by the Supt. Stating that we should spend upwards of $100,000 on training the staff to be happy and when many classrooms exceed 30 or more students is poor judgment, and not what is best for kids.

The Supt. stated lies during a board meeting about my decision to attend a transportation meeting discussing privatization. No Supt. in public education should have been allowed to lie about one of her employers. Apparently it is OK with most of the members of this board.   

With the direction of the Supt. the board continues to approve tremendous costs of consultants at rates as high as $10,000 for one day.

 These examples are just a few of the many that I could have discussed about poor leadership.

I have witnessed some members of this board applauding a speaker during public comments and the Supt. praising speakers also during public comments. Both examples clearly violate board policy and yet were allowed.

The Michigan Association of School Boards provided a training session for the board and asked us to fill out a survey prior to the training. Six of seven board members completed the survey with one choosing to not submit their answers. I’m guessing that most of the board thought that I was the one who did not complete the survey. I submitted my survey and wonder who chose not to and why they did not speak up. 

My core values, ethics and honesty will not allow me to continue the patterns of this board and Supt. I am therefore submitting my resignation from the Cedar Springs Board of Education effective upon the adjournment of this meeting dated Dec. 11, 2017.

Mr. Ted Sabinas

Cedar Springs Board of Education

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